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As time has been passing, technological advancement have also been progressing at a very rapid rate. The advent of the television, the DVDs to the Blu-ray machine has brought enhancement to a point where even they have become a bit obsolete.

Wristwatches have always been the standard norm when it comes to accurate telling of time and they have even been around before the major technological advances.

The wristwatch adventure has gone beyond telling time to the point now where you can make and receive calls, schedule your day and even check your heartbeat rate on your watch.

What is a Smart Watch?

A smartwatch is a portable computer that is worn on your wrist. Most smartwatches have a touch screen interface and they can be synced to bot your personal computer, laptop or even your phone.

All modern smart wristwatches are Bluetooth compatible with practically all devices. Most smartwatches have the same functions as your smartphones but let’s look at the history of the smartphone with this timeline.

This article is an expose on the advent of the smartwatch, types of smartwatches, advantages and disadvantages of the smartwatch, a comparison between the smartwatch and the traditional and conventional watches and lots more so get ready for an insight into the smartwatch that you have never seen before.

History of Smartwatch

Historical Points For Smartwatch:

  • The smartwatch was first released by the Hamilton Watch Company in 1972.
  • The brand of the wristwatch was called the Pulsar.
  • The Hamilton company was swallowed by the wristwatch giant Seiko in 1978.
  • In 1982, Seiko released a version of the Pulsar called the NL C01 which could to have a user-programmable memory and also the ability to store up to 24 digits.
  • The ’80s was the advent of personal computers giving the smartwatch more adaptability to connecting with the personal computer.
  • 1983 brought about the Data 2000 which came with an external keyboard for data entry.
  • Seiko released the RC-1000 wrist terminal.
  • It was a joint effort by Seiko and Epson and from there the real smartwatch revolution started.
  • It had an application for memos, world time, a calculator that had a 4 function feature and also space for scheduling meetings.
  • It was touch-sensitive with a screen display of 42 x 32 pixels which was far ahead as at that time.
  • The 1990’s brought about a sudden jump in the smartwatch capacity with the Timex Data Link wristwatch.
  • The Timex Datalink was capable of transferring files onto a computer with its wireless feature.
  • It could also create contacts and appointments through the Microsoft schedule+.
  • 1998 brought about another milestone with the Linux wristwatch.
  • It was made by Steve Mann and he presented at IEE ISSCC2000 on the 7th of February 2000 and he called the wristwatch the father of wearable computing.
  • In 1999, the great electronic giant Samsung released the very first watch phone which came with talk time of about 90 minutes, an LCD screen and an antenna that protruded.
  • IBM showed up with a watch phone that ran on the Linux platform but it never passed the prototype stage.
  • The IBM watch had only 6 hours battery life so it was not good enough to be released to the public due to its short battery life.
  • IBM collaborated with Citizen’s wristwatches to give to us the watch pad.
  • In 2000, Epson Seiko introduced to the market, the Chrono bit wristwatch.

From the early 2000s till now the creation and use of the smartwatch have expanded and increased to the point where the smartwatches are superseding even the smartphones in use and accessibility. The smartwatch came out of the umbrella of the normal wristwatch and has gained serious ground.

Let us look at the difference between the smartwatch and the conventional wristwatches.

Smartwatch Vs Traditional Watch

Smart Wristwatch Vs Traditional Wristwatch


Electronic devices in this modern age always have a shelf life or a span of life. Once the life span of the device is reached, you have to replace it. Smart watches just like smartphones have a limited life span in which it has to be replaced.

With the rate at which technology advances, you most often than not have to replace your smartwatch regularly because the new models may incorporate new features and upgrades that the one you are using may not have but which you will need.

Meanwhile, the traditional wristwatch does not need to work or be changed because of technological advancements. Traditional watches do not have any electronic parts and they will last a lot longer than the smartwatches.

Materials used

Traditional time pieces are made from high end and quality leather. They can be made with quality gemstones like topaz, sapphires, diamond and such. They can also incorporate precious metals like gold, silver Platinum and even titanium.

These kinds of watches last a long time and have no electronic parts. Meanwhile, most smart watches are made from cheap materials and a lot of them are made with stainless steel and plastic.


