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Best Lanikai Ukuleles – Review of Top 5 Lanikai Ukes

Lanikai Uke

If you are fond of flutes, then Ukulele should not be anything new to you. This is because they are in the same family and are stringed instruments.

Ukulele is a four-stringed instrument of Hawaiian Origin. It has a long history behind its back and has evolved to be one of the most sorts after stringed instruments.

Different sizes of Ukulele exist and each usually has a different tone and is made by different brands for instance Lanikai.

Here in this article, we consider the best Lanikai Ukulele that you find in the market and which you may be interested in buying. Expect these Ukuleles to be very pricy but that comes along with real quality

About Lanikai Ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele, a brand from the company Hohner are high-quality Ukuleles that are available for purchase in several stores and dealers.

The company produces a wide variety of Lanikai Ukuleles that are very professional. This article focuses on the best Lanikai Ukuleles produced by this company.

Lanikai Ukuleles are unique in the sense that all of them come with Aquila Nylgut strings. Aquila Nylgut stringed Ukuleles are liked by many musicians because the tone they produce is very warm and also because they are extremely easy to play.

These Ukuleles are made from special tonewoods for example the Lanikai Exotic Series among others. Here are our top 5 Lanikai Ukuleles that you can consider buying if you have the capacity to.

Best Lanikai Ukulele Review

Lanikai QMBLCET Ukulele

Lanikai QMBLCET Ukulele

Lanikai QMBLCET Ukulele is a unique Ukulele known for its ability to produce a classic tenor uke tone.

It is made in a gorgeous way from quilted maple, which is highly responsible for the tone.

Playing the QMBLCET is comfortable which is attributed to the presence of a nut, which is wide for its a bit wider neck. Another great feature that you cannot miss on this Lanikai Ukulele is the walnut fingerboard.

The fingerboard responds very well in either playing lead or chording. This Lanikai Uke will be perfect for living room jams if you like such.

You cannot surely pass such a great Ukulele without purchasing it if you are really a person who is into Ukuleles.

Our Rating :  4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • It has good tuning and intonation which explains why it is a bit pricy
  • Best for beginners as well as experienced Ukulele players
  • Lanikai Ukulele QMBLCET is well protected in a case
  • It has a larger concert size
  • Possesses wonderful groove tuners
  • Projection is perfect even without an amplifier making it a worth kind of purchase for the large money that you produce
  • Ukulele is very expensive
  • The finish sometimes is not what most people like
  • Not portable compared to other forms and brands of Ukuleles
  • People with large hands are likely to find difficulties although not always

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Lanikai ZRC, 4-String Ukulele

Lanikai ZRC Ukulele

Lanikai ZRC, 4-String Ukulele is another wonderful Lanikai Uke that you can buy and enjoy its sound.

It is among the best Lanikai Ukulele currently in the market because of some of its wonderful features. The chrome open-back tuners are perhaps among the best components of this Lanikai Uke because they help ensure tuning accuracy.

The neck profile is also wide enough to offer comfort to the player of the Ukulele unlike other Ukulele that you will get which lack comfort.

There is also the NuBone Extended Bass (XB) nut as another feature which is crucial for a maximum sustain.

The safety and comfort that comes with playing this Ukulele should trigger your passion for Ukulele and make you fall in love over and over again.

Our Rating :  4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

  • High-quality features, for example, the Chrome open-back tuners
  • It has safety and comfort components especially the chrome strap buttons
  • The Ukulele seems good at holding the tune
  • Less expensive compared to other Lanikai Ukulele as well as other brands in the same genre
  • Some of the unique features are not useful
  • They cannot be easily carried about hence most people who move from place to place actually dislike them

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Lanikai SPSTC Ukulele

Lanikai SPSTC Ukulele

Among the best Lanikai Ukulele that you may also come across is the Lanikai SPSTC Ukulele.

It carries a wide variety of features that make people like them and hence buy them from all parts of the world.

The Deluxe Grover Chrome back tuners and NuBone Extended Bass (XB) nut are some of these features and contribute highly to its quality tune.

The neck profile, which is wider, compared to other Lanikai Uke as well as the chrome strap buttons should also not be left out as some of the great features that grace this wonderful and best Lanikai Ukulele.

Buy this Ukulele from Lanikai and you will never appreciate any other Ukulele out there. This is because the Ukulele is really designed to give out its maximum functions in your music.

Our Rating :  4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Comfort of the players is assured due to the wider neck profile and other features
  • High degree of tuning accuracy thanks to the Deluxe Chrome back tuners
  • Sound is greatly conducted because of the solid spruce top,
  • There is also tonal warmth from the Lanikai Uke attributed to the richly grained morado body
  • The Lanikai Uke is very expensive unlike other common Ukulele brands
  • Hard for beginners to pick up and learn

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Lanikai ACST Ukulele

Lanikai ACST Ukulele

Lanikai ACST Ukulele resembles the Lanikai SPSTC Ukulele that has been described above especially when it comes to similarity in features.

This means that just like the Lanikai SPSTC, this Lanikai Uke it possesses the Deluxe Chrome back tuners, the NuBone nut, and saddle as well as a wider neck profile.

The difference comes in the material used, that is, the Lanikai ACST Ukulele has the acacia as the top wood hence the name.

The acacia is beautiful and gives the Lanikai Ukulele a perfect traditional look. Like the SPSTC, it also has the chrome strap buttons.

It is however unique on its own and when purchased will make a very big difference in the way one plays the Ukulele


Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Player comfort is ensured by the wide nut and neck profile of the Ukulele
  • The high degree of tuning accuracy attributed to the chrome open-back tuners
  • The player is also safe in addition to being comfortable due to the chrome strap buttons
  • The acacia top gives the ukulele an attractive and beautiful look that adds even aesthetic value to your music
  • You can easily change strings because the ukulele has an 8 hole no tie bridge
  • Note range is not very good hence less common among Uke players
  • Suitable for experienced and seasoned players

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Lanikai MACEC Ukulele

Lanikai MACEC Ukulele

Finally, our last of the best Lanikai Ukulele that you may want to purchase is the Lanikai Mahogany ukulele with cutway and electronics.

This one has unique features that help the player be comfortable and produce the most awesome tune. The wider nut as well as neck are the features that make it among our best Lanikai Ukulele.

There is also a walnut fingerboard that looks gorgeous and the NuBone nut and saddle, which are common features of several Lanikai Ukulele.

These ones are really known for their awesome sound and that is the reason why they are the common Ukuleles seen with Uke lovers.


Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Designed to produce a warm and mellow sound that actually pulls many Uke players towards purchasing it
  • Well and perfectly amplified tone attributed to Kula preamp A/E system
  • Well responsive and playable walnut fingerboard
  • Comfort of the player is well catered for because of the wide neck profile
  • The instrument is expensive hence not easily affordable when compared to other brands of Ukuleles that are available
  • Harder for beginners to learn and take up the playing role
  • Not portable

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Lanikai Ukulele are beautifully grafted instruments that have a real touch of its history. As seen here, although they are pricy, the instruments are quite impressive when it comes to tuning and without forgetting the player’s comfort.

They are therefore worthy purchasing and they come with no disappointments at all. The Lanikai uke is also made out of beautiful materials and is well finished to give you a comfortable feel.

They are the ultimate type of ukuleles that you should target if you are a pro in using such kinds of instruments. The best of them have been discussed here although there are many others that you can purchase.

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