Yamaha PSR EW300 Keyboard

Yamaha PSR EW300 Portable Keyboard Review

Yamaha PSR EW300 61-keys Keyboard ReviewPiano keyboards are nothing less than sheer joy. That lovely and exhilarating feeling of the symphony under your fingers is just unmatched. If you are particularly into piano keyboards then the vast market is sure to baffle you, but one name you must have seen numerous times will be the Yamaha. It reigns supreme as a pioneer in producing the best piano keyboards that many, like us, adore and keep coming back for more.

So today, we make things easier for you by diving deep into Yamaha PSR-EW 300. This amazing model had us falling head over heels so why not dive into what makes it so special. You never know, it could be your ultimate dream piano keyboard and your search has ended! So sit back and let us take you deeper into the Yamaha PSR-EW300 review to talk all it is offering and why we love it.

Yamaha PSR EW-300 Review

The Yamaha upped its game in the piano keyboard market by bringing out the EW 300 model. The reasons why we like this one are many for not only does it come aesthetically pleasing, it is not ludicrously pricey despite the amazing stuff it entails. Its 76 notes touch-sensitive keyboard lets you perform smoothly and enables greater and better expression while giving enough flexibility for playing complex and wide symphonies. You will hard be pressed to find many premium keyboards allowing that level at such a low price like this one.

The PSR- EW300 further offers a range of sounds that encompass various instrumental voices. All this might sound too good to be true, but this is why we like this model. But hey, hold on, this is just the beginning. There is much more to discuss in this Yamaha EW 300 review. So let’s get to it, shall we?


When it comes to design, Yamaha always keeps things simple and elegant so no matter where you put your keyboard, it will never be an eyesore. The PSR-EW 300 keyboard is a 76-key model and considered lightweight despite its dimensions of 4.62″ X 45.37″ X 14.5″, it only measures thirteen pounds. Let us not forget all the amazing features it has, it does not make carrying it around extremely difficult, too.

The piano is built well with very durable and high-grade plastic so you know it will stay robust and be with you for a very long time.  It has control elements, which the makers made very easily accessible. The design is very straightforward so you will not have trouble figuring out things quickly. Yamaha EW-300 makes playing hassle-free and only focuses on the fun.

The keyboard’s design is compact so if you plan to buy a keyboard and will need to be moving around a lot then we think this little guy can be a great option for you. Traveling and aspiring pianists may find this model to be pure delight without needing to lug it around and exhaust themselves.

Moreover, the EW 300 is also rather light for children too especially if you are buying a stand that can fit your child’s height. But that stand will need to be very sturdy so bear that in mind.

Furthermore, the EW300 will run on batteries too so it can be an ideal partner for trips where electricity could be an issue so this model will be ready to save the day for you.

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Sound Quality

To be frank the sound quality of the EW 300 took us by surprise because we were expecting it to be nothing major with this price tag. However, the Yamaha PSR-EW 300 is here to amaze you and deliver amazing sounds. The high-quality sounds will have you pausing and falling in love all over again. However, the credit for this goes to the dual 2.5W stereo speakers that are incorporated in this model as they are doing their job well.  But that’s not all. There is also a 2.5+ W amplifier, which adds more to the quality of the sound making it richer and smoother.

Although we must explain that this keyboard is not for extreme level sounds so if you play at maximum, you might feel the difference in quality.  It works splendidly at the normal volume range.

The number of sounds you will get will make you go wow because this model offers 154 songs presets and 574 sounds!  Yep, you read that right! Therefore, you can spend your time wading and enjoying the wide range of sound options and create your music. It is noteworthy that this magnitude of sound is rather rare for the price range of this model and therefore makes the PSR EW-300 great in this aspect, too.

It is readied with Yamaha’s AWM-Advanced Wave Memory that is usually the norm in the pricier and high-end models of the brand. So you know much goes into the memory and sounds, making the model a great purchase for budding pianists that wish to hone their craft.


This model comes with 48-note polyphony and that is sufficient for beginners pianists ready to venture into this world.  When you pair it up with its touch-sensitive keys then both work in unison to play complex melodies well.

The 48-note polyphony implies that you can play forty-eight sounds simultaneously and each one will play clean and smooth. Now that is something we can all get behind especially when you think this model does not make you financially miserable.


It is common thinking that if a keyboard has a mid-price range and offers many features the surely the makers had to compromise on sound quality.

However, the Yamaha PSR EW-300 again delighted us with its amazing features and great sounds. It is a win-win on both ends. Let’s go into detail about some amazing features.

The Modes

The EW300 offers three modes:

The Duo mode

This enables you to halve the keyboard into two sections while both have a similar pitch range. This implies two players can play with a similar octave and you know what that means, right? Yes, a duet!

The mode is a very useful learning tool where a teacher can sit next to a student and play the same tune while the student follows right along.

The Dual-mode

In this, you get to layer two distinct sounds to obtain a special and complex tone. This means that upon pressing a key, you generate two instrument sounds simultaneously. Now doesn’t that sound fancy? It can be perfect for enjoying music time and experimenting with different tunes to better your skills.

