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Best Ukulele

Like any other musical instrument, finding the Best Ukulele for you specific need may seem challenging for you. There are in fact a variety of options available and all of the options come with their own pros and cons.

Ukulele is the musical instrument that is fun to play and the bright and cheerful music that it produces really soothes the ears of the listeners. Whether you are a beginner in playing Ukulele or a veteran who love playing the instrument, this review of top 5 Best Ukulele models would really prove to be useful for you.

Best Ukulele Reviews

1. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

The value that you receive from the entire range of Kala KA-15 Series of Ukulele is beyond comparison. With this particular Ukulele model you get high quality mahogany instrument that is both playable and fun filled for beginners and veteran musician. It is the affordability priced musical instrument, but there is no sign of quality compromising as the build quality, finish and fit is perfect with this Ukulele. The finishing and fit of KA-15S are really superior and pleasant surprising for you. Many musicians usually put down their instrument because of the frustration and physical discomfort that they receive while playing. But this is not the case with this Ukulele model as the setup of the instrument is exceptional on their uke straight out of the body, making the instrument really user friendly for the start strumming and veterans.

When it comes to strumming, the Ukulele model is designed with strung which is of higher quality and it is made out of Aquila Nylgut Strings which are considered to be some of the Best Ukulele strings around. Moreover, the Ukulele KA-15S features pure mahogany top and sides which has satin finishing for executive look of the instrument. Because of the satin finishing of the instrument the instrument gets the understated vibe and the grain of the wood and pores the visible to your eyes. However, the Ukulele KA-15S has the ultimate restrained styling appeal along with vintage simplicity on it, making it one of the Best Ukulele Brands today.

The neck of the Ukulele gives you a great feeling and its 12 brass frets are well fitted into the rosewood fingerboard. Its neck sports position markers along its side where the fret board is positioned at the 5th, 10th and 7th frets. The nut work of the Ukulele is very magnificently integrated and it is made out of quality plastic material which keeps the strings intact in place and avoids it from facing the intonation errors. The open geared tuners are one area where the manufacturer could have improved. If you are picky in nature, then the tuners feel would be a bit cheaper in your hands. If it doesn’t matter you a lot, then it would be the best companion for you in your next music concert.

In terms of pricing, the Ukulele KALA KA- 15S is reasonably priced. You can check the Ukulele Costs of this model on Amazon and you will be amazed to see that how cheaper it is. The sound of KALA KA- 15S is where the instrument actually excels. Being the soprano model, it comprises of the classic Ukulele sound and it excels at having balanced and even tone. Not only it delivers a soothing sound at home, you can also take it to beach or use it around the campfire because of its flexible size and accessibility. It is considered as the Best Ukulele for Beginners designed by KALA brand which manages to completely blow the expectations out of the water.

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Our Rating :  4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Reliable and Strong Design
  • Quality Materials


  • Tuning can be tedious
  • Strings stretch


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2. Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Next on the list is the Ukulele with some rock and roll legacy! Epiphone is the wing of Gibson that is globally acclaimed for designing some of the best acoustic guitars and basses and with the same quality standard they have now designed the Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele which is designed with a unique style and design.

It is not only painted with unique designs to make it look like venerable Les Paul, but it is designed to actually feel like you are holding the miniature version of Les Paul in your hand. Right from its packaging till it arrives to your home, all the way to strumming your first chord on the instrument, your entire experience on this Ukulele would be amazing indeed.

The packaging of the guitar exceeds your expectations as it comes in a sturdy box. The package even includes the high quality, thick gig bag which is included for the storage of the instrument safely after every use. This is the nice little bonus that comes with the this

This instrument is the concert size Ukulele which is a bit larger than the normal soprano models out there. So, you can expect to pay a little bit more than the other Ukulele types available out there. However, this instrument is the right adult-friendly size which is comfortable to play and have fun together. Moreover, the construction of the instrument is above expectations.

It is designed with best in class quality which you can expect from this brand. The complete body of the instrument is designed with top quality mahogany and the top of the instrument has AAA grade flame maple material and it is available in two different finishes – Vintage Sunburst and Cherry Burst and both the finishing are quite appreciable.

