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MorePro Fitness Tracker Watch


For fitness activities and workouts, a good fitness tracker and timer is needed. MorePro Fitness Tracker is the advanced and unique time and fitness tracker that comes equipped with additional features such as calorie pedometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, SMS reminder and sleep monitor for Smartphone users.

The fitness tracker by MorePro is the unique waterproof tracker that can work even underwater during swimming and washing hands. Moreover, the MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker is the best companion for you when it comes to tracking heart rate, time, blood pressure and calories.

Because of its compact size and ergonomic design, it makes a perfect choice to carry in pocket or gym bag with ease.


MorePro is a brand that is highly dedicated to designing fitness and health trackers. All their products are designed to help people achieving their fitness and health goals while keeping their sleep, exercises, activities, weight, and calories in the track.

The company specializes in designing advanced fitness and health tracker and their first MorePro Fitness Tracker was launched back in 2014. Since then there is no looking back for the company as they have been designing fitness trackers continuously to meet the unique needs of the consumers.

Not only fitness and health trackers, but the company is also dedicated to designing Smartwatches which are the best sellers from the company. It is the brand that has the best range of fitness bands and health trackers that you can sync with your Smartphone using MorePro Fitness Tracker App which is available from the Play Store and Apple Store.

Above all, the price of fitness bands and health trackers are very affordable compared to other brands. This makes it the top choice for all fitness freaks and enthusiasts.

MorePro Smartwatches Review

1. MorePro Fitness Tracker Watch

MorePro Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for the best MorePro Fitness Tracker which can efficiently record your daily activity data and health, then this is the device to go with for multiple good reasons.

This is the ergonomically designed fitness tracker watch which can be charged anywhere wherever USB port is available for charging.

You can easily wear this band on your wrists while washing your hands or swimming as it is completely waterproof that comes with IP67 water-resistant standard.

This MorePro Waterproof Fitness Tracker comes with some other added characteristics like heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. It can monitor the heart rate in real-time and let you know the status of your heart on the MorePro Fitness Tracker App.

It comes with the ability to offer 24/7 blood pressure status and let you know the health conditions so that adjustments can be done accordingly.

This MorePro Fitness Tracker Watch also allows you to precisely track your steps calories, duration time, distance covered and also map your running path with GPS support and Smartphone. Without letting you know, the fitness tracker monitors your sleep patterns and displays the data on App like light sleep hours, deep sleep hours and wake up time.

Since this is the advanced fitness tracker, it reminds you when you should relax, sit, work and more. This way it helps you to stay healthy and energetic without overstressing yourself.

By activating the Remote Photo function in the application, you can make photo sessions easier and better and its physiological period reminder lets you know about your diverse physiological states efficiently.

This fitness tracker can also be synced easily with your Smartphone so that the notifications can be customized.

This will also let you see your health status on the Smartphone directly. It comes with a long-lasting battery with 8-10 hours of backup. But you can also charge the battery anywhere where USB port for charging is available because of its new design.

Key Features

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Our Rating :  4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • Comes with Smartphone notification abilities
  • Sedentary and physiological period reminder for an active lifestyle
  • New design and can be charged with any USB port for charging
  • Unable to monitor heart rate continuously
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2. MorePro ECG Monitor Watch

MorePro ECG Monitor Watch

The second most amazing fitness tracker watch by MorePro is the MorePro ECG Monitor Watch which is the waterproof fitness band with heart rate, blood pressure, and activity tracking ability.

It allows you to precisely monitor your breathing and heart health while staying alert about your daily fitness levels. This way you can customize your plans and work towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

This is the best MorePro Fitness Tracker that is designed with ECG or Electrocardiography and this record the electrical activities of your heart and record the heartbeat anytime, and anywhere.

You may combine it with Photoplethysmography or PPG to unveil the real-time heart rate and health and know its heart rate variability, and QT intervals.

Users can also see the real-time ECG video on the screen of your Smartphone using the MorePro Fitness Tracker App.

Monitoring the daily blood pressure would become easier for you with this fitness tracker. This way you can stay alert about your health and follow a healthy lifestyle with necessary adjustments.

This fitness tracker also features a dynamic heart rate monitor which uses the latest sensor with PPG to monitor the real-time heart rate, QT Interval, and the heart rate variability.

Moreover, the health tracker is designed to record the scientific sleep patterns and lets you know about the duration of your deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep stages at night and daytime. So, you will know how long you are taking your nap and what duration is recommended for you.

