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7 Best Ukulele Learning Apps– Self Learning Using Android & iOS

Ukulele Learning Apps



Instruments are a lovely thing to be skilled in. It gives you the ability to entertain both yourself and other people with lovely and soothing music. You can also make use of an instrumental skill as a means of living or rather educate those who would also love to be skilled in it.

Not many have the ability to learn an instrument but those who do, do it beautifully. A ukulele is one of the many instruments that exists and that can be learned. Here, is a list of Uukele Learning apps that you can use to learn. First of all, what is a Ukulele?

Ukulele is one of the greatest members of the guitar instrument family which uses four nylon strings. The Ukulele is very easy to learn and master. To learn this instrument has become easy because of the expanse of technology.

You can be a beginner or an intermediate who is looking to expand their knowledge of the ukulele and the use of apps can be less expensive than all these online classes.

These apps are beneficial and they can be used whenever you like and at your own speed. Interested? Well, here are seven different apps to start you off which can be installed on your mobile phones or gadgets.

1. The Ukulele App

Android |IOS

This mobile app makes the learning of the ukulele as easy as a child learning the alphabet. It is very compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

This ukulele app includes several videos that are being taught by a ukulele teacher who tries to help you know the notes you’re playing, helps you to find your chords and also assists in tuning your ukulele. This app has gotten over a million downloads, especially via the android device.

The Ukulele app has gotten good reviews about it and also great comments on how the app is very simple to use and how you can easily learn the songs. Any beginner can make use of this app.

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2. Learning Ukulele in Seven Days

Android |  IOS

If you’re looking to learn the Ukulele in 7 days, then this app is highly recommended. This app can be used as a tool for learning and it also includes features such as a chord finding which helps you to find chords that you’re playing and a tuner which assists you in tuning your ukulele.

There are seven lessons on the app which gives you bit by bit instructions on what to do. If you’re a beginner, this app is definitely for you. Each of the lessons is ended with you learning to play a song.

If you happen to be an intermediate at Ukulele then you can overlook the lessons and go straight to learning how to play new songs. After using this app, you’re going to be able to know how to play the ukulele. Don’t forget to entertain your friends once you learned it.

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3. Real Ukulele

Android | IOS

This is a non-paid app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This app consists of a Ukulele simulator. It makes use of an interface that is user-friendly. The quality of the sound is smooth and it makes you feel like you’re listening to a live Ukulele playing.

The app gives you the ability to be able to pluck, strum and strike the strings on the ukulele simulator and also play any of the chords. This app is great for a beginner that wants to learn how to play the ukulele.

With the ukulele simulator, it is very easy for you to get the hand of the ukulele instrument and master it very quickly whether you’re a beginner or someone who just wants to brush up on their skills.

4. Ukulele Companion


This app is only available for iOS users. As an IOS user, it’s the best app for you if you want to learn the ukulele. The app consists of a tuner to help tune your instrument, several chords you can pick from and a collection of beats and scales you can use to practice on your iOS device.

This app has undergone some improvements which include a metronome, an electric drum set tracks, several customized themes and lots more. This app is recommended for beginners that are also iOS users. Non-beginners can also make use of this app to improve their skills.

5. Ukulele Karaoke

Android | IOS

Using this app to learn the ukulele is very vibrant, colorful and enjoyable. This ukulele karaoke app is compatible with both the iOS and Android devices. This ukulele app is very much recommended for beginners who are just starting their ukulele story.

The app helps you to abruptly learn how to play new songs without having the use of learning how to read the tabs and also the sheet music. This app has made the provided chords very easy to learn, it gives you important playing tips and also the opportunity to actually create your own songbook and other features.

For those, who have some knowledge on the basis of ukulele, with this app you can easily improve your skills. The app makes learning to a whole new level. It makes use of colorful and fun methods to be able to help you learn easily so it sticks.

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6. Fret Trainer

Android | IOS

With this fret app, you can become a pro at ukulele. It helps you to get a hold of the fret board and learn how to use it properly. You have the option to pick any tuning, to pick and use any section of the fret board.

There are several games inbuilt in the fret app to help you yourself in several ways. The fret trainer app comes with the provision of several other features such as the opportunity to explore different scales which are over sixty which helps you with your tuning and various games that help you learn the reading notes on a music staff and taking them to the fret board.

The fret trainer also has a left-handed feature for those who make use of their left hand. If you’re a beginner, you can make easily learn how to use this ukulele instrument with this app and also non-beginners are welcome to use the app as well.

7. Play ukulele

Android | IOS

With this app, you can turn your phone into your own personal ukulele. It can be used on both android and iOS devices. With this app, you are able to play chords without the use of fingering techniques.

The app contains several features such as a chord finder which helps you find your chords, the use of actual ukulele tunes, edit and set a chord, mode to help you tune your ukulele and the ability to play and switch saved chords into the screen.

This app is free but it also has a pro app that can be purchased which includes more features and improved features such as tunes from the soprano ukulele and tunes from the tenor ukulele. The pro app is also ad-free.

This app is highly recommended for beginners and also those who want to increase their skills in ukulele. This app has one of the best features you can make use of when you want to earn the ukulele instrument. It is user-friendly and it can be easily downloaded on your smartphone or even your android tablets.

Conclusion – Learn Ukulele At Your Own Pace

With these apps and some constant practice, you will be able to learn the ukulele instruments very easily. These apps are Stress-free and they can be used anywhere. It could be from the comfort of your home, or in your office or even anywhere you’re comfortable in.

Unlike online classes and schools, these apps are less expensive and the majority of them are free. It can be easily downloaded into your smartphone and once that is done, you’re good to go. They are easily compatible with any of your smartphone devices whether it’s an Android or an iOS device.

Furthermore, the app welcomes beginners and those who want to increase their skills on the ukulele. These apps help you learn properly about the ukulele instrument and then you can show off your skills and entertain your friends. Don’t you think it’s high time you got your own ukulele app?

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