How To Hold The Ukulele

How To Hold The Ukulele? – Correct Ways To Hold Your Uke

how do you hold a ukulele

Ukuleles were not so commonly seen in the past. But today, you can easily access high-quality ukuleles anywhere at affordable prices.

Ukuleles provide so much fun, they are easy to carry around, and also have a surprisingly bright tone. Anyone can learn how to hold the ukulele and play it properly since it is so straight forward.

Proper holding of a ukulele is essential in producing high-quality sounds. The followings are some important tips to follow when holding a ukulele

Holding your ukulele while standing up

As the ukulele continues to become popular, many musicians and instrumentalists are using it to maximize their potential. This makes it an important aspect of playing the ukulele while standing as it enables you to use it to its fullest.

Most importantly, the ukulele is a very light instrument that can be easily played with or without a strap. For the start, let’s learn more about how to hold the ukulele neck and body.

Holding the body of a ukulele

What you first need to know to let you play the ukulele efficiently while standing up is that the uke’s body should be placed against your chest center, high up on your mid-section. The soundhole of the ukulele should be next to your chest center.

Wrap your strumming hand tightly across your ukulele body, hold it close, and lock it using the inside part of your elbow. This will enable you to keep the strings down in your strumming hand’s full range without letting the ukulele fall down.

Holding the neck: How do you hold the ukulele?

Most importantly, you should not be holding the instrument as intensely as cradling it with your fretting hand. The weight of the ukulele should lie against your strumming arm as well as your chest center.

With the neck placed in the support of your fretting hand’s thumb alongside your forefinger, you will have ease in moving your hand flexibly without shaking the uke.

You should feel at ease in the whole process. It takes less time for you to get used to holding up the instrument with your strumming arm placed at the start.

Holding a Ukulele while sitting down

How do you hold a ukulele while sitting? Sit upright on the chair and have the ukulele placed upright and near you. You can have your neck positioned a bit upward. Some instrumentalists prefer to sit cross-legged. Feel free to try out different sitting postures until you find one that is more comfortable to you.

The central aim is to remain comfortable and easily access your ukulele fretboard. You can use a music stand to help you with reading a ukulele music sheet.

Holding Your Ukulele for Left-Hander

Put your fingers behind their tips and behind the frets and not on top of them. Ensure that your thumb is not hanging above the instrument neck or running aligned against its back. These strategies are improper and will make ukulele playing more difficult.

This is how the fingers on your left hand are numbered;

  1. The left thumb.
  2. The index finger.
  3. The middle finger.
  4. The ring finger.
  5. The Pinky finger.



Playing your favorite musical instrument provides you with a beautiful and wonderful experience. Therefore the first thing you should always emphasize and nurture is to learn and develop your skills.

Playing the ukulele will give you a smooth and easy way to maximize that amazing feeling. Get a comfortable position and produce excellent music.

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