Soon you will notice that it would become your efficient bed partner that can help you monitor your SPO2 and HRV from 12.00 am to 7.00 am every day.

You need to check out with the MroPro Fitness Tracker Manual to know how to activate the Scientific Sleep and Blood Oxygen Night Monitoring features in the fitness tracker.

Connecting the fitness tracker with its application will allow you not only to see the real-time heart rate and blood pressure levels but also let you see steps, calories and distance and it also maps your path for workouts and jogging.

Key Features

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Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Dynamic heart rate and blood pressure monitoring
  • Scientific sleep and blood oxygen night monitoring
  • New water-proof design with IP68 water-resistant
  • Not a touch screen watch
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3. MorePro IP68 Fitness Smartwatch

MorePro IP68 Fitness Smwartwatch

Keep a tab on your heart health and fitness levels with this new MorePro IP68 Smartwatch which is a fitness tracker with multiple functions and lasting battery life.

It keeps you informed about your daily lifestyle and lets you know what adjustments need to make in fitness levels to lead a healthy life ahead.

The manufacturer has updated this model with new technologies and innovations in function and appearance.

It is designed to monitor your health status, daily movements and keeps you motivated towards your fitness goals.

You simply need to connect the device with MorePro Fitness Tracker App and get statistical data to understand better about your body and health.

This is the best MorePro Fitness Tracker designed for everyday use and can be used under-water as it has IP68 Water Resistant Design. So use it effortlessly under-water, while swimming and even taking showers.

It even allows you to take good care of your loved ones as it comes with a physiological period reminder that lets you know the physiological status of your loved ones after it is synced with the application.

The dynamic HR monitor of the fitness tracker precisely monitors the heart rate and lets you see the heartbeat graphs on the application. This will help you know the status of your heart so that adjustments can be done to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

Plus, it also monitors the blood pressure and lets you know about the body conditions precisely and in real-time.

You can also see the progress report of daily steps, calories burned and distance covered. It also monitors real-time blood pressure and heart rate during workouts and activities. So, you can set a target and keep tracking your progress using the dedicated application.

This is the smart fitness band that can notify the users about messages and texts. The fitness tracker comes with the latest HD 1.3 inches of a color touch screen with easy controls and settings. From its settings you can adjust the brightness level to your comfort level and according to the different occasions.

This fitness tracker comes with a sedentary reminder, alarm clock, female health reminder, find cell phone feature, stopwatch, countdown, and remote camera. It gives users a comfortable and convenient lifestyle every day.

Key Features

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Our Rating :  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Female health and sleep quality monitor
  • Dynamic HR and blood pressure monitor
  • Daily progress tracking

  • Bluetooth connectivity is average with the device
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How to Reset MorePro Fitness Tracker?

Like all other fitness bands and Smartwatch models, the MorePro Fitness Tracker can also reset. To learn about the methods to reset you MorePro Fitness Tracker you first need to check the MorePro Fitness Tracker Manual where all guidelines regarding the reset of the fitness tracker are mentioned.

Remember, the hard reset of the MorePro Fitness Tracker would remove all the data stored in its memory. So, it is not the go-to solution.

If your wearable is not responding when pressing any buttons, then it is the time to reset it. You simply need to press the reset button available at the fitness tracker or simply turn the device off and then restart it to reset the fitness tracker.

You must not do a factory reset until the situation demands. Doing so will erase all the settings and data of your fitness tracker.

What Mobile App for MorePro Heart Rate Tracker?

MorePro Fitness Tracker has its fitness and heart tracking application that is free to download from Play Store and Apple iTunes. Interested users are required to visit their respective app stores and download the latest version of MorePro App.

There are also other fitness activity and heart monitoring applications that are compatible with the Smart Fitness Tracker. But it is suggested to use only the certified and authorized MorePro App downloaded from the Play Store and iTunes.


MorePro Fitness Tracker is the new and advanced fitness and activity tracker that is available out there today. Apart from all-exclusive features, this fitness tracker comes with fair pricing.

It has a longer battery back which ensures that you can make use of the fitness tracker for longer hours without interruptions. Some of the models are even advanced to be synced with Smartphones using its MorePro Fitness Tracker App.

All their fitness bands and trackers are designed with waterproofing ability which enables you to use the fitness tracker underwater like swimming and washing hands.

It comes with all the features that are required for efficient heart rate and blood pressure monitoring in real-time. Above all, the rates of the MorePro Fitness Tracker are quite affordable and inexpensive as compared to the other models available today.

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