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Donerton SmartWatchWe probably knew that a lot of people wanted a smart watch, and they must be looking for an affordable price for it, including all of the smart features. It must be efficient enough to track your health and fitness more accurately than any other smartwatch. In that case, there is no doubt that you are looking for a Donerton smartwatch.

Donerton is a decent watch with its price in the range of your pocket. However, before making your final choice, we will give you a complete and satisfying review about having a Donerton Smartwatch. It is not just to show you all of its unique features, but also to show you all the downsides, alternatives, or even its advantages among other smart watches.

Donerton Smartwatch Review

Donerton Smartwatch is very decent for those people who are looking for a budget Smartwatch. The Donerton smart watch can track your health and fitness data very accurately. However, this smartwatch does not come with a built-in GPS, but it can use the GPS in your phone that can help you to navigate and track your data very efficiently.

Also, the Donerton smartwatch comes with a total of 8 different modes, which will provide a variation in your workout sessions. Together with fitness tracking, this smartwatch can also track your heart rate and even your sleep. It will provide you an overall insight into your sleep by having its output in three basic formats: Light sleep, deep sleep, and wake-up time mode. As for heart rate tracking, when you compare this with an actual HR monitor, of course, it will show you different results. It is manageable because the difference between the results is negligible.

Donerton Unisex Smart Watch

This smartwatch is known for its accurate functions, together with its low price.

Many people like this Donerton smartwatch because of its key features and functionality. When this smartwatch is connected to your mobile phone, you just have to shake your wrist while wearing a Donerton smart watch to take pictures. It also has a music controller that will allow you to control the music on your cellphone easily whenever you are on the move, or your phone is not handy.

You can also charge this smartwatch with a magnetic wire. With the use of the magnetic cable charging process, you just simply need to place the charging cable on the charging port of your smartwatch for fast charging. It also has a complete touch screen, stopwatch functionality and is properly organized. It can help you to get a reminder from Sms. Also, Just by tapping your watch screen, the phone assistant could reject any incoming calls that you don’t like. All in all, this smartwatch is liked by many people because it is very convenient to use daily.


In terms of designs, this Donerton smartwatch is looking much better than any other smartwatches, at the range of its price. This smartwatch is light, and it weighs only 31 grams, holding a pair of comfortable plastic and rubber straps that have better resistance to weathering and aging.

You can also customize the looks of this smartwatch by exchanging the new pairs of 20mm bands of your choice. When you order a package of this Donerton smartwatch, the one you will get inside of the box itself has a very excellent quality which will last longer with you. You can put it on your wrist very smoothly and comfortably even though you are prone to sweating. Whoever uses this Donerton smartwatch will never experience any kind of skin irritation or discomfort while wearing this watch.

On the back of Donerton smartwatch, you can see a heart rate sensor together with a magnetic charging port that will fuel up your smartwatch, while the right frame has a home button that will work for you to navigate different options and menus. You might also feel that this smartwatch has an edge-to-edge display, but believe me, it is not. It has wide bezels with a 1.4-inch touchscreen LCD.

Meanwhile, the 240 x 240-pixel density makes the panel look much sharper and vibrant. However, the brightness of this smartwatch has never been a concern because the Donerton smartwatch always gets plenty bright even when you are outside your home or in any outdoor activities. It also has anti reflective properties, which will help you not to experience any visibility issues on every bright sunny day. When you are surfing around, the screen of your smartwatch with a touch response is fluid as well.

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Key Features and Functionality

There are several key features and functionality that you will see in this Donerton smartwatch, and here we will explain every key feature that might help you operate it well.

Heart Rate Monitor

Donerton Smartwatch Heart Rate MonitoringThis Donerton smartwatch comes with a very accurate heart rate monitoring sensor that can track and record any activities of your heart together by checking any different kinds of heart conditions. This will be very useful if you’re into monitoring your heart rate, and you can probably rely upon this one.

Sleep Tracker

 Donerton Smartwatch Sleep Tracker

This does not require you to manually set your bedtime. Instead, it can be measured by using your heart rate and motion sensors. This Donerton smartwatch can track a slight sleep, deep sleep, and also wake-up time. It helps to furnish an overall analysis of your sleep cycle. In addition, this could also help in a better understanding of your health.

GPS and Accuracy Testing

Sadly, this Donerton smartwatch does not have a built-in GPS. That means that when you turn on different kinds of sports modes like running or biking, or any outdoor activity, you need to connect your phone’s GPS to your smartwatch for tracking route and distance covered.

GPS can also allow you to track your workout more accurately. While testing the accuracy of a donerton smartwatch, well, we just figured out that it is not bad. We have been cycling and running with this smartwatch. All in all, it is just fine; it is not like the pinnacle of GPS accuracy. However, it is not bad either.

Activity Tracking

When you are doing some exercise, it is giving you good health, and if you do it every day, you will live a healthier life than 80% of the population. Being healthy in this pandemic is required, and that is where this Donerton smartwatch is coming in with an important role by monitoring steps, distance, calories, activity minutes, and more.

Sports Mode

The Donerton smartwatch has eight different types of sports modes, including cycling, running, walking, swimming, rope skipping, football, basketball, and even badminton. You do not need to have your smartphone to take advantage of these modes. You just need to swipe down to the exercise section and activate the one that you are starting your exercise with.

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What Is Included In The Donerton Smartwatch Package?

Upon purchasing the Donerton smartwatch, it comes with a complete package. It includes the Donerton Smartwatch itself, the charging cable for charging purposes, and the user for a complete guide on using the smartwatch.

So, everything you need to know about using this smartwatch can be found in the user manual. You can refer to the user manual if some features or functions confuse you. The charging cable is provided as well, but you need to provide the adapter to use it with the charging cable to recharge the smartwatch.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a good and long lasting battery life.
  • It has accurate fitness and health tracking.
  • It is very light that you can wear all day long, even with sweats.
  • It has eight different sports modes.
  • IP67 Waterproof certification.
  • Sadly, it has no Built-in GPS.
  • It is sometimes lacking in counting steps.
  • With minimum customizable options

Final Verdict


Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

This Donerton smartwatch is an uncommonly good smartwatch, together with a lot of handy features and designs for a great price. It also can fit close to the wrist of the user.

Its band is a silicone rubber that is expandable and very flexible. Yet, it is sturdy enough for you to use, so if you are looking for a good smartwatch with great functionality, then you just have to invest and try this Donerton Smartwatch.

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How long does the battery life of the Donerton Smartwatch last?

In general, the Donerton Smartwatch can last for 6 to 7 days on standby mode. However, if you are changing the watch face other than the default setting of the smartwatch, it can cause the battery to drain.

2. How to connect a Donerton smartwatch to an iOS/Android smartphone?

First of all, before you pair the smartwatch on your mobile phone, you need to install the HerobandIII application.

Step1. Turn on the Bluetooth setting of your smartphone. Make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled.

Step2. Open the Heroband III application installed on your smartphone.

Step3. Find the device, then pair.

Step4. Tap on the ‘Add Button,’ then your Bluetooth will automatically search your smartwatch. If it doesn’t work right away, just wait. Sometimes, it really took some time.

Download Heroband III app here

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There are so many smartwatches available in the market nowadays as it’s getting in demand. As our options widen, we tend to get confused about which one to buy and use for our daily routine or exercises. In our post today, we tackled the Donerton Smartwatch, which we can say, one of the best and affordable smartwatches so far.

With its useful functions, you will not regret buying this one. Given its features, it is very affordable. If you have a tight budget but you want something very useful, you can definitely rely on this smartwatch.

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