Moreover, the geared tuners are very precise and decent as you get 19 frets and all are made out of silver nickel metal. The instrument also features the strap buttons or holders which can be used to attach the normal guitar strap and rock out with the Les Paul Uke. It is the electric Ukulele and hence it comes with piezo pickup and this means that you can hook the instrument up to the acoustic guitar amp or the PA system for live music recording.  The tone is sweet and delicate and this makes it one of the best Ukulele to have today.

The cost Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

The Ukulele costs at least two times higher than the KALA KA – 15S and the features integrated into the instrument outweigh the overall cost of the Ukulele. This is one of the best Ukulele brands on headstock and we all have to admit to the fact that this Les Paul Styling Ukulele gives come cool features and it fits well and the tone and finish are pretty great indeed.

Our Rating :  4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Good Tone
  • Well Built and Quality Product
  • Attractive looking


  • Fraglie

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3. Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Ukulele is the beautiful concert style instrument designed with Hawaiian Koa Wood Construction, Grover chrome tuners, Abalone binding and rosette and plenty more, it is specially handcrafted for years for playing soothing music.

The 15” scale length and large body size help you to achieve the deeper music and tone and a bit more volume when playing the instrument while preserving the authentic sweetness and recognizable Ukulele sound. As mentioned, this Ukulele model is designed with Hawaiian Koa Top, sides and back which look striking in its natural gloss and finishing. The inclusion of the abalone binding and rosette is the icing on the cake for the instrument as it looks really mesmerizing as you hear it. The Nyatoah neck of the instrument features 16 feet rosewood fret board and the Grover chrome tuning machine ensures you to stay within the tune and soothing sound.

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Cost

The Oscar Schmidt comes with lifetime warranty and each model is adjusted and inspected in USA by the skilled technician. So, you search for smooth fret ends with one of the best Ukulele brands which is known for precision low action and resonant sound quality. In terms of appearance, the instrument is the prettiest Ukulele with such low costs. You can find such designer Ukulele under $300 and the top Koa material is laminated which makes it look attractive and the abalone rosette and purfling even makes the instrument look more expensive.

The fret board included in the model is a bit darker on its edges compared to its center and this gives a more natural look. In regards to the build quality, you will be amazed by its solid construction. It is magnificently designed without any finish errors. You may find some excessive glue above the sound hole where the fret board links the body, but it is negligible. The sound quality of the instrument is optimal as it comes with Aquila strings and it sounds great indeed.

It won’t get as loud as other models, but it resonates quite soothingly, below the 12th fret. Moreover, the factory setup is well done and the intonation is precise across all the action and frets. However, it is not suitable for beginners as it is a bit heavier and a concert model designed mainly for the veteran musician. The neck is comfortable and playability won’t be a hurdle with this musical instrument.

It is considered to be one of the best ukulele models for veterans and also be mid range beginners. It comes with manufacturing warranty and also money back warranty which you must check prior to buying.

Our Rating :  4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Consistent and Sweet Sounding
  • Koa Wood is durable


  • Heavy Headstock
  • ABS Nut is not durable


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4. Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert Ukulele

Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert Ukulele

The tattoo design of the Ukulele is laser etched with open pore finishing, giving the players the chance to feel the design while playing it. The unique tattooed aesthetic is what makes Luna Guitar Tattoo Concert Ukulele the Best Ukulele that money can buy today. It offers a great value to experienced musician and budding Ukulele player alike. The instrument features mahogany top, sides and back and mahogany neck with rosewood fret board. As the name goes, the design of the instrument carved into this model is inspired by the Hawaiian tattoos where black ink is used against the brown colour. This design really oozes out the character and style of the instrument. The construction of the instrument is done by using quality mahogany and there is richness to its wood grain which is noticeable the player.

Cost of Luna Guitars Tattoo Concert Ukulele

The Tattooed Guitar Style Ukulele really looks better in hand than in photos. Above all it is very well designed and made when compared to the Ukulele costs which is below $100 in Amazon. The finish and fit of the Ukulele is really amazing and impressive, especially the frets and neck which are important for easy playability. When it comes to the frets of the Ukulele, it comes with 18 frets which is really the good extension from smaller soprano Ukulele to the concert Ukulele. Because of this fact, this particular Luna Ukulele shines and get extra points for having the ready to play setup from the manufacturer.

