Ukulele 101

Ukulele 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Uke!


Ukulele 101

You are keen to learn Ukulele but there is too much information on the internet. So where should you start as a beginner?

We have heard you and that’s why we have created this article called Ukulele 101 which give you a clearer picture

In addition, we also compiled all our articles related to this Ukulele 101 post for ease of finding to help all readers to find all the Ukulele resources here.

Chapter 1: Know Your Ukulele – A Complete Guide for Beginners

You can start off to have a deeper understanding of the Ukulele including different sizes and types of Ukuleles, the different parts of the ukulele, etc.

Learning Ukulele BenefitsBenefits of  Learning Ukulele

Discover what are the benefits of learning Ukulele




Different Ukulele Size Ranges

Different Ukulele Sizes and Types

Wonder why there are Ukuleles come in different sizes and types? Check this out to find out more.


About Ukulele PArts

Know More About Ukulele Parts

Giving you a better understanding of Ukulele, what are the ukulele parts called and what is it used for?


Chapter 2- Different Ways to Learn Ukulele

There are many ways to pick up Ukulele, from self-learning and online courses available.

Ukulele Apps

Best Ukulele Learning Apps

Self Learning? Find out what are the recommended ukulele learning apps on android and iOS.



easy songs to play on the ukulele

8 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

Will show you some easy to pick up ukulele songs for starters. This will motivate you and give you a boost when learning ukulele.


Ukulele Buddy Review

Ukulele Buddy

Self Learning? Find out what are the recommended ukulele learning apps on android and iOS.


Chapter 3 – Different Ranges of Ukulele Reviews

As there are huge varieties and different brands available in the market. Are you confused about which Ukulele to get? Check out the different ranges and popular brands of uke reviews by our team.

Best Ukulele

Unbiased Review Top 5 Ukuleles

All-time favorite ukuleles in the market, these ukes come with different styles suitable for beginners and veterans.



Lanikai Ukuleles

Lanikai Ukuleles Review

Lanikai another well-known popular brand for producing high-quality and affordable ukuleles.


Mahalo Ukulele review

Mahalo Ukuleles Review

Mahalo ukuleles are one of the top choices that attracted young adults and school children.


lohanu ukulele

Lohanu Ukuleles Review

Lohanu, a Canadian brand for producing good quality and affordable ukuleles in the current market.

Luna Ukulele

Luna Ukuleles Review

Another popular brand in the market with their good reputation for well made and value for money ukes.


oscar schmidt ukulele

Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles Review

Oscar Schmidt established in 1871 and its ukuleles are made from premium wood which is well known by high-quality hardware.


Cordoba Ukuleles

Cordoba Ukuleles Review

Cordoba, a Spanish brand that has won many recognition from many well-known artists and professionals.


Donner Ukulele review

Donner Ukuleles Review

Based in US, started in 2012 where they started to make affordable musical instruments. Recommended for beginners who just started playing Uke.


Chapter 4 – Ukulele Tips & Tricks

And finally, you got a Ukulele for yourself? You also can read up all the tips and tricks on how to maintain your Ukulele in a good shape.

How to take care of your Ukelele

How To Take Care Your Ukulele?

Keeping your Ukulele in a good shape is one of the important knowledge to know.

Especially if you play your Uke regularly. It will be good to know how to maintain your Ukulele



How To Hold The Ukulele

How To Hold Your Ukulele?

Holding your ukulele in the correct way to make a quality difference when the sound produced.




Chapter 5 – More Ukulele Accessories

You will definitely need to addon accessories for your ukulele. Everything from the strings, tuner, casing which is suitable for your uke.

best ukulele strings

Ukulele Strings

Time to replace a new string for your Ukulele? Find out more about our review and tips on Ukulele Strings.



Final Thoughts

We will continue to update this Ukulele 101 page whenever we have new articles and reviews to share. This will be a one-stop resource page for Ukulele to help our readers can easily browse through all related articles in one glance.

We also do welcome feedback and ideas, do reach us in the contact us form.

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