The Split mode

Lastly, with this mode, you get to play a different instrument with your different hands. Yet another fun and enjoyable way of teaching yourself various skills and learning how to master every mode. This is sure to impress your friends and family.

Music Library

Now let’s talk about the most fun part, the music library and this model’s library is a true treat. You get 154 in-built songs that you can playback or play along to your heart’s content. The best part is you get to adjust different effects and tempo. Wondering if you can record? That is a big yes. The models let you record up to two tracks and five songs.

Digital Effects

The PSR EW300 comes with twelve fresh reverb effects types, which is another delight. The effects bring out the kind of ambiance giving the feeling of playing on a massive stage or big hall.  Also, you can adjust these sounds utilizing digital effects to make them more impressive and glorious.

Combine it all up with the chorus plus other effects and a master EQ and you get so many options to work on your sound and make it shine.


The EW300 also offers a Yamaha Education Suite so learning this keyboard is easier and better than ever. It enables you to practice MIDI files or preset songs, which you are free to play at your pace and take the time you need to learn and perfect.

This feature provides a nine-step lesson process that you practice on every hand making it wonderfully easy for newbies to not only learn but enjoy too. Safe to say this model is a treat for both intermediate and beginners.

It further brings a scoring feature that adds to your practice for you to get good motivates to improve and refine your skills.

Amazing Functions

Another thing we found to be amazing is the function button, which can utilize to adjust volume best as you see fit. An LCD is there to display the settings where you can see your performance among various other keyboard functions.

Also, the tuning function is there to help you fine-tune the pitch and volume taking care of even the smallest details. This model is ready to match all your preferences.


For connectivity, folks, Yamaha kept things very standard, and thank goodness for it because they did not skimp on the essential. The piano comes fitted with audio output for connecting to headphones or speakers and enhancing the experience tenfold.

You also get a USB port, which is great for loading downloaded songs or for recording your tunes. With this port, you can connect to the music software via the MIDI for transferring your files.

However, sadly, there is no Bluetooth connectivity, but the USB gives you still get ample options so not a big loss in this price tag.

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing build
  • Premium features
  • Affordable
  • Great value for money
  • Onboard learning
  • Keys are not graded or weighted
  • Some players may find the keys very narrow to play

Final Verdict

So what’s the verdict? Does this piano get a nod or a headshake? Well truthfully, this one gets a big yes and an enthusiastic nod because why not? It comes with amazing features that are perfect for beginners and intermediates; it takes care of the learning, is built nicely, and offers great sounds.

So what’s not to love especially for this price range? Although some find the keyboard a tad too big and the keys very narrow so it could take some getting used to, but its overall features and traits make up for everything and we think this is a good buy.

Yamaha PSR-EW300 Review


Our Rating :  4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


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What is included in Yamaha PSR-EW 300 ?

Yamaha takes care of their customers well and includes a stand with an X layout so you can situate your piano wherever you like with ease and it also comes with a power adapter.

What is Alternative model for Yamaha PSR EW 300?

It is always nice to have different options to consider and that is why we will talk about a good alternate model in this Yamaha PSR-EW300 review, which is the Yamaha PSR-EW410. It is also a tremendous option and pretty much offers all the good stuff that the EW300 does like the 76 touch-sensitive keys, modes, learning, LCD, etc.

However, it does fare well in some areas where it offers advanced options like three varied touch responsiveness levels. You also get to turn this feature off if you like. You can also have more fun as this piano lets you record ten songs.

Let us not forget the 12W amplifier you get with this piano keyboard that helps generates even smoother and finer sounds. Nonetheless, the EW300 offers a bigger music library so it is all up to your preference of which trait you want enhancing in your piano keyboard


Is Yamaha PSR-EW 300 piano suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Yamaha PSR-EW300 keyboard is a tremendous option for beginners as it gives all the essentials for learning the keyboard in its glory in a good price range. It has some of the best features that you only find in high-end keyboards so that makes this model unique, too.

Does the Yamaha PSR-EW300 have weighted keys?

Nope. The keyboard does not have weighted keys, but this can be a good thing for newbies. They can learn without dealing with the bulk of weighted keys.

What does Yamaha PSR mean?

PSR originates from Yamaha’s early portable keyboards named PortaSound. The ‘R’ is just to indicate the collection in the latest version.


Getting the best keyboard piano is what every aspiring pianist wants because they long to practice and polish their skills with models that offer learning and fun. However, the big price tags are always a deterrent. Yamaha is great in coming with models that cater to beginners and intermediates while being easy on their pocket and offering some of the best stuff you can find in keyboards.

We hope this Yamaha EW 300 review helps you learn everything about this model and makes your purchasing decisions easier. The alternate model is a great way to compare and see what the market is offering and how vastly different or similar traits are in same price range. So quit waiting and grab your piano to begin the fun. Happy playing!

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