The Ukulele features the company fitted strung and it is made out of Aquila strings which are considered to some of the best strings and you will find all best Ukulele brands using this string in their products. Moreover, there is no issue related to the tuners of this Ukulele as it is designed with quality tuners and compared the best quality tuners to enhance your experience with the instruments with minimal break-in periods. The packaging comprises of a gig bag which is a little bonus for you. It can be used to store the Ukulele and preserve its beautiful finish and protecting it from dings, dust and scratches for years to come.

The Luna Ukulele comes with a very strong and soothing tone. It sounds better as compared to all other Ukulele types available out there from different brands. The engraved tattoo design of the Ukulele sets it apart from the crowd and the sound is also very soothing and extremely well. The playability rating of the instrument is optimal and most importantly it comes with the affordable price tag of $80. It is the great and best Ukulele Beginners as well as for intermediate players.

Our Rating :  4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Suitable for Beginner
  • Awesome Design
  • Great Tone


  • Buzzing issues with Fret
  • Strings Issues


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5. Godin 36080 Ukulele

Godin 36080 Ukulele

Designed masterly in Canada, this is the Tenor Ukulele by Godin and considered to be the best option or the advanced and intermediate Ukulele players. If you are looking for a professional quality Ukulele, then look no further and settle with Godin 36080 Tenor Ukulele. The Ukulele comes with solid spruce top which ensure brighter voicing and you can also opt for its cedar top option which ensures to deliver warmer voicing and it has the natural finish too. This is one of the Best Ukulele models available out there that has chambered Mahogany body and it is worth mentioning that it is not the acoustic Ukulele as it comprises of onboard pickup and pre-amp with equalizer adjustment facility. So, it really excels in sound when it is plugged into the amp.

The cost of  Godin 36080 Tenor Ukulele

Godin 36080 Tenor Ukulele is the premium musical instrument that comes with an affordable price tag. With this Ukulele you would be in the pro territory as it is finely designed and you would never feel like upgrading anytime soon. The Ukulele costs you would $100 and you may check for its pricing online on retailer’s website. Moreover, the setup of the Ukulele is really flawless and the action is low without any annoying tinkles. The precisely positioned fret board has the ultimate fitting and finishing and it not only feels superior in look but also makes the instrument feel quite expensive.

The Ukulele is like the modern piece of art and you will find no flaws or imperfections on the finishing of the Ukulele. As per the reviews online, Godin 36080 Tenor Ukulele is model quite consistent in performance and sound delivery. You get what you have paid. You will not be disappointed as it is designed with D’Addario Titanium Ukulele strings which are considered to be the best string for any tenor Ukulele models. Godin 36080 Ukulele is the real acoustic, electric Ukulele and even more electric than it is acoustic. You will notice in the model that the sound hole is missing in the centre of the body and it has onboard slider adjustments for the treble, volume, and bass. When it is played for acoustical music you would still get the soothing sounds which are not very loud and it resonates well as 100% acoustic Ukuleles.

When you play the instrument for personal use, it puts out sufficient volume, but if it is played as fully acoustic instrument, you may have issue with the volume. But you can optimize the volume by connecting it with a variety of acoustic guitar amps to check its plugged in tone.

Our Rating :  4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Exceptional Plugged-In Sound
  • Lots of controls over tone
  • Hybrid Design


  • Compensated saddles and has adjustable
  • Heavier compared with other models

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Verdict – Get yourself the Best Ukulele !

Buying the Best Ukulele Brands is really an amazing feeling and experience. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a veteran player, you will find Ukulele models for your specific needs. But don’t get confused with the Ukulele types and its varying costs.

Compile a small shortlist of favourite models, watch videos, read testimonials and test them if possible before rushing with this crucial decision. There are different types of Ukuleles available and the ukulele costs vary accordingly. Finding the best Ukulele for your need would be an easier and simple process when you are equipped with the right tips and knowledge about the musical instrument.

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