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Best Cordoba Ukuleles Review – Understand The 5 Popular Cordoba Ukes

Cordoba Uke

Cordoba is well known among the Ukulele circles as it is a brand marked by excellence. If you have ever played the guitar you might be acquainted with this little instrument called Ukulele.

Cordoba is a manufacturer of high-quality instruments with strings and has won the appreciation of many singers’ musicians and novice players alike.

They are best known for their nylon string guitars but they are also getting global recognition worldwide in the world of Ukulele. Cordoba Ukuleles are famous for their vibrant sound and rich tone range.  They are stylish, easy to learn and play, and are some of the most durable Ukulele that you can currently buy.

This Cordoba Ukuleles review has some of the best Ukuleles which we have picked after careful research and have put them to quality and durability tests.

About Cordoba Uke

Cordoba is a Spanish brand that is famous for making classical string instruments. While most of their manufacturing goes on in Portugal, they are still known as a Spanish company.

What makes the Cordoba unique is their choice of wood. Their instruments are made of  one hundred percent genuine mahogany wood. Some of their Ukuleles also use the very rare Koa wood as well.

Their ukes are known to create high-quality soprano sounds and are best for both professional use and beginners alike. One cannot but notice the beauty that comes from the simplicity of their designs and a high caliber sound.

Best Cordoba Ukuleles Review

1. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

First looks on this thing certainly do not cease to impress us but after using it we can say that it is pretty damn good. We liked the build quality and while we can find some problems in the build quality of other Cordobas, this one feels light yet very strong.

The neck is not something I would prefer for myself, but that is just my preference and has got something to do with my hands. But still, even though this is my preference, I feel that a flat neck with a much wider spacing is still the preferred choice of many.

While I didn’t like the saddle spacing and the nut that is not too high, it is easily adjustable. The saddle could use a little bit more than just 2.8 m.

It knows how to play its tones and they were as good as we expected. Nothing too much nothing too less.  As it is an entry-level Ukulele, you will get entry-level sounds. It has a generic laminated box. But to say that it underperforms would be unfair.

While it does have a small laminated box, it is certainly able to achieve sounds on the higher end of the spectrum. It is also very good at sustaining sound and has a chime-like treble to it. I just wish that the neck was a little wide so that I could play more comfortably.

But if you are someone who struggles with wider necks and has short fingers, then this is exactly what you will need.

Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

  • Solid build
  • Nice high tone
  • Loud volume
  • Ability to sustain
  • Large buttons
  • Cheap tuners

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2. Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele


Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele

The 25SK is a high-quality Ukulele that affords you high-quality sound at a very reasonable price.  If you’re into Soprano ukes, then this is probably the best choice you have.

It is made of acacia at the top and genuine ebony for the fingerboard that gives it the ability to produce some of the crispest and clear sounds.

It has a satin finish that gives it its superior quality. The high-quality finish is why this ukulele has landed on this list. While playing it feels like a professional instrument and not a toy.

With a beautiful and crusty tone, it doesn’t cease to impress you. We were impressed by its sound projection and the loudness of its rich sound.

The sheer attention to detail in manufacturing has led many people to believe that it is handmade. If you want something whose construction quality exceeds your expectations, then this is something that you should consider.

Our Rating :  4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • High volume
  • Great sound quality
  • High sound projection
  • Awesome build quality
  • Lows appear to be a bit flat
  • Neck could have been better

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3. Cordoba 20TM Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 20TM Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

The 20TM is probably the best value Ukulele from Cordoba. This is a high-quality semi-acoustic Ukulele that has a class of its own and has a lovely ring to the ears.

First looks at this thing to tell you that it is something very classy and good looking. We were expecting high of this ukulele and we were indeed satisfied. It has a tenor body for its tonewood and a very thin sheet at the top made of pure mahogany that has a classy satin finish.

We also love the laminated back and sides which gives a very nice feel to it. We also loved the rosette which immediately catches your eye and gives it a very unique and sophisticated look.

The cutaway favors treble more so if you are into the high end of the spectrum and like crisp sounds and the lows don’t matter much, then this is a perfect choice.

The cutaway also gives good access to the lower frets and you will be able to play them, without any issues. The neck is slim which is again not my personal preference, but it certainly feels good. It is made of high-quality mahogany wood and goes up to the fingerboard producing crisp and clearer sounds.

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Master volume control
  • Bass and treble controlled separately
  • Open geared tuning
  • High range
  • Slim neck
  • The tuners feel flimsy

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4. Protege by Cordoba U100SM Soprano Ukulele

Protege by Cordoba U100SM Soprano Ukulele

This is another entry-level ukulele on our list. The primary reason to include it on our list is its fabulous design. The double-bout shape is pretty good and feels nice in the hand.

The whole uke is however very simple looking. You get nothing extraordinary out of it but that is a good thing as the way it is constructed complements the materials used for its construction.

The design looks very tidy. The top is made of solid mahogany wood and is a single sheet of laminated wood. The sides and the back are colored black. We appreciate the satin coating though which makes it look very neat.

The tuners are also very basic and cheap. While it does have open-gear tuning, it does it with a very small white pearly type of buttons. They are also not in line and it feels like it gives each wire a very different tension. Still, the gears work fine overall.

Now let’s come to what I don’t like about this. Although I am a huge fan of a simple looking ukulele. But this just doesn’t feel right. Something appears to be missing. Let’s just say it is ‘simply’ boring for me. The white pearl in the middle does nothing to match the overall look of the uke.


Our Rating :  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • High-quality satin finish
  • Simplistic design
  • Nice design
  • The fretboard is very tough
  • Oversimplified design
  • No aesthetic appeal

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5. Cordoba 21C Spruce –  Striped Ebony Concert Ukulele

 Cordoba 21C Spruce & Striped Ebony Concert Ukulele

The 21 C is a spruce wood made high-quality uke with a solid top. The body is a concerto size and you can play it in any of your concerts. Although it is an all-acoustic uke, it doesn’t fail to produce loud sounds without mixing up the high and the lows.

It has a nice satin finish which gives it a premium look. I particularly liked the bridge and saddle quality.  This is also my personal favorite as the neck is comparatively wider. The fretboard has a total of 18 frets which is quite nice.

The sound production is accurate and it tilts more towards bass. It would have been nicer though if they included the case with the uke and not as a separate purchase.


Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • High-quality sound production
  • Tuner quality is amazing
  • The lows are very well defined
  • Vibrant and warm sound
  • No case included
  • The neck could have been of better quality at this price.

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Although it is not easy to decide on the best Cordoba uke, we have confidence in you that after reading this article, you will be more than capable to choose the right one for your needs.

While all of the above-mentioned products are great for their price, we think that the 15CM is worth it. It has the greatest durability and has features that a lot of other competitors at this price point do not provide.

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