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Ukulele Buddy by JP Allen is the online lesson designed to offer a comprehensive guide and solid foundation to beginners for a lifetime of strumming. Ukulele Buddy promotes itself as an online program comprising instructions and lessons of Ukulele playing in a simple manner and after every lesson, the beginners will be able to play the real songs and also identify the chords efficiently.

This online course has all necessary principles and methods which are referred to as Deliberate Practice by the author. The program truly makes the learning of Ukulele Buddy fun-filled and wonderful experience as it beseeches self-taught lessons so that beginners won’t need any educator besides them rather than the author himself.

Courses Overview in Ukulele Buddy

Ukulele Buddy is the online course that comprises of a variety of video sessions and lessons and it takes you through the entire process of learning and honing skills in Ukulele Playing. Some of the courses that are being covered by Ukulele Buddy include:

  • Chords
  • Progression
  • Ranking
  • Posture

Each video or course lasts for 7 minutes and this signifies that the courses are very small and specific to the point. Just because the courses are small in size, you will not get bored and you will find them interesting. Moreover, it also makes the learning process easier instead of getting it overwhelmed with lots of stuff. This may make a beginner confused. This online Ukulele learning course is mainly designed keeping in the needs of a newbie.

Course Details in Ukulele Buddy

Each video course is dedicated to developing a certain level of skills and at the end of each course, the learners can easily combine them into a song. This is how each course goes.

  • Learning a skill
  • Applying the learned skill
  • Learning a new song
  • Bringing together that beginners have learned

As you progress you will learn to play new songs and this will offer you a sense of achievement and also lots of confidence. Whether you are a beginner or have some sort of knowledge about Ukulele playing, Ukulele Buddy is the online course that has got everything covered for all levels of Ukulele players.

The courses comprise of 71 short lessons all-inclusive of the author’s insight. As you progress you will be capable of playing a wide variety of music styles including soul, pop, Hawaiian, reggae, classical and the blues and rock.

The key factor of the course is that you will be learning all alone with the 71 high-quality video lessons. The course will take you to step by step through a learning process on how to play Ukulele fluently in just 7 months.

If you find some more concepts which are not clear to you, then you can easily email all your questions to the author directly for additional support. So, you don’t have to worry during your journey of learning Ukulele as every concept will be made clear to you even if you are a newbie.

The duration of the course depends on how often you practice and how quickly you learn and grasp the concepts. It is estimated that an average person can grasp the concepts in less than seven months and complete the course successfully. Apart from this the program also offers you with an outline of 71 lessons and this includes:

  • The different body parts of Ukulele along with the reasons why you need to be aware of all those body parts of Ukulele
  • The C/F/G/A/D Chords
  • Accenting 2 & 4 over the C/F/A chords
  • Jamming from C to G
  • Practicing F to C

With the Ukulele Buddy lesson program, you get at least ten hours of video guidelines and by following those instructions outlined in the e-course, you will quickly master and learn how to play the chords and create new songs. You will also find out some additional tips and tricks on how to move the one chord to another effortlessly.

The interesting part is that the author has taken it from the top. The way you learn playing Ukulele also matters a lot. So, the author has covered the simplest lessons first and gradually progressing towards the complex lessons to keep things easier for the beginners.

Within the course, you will find some recommendations from the author that count out loud while exercising the strumming. These tricks are quite helpful when you are having a hard time coordinating strumming and singing. Some of the advanced strumming techniques that you will find in the course include:

  • Swing strumming
  • Straight strumming

What you can achieve in Ukulele Buddy

With the application of these methods and tricks, you will be able to create complete harmony melody solos and you will also learn the simple techniques to learn the keys and chords. There are several lessons and the fun doesn’t get ended here.

As you progress, you will also get the chance to review the following courses. Upon successful completion of the course, you will become a master like JP Allen in Ukulele Playing. The courses are designed to make you learn how to enhance the own chord vocabulary and this will build upon the basic chord shapes which you already know. This way you can easily add a new zest into the old songs and have fun experience while playing them on your Ukulele.

Ukulele Buddy Pros and Cons

Pros for Ukulele Buddy Course

The very first thing that is worth mentioning here is that the instructions mentioned in the e-course are really very simple and easy to understand. After mastering a few lessons even the beginners would learn to play real songs and easily identify the different chords.

The author takes the beginners from the highest simple lessons to the complex lessons which are the interesting initiative for beginners as well as for rookies. The beginners will not get hanged up in between if any concept is not clear because the author will give additional support pledged through email.

The courses are designed in such a way that it allows the beginners to learn at their own pace and become a master over time. It helps the learners to master the different chords and they can easily strum and play innovative and new sounds out of it. Within the course, the author also suggests you count out loud while practicing the strumming. This helps in developing new playing skills.

The interesting part of the course is the Deliberate Practice which is the unique concept that is championed by most of the best learners across the world. This is the concept which teaches you how practice doesn’t make your perfect, but perfect practice makes you perfect.

With its 71 lessons all-inclusive of author’s insight you will be able to play different music styles including rock, the blues, reggae, classical, soul, pop, Hawaiian.

Cons for Ukulele Buddy Course

No product that is available out there is perfect and the same is the case with Ukulele Buddy as there are some drawbacks associated with this system too. Some of the cons of Ukulele Buddy are outlined below just go through it to have a better idea about its drawbacks.

• To cover all the 71 lessons outlined in the system you need to speed up and it needs diligence. So, mastering the course and lessons outlined in the system depends greatly on your diligence.

• You are required to have high-speed connectivity to enjoy the e-course uninterrupted. Most of the courses are actually taught by Mitch Chang who is the legit teacher. JP Allen will only provide you with few instructions that are distracting with the harmony of Mitch and this makes a bit complicated to clear the concepts for beginners.

• Secondly, there is a false advertisement going on stating that beginners are required to go through only three 7-minute videos every week. But in reality not all videos are of 7 minutes for beginners. The videos not include any time in between the videos. So, the time may extend until you master the skills.

• Most importantly, the program is not all free. For many learners this is a negative point. You have to spend some amount of money to get hold of this program. The benefits of investing money in this program is that the lessons are well structured and organized which makes learning easier and faster for the beginners.

So, these were some of the drawbacks that are associated with Ukulele Buddy.

Conclusion – Are you ready to take up Ukulele Buddy?

Ukulele Buddy is the e-course that comes with some of the necessary methods and principles which the author refers to Deliberate Practice. This is the concept that is meant for fine-tuning the own practice by being able to figure out all the weaknesses.

Above all, Ukulele Buddy is a well organized and streamlined e-course that can help you learn ukulele without dedicating hours every day. The lessons are simple and you only need to dedicate 7 minutes for each lesson to master. But it comes with a price tag and hence it is not free for you. You need to spend some money to get hold of it.

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