The traditional wristwatches do nothing but tell the time accurately and also give you the date. Smartwatches have loads of different functions to wow the user. Smartwatches have functions like; heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, ability to receive calls, email alerts, music control and the way lots more than can be mentioned here.


Conventional watches are thinner, slimmer, sleeker and more elegant than the smartwatches who more often than not have wide bulky screens and are rather larger in comparison.

The art of watchmaking has come a long way and the traditional watches always exude that classy and aesthetic look that is always pleasing to the eye. Though some smartwatches are also sleek and pleasing, the traditional handcrafted watches will always be a step above in this dimension.

Battery life

The biggest problem with the smartwatch is battery life. No matter how long the smart watch’s battery may be, you must always recharge it or else it will go off.

Conventional watches have no electronic parts that have to be charged and are based on quartz movement which can last around 3 years while the mechanical watches just need to be wound, set and that is all. The traditional watches have a longer-lasting and better battery life.

Key Functions of a Smart Watch

Being always connected online

Smartwatches of the now give u email, text and call alerts. You are never far from your favorite app or that email update from the office. From weather to cooking recipes, your smartwatch makes sure you do not miss anything programmed online and can be tuned to give you specific updates on your favorite topics or your work schedule. It will even remind you of upcoming events and meetings and if you are running late to a function.

Fitness Tracking

Training for that marathon or you just set yourself a fitness goal? Your smartwatch will track, time and help you to improve your distance covered while still keeping a note of the number of calories that you burn and also general know-how of how your body is.

It can be adapted to suit your uniqueness: there is no one in the world like you. That also goes for your tastes and your demand for goods and services. Smartwatches are unique in the sense that you can customize your watch according to your taste.

Be you a fitness addict or a composer or even it guru, you can configure your wristwatch to match your personality and taste.

Advantages of the smartwatch

  • Your smartwatch allows you to reply to messages and receive calls immediately while on the go. With a smartwatch, even your phone becomes a bit obsolete because all your SMS, email messages and phone calls can be accessed through your smartwatch. Forgot your phone at home and went to the gym? No worries your smartwatch will access your music, events, reminders and also help you receive calls with no hassles.
  • Smartphones do not tell you the time. They do a lot more functions and have a lot more features than just giving you the correct time. They offer a different and they merge your smartphone to a wristwatch and give you a device more portable than your phone but with more functions than your traditional timepiece.
  • Having a smartwatch while at the gym is one of the great advantages. It will track your heart rate, blood pressure, help you in improving your run rate and also tell you how well you are doing and how the exercises are shaping and affecting your body.
  • The smartwatch might not seem like much on the wrist of your hand but it has a better battery life than your smartphone. Some smartwatches have batteries that last up to 3 days but it’s really hard to get a smartwatches that will last up to that.
  • You have your entertainment system right on your wrist when you have a smartwatch. You can group songs, create playlists, download your favorite songs and even shuffle tracks with your smart wristwatch.

Disadvantages of the smartwatch

  • Smartwatches have limited battery life. A full charge can only give you a maximum of 36-48 hours on the smartwatch. Because we never really think about our watches, charging them after a workday is often not on anyone’s mind and one may end up with a smartwatch that is dead the next day.
  • Smart watches for all the programming and apps that are placed in them have rather small screens. As it comes in a watch form, it also comes with a screen that’s rather small and can be a bother to read and even operate. People with sight issues have no use for the smart wrist watch because it will be an unnecessary strain to their eyes.
  • You may believe that your smartwatch will always be accurate but here is a fact. Over 80% of all smartwatches give inaccurate results. The heart rate monitor and accompanying programs are known to be off-kilter in the smartwatches.
  • Most of the Smartwatches are rather expensive and this is a big deal. Buying a smartwatch for about $700 when the phone equivalent is not even up to that will not be prudent. Check out affordable smartwatches series like DZ09 which cost below $100
  • Smartphones normally should be changed every two years but what about the smart watch? Both of these devices run on similar OS and also android packs and must be upgraded. Buying a smartwatch guarantees that it will most likely be outdated in about a year and then you would have to change it at an expensive and inconvenient price to the latest model.
  • Smartwatches are not important enough for you to go back to the house and get if forgotten. Your smartwatch is only useful when your phone is around because it has to be connected to your phone for it to work properly.
  • All smartwatches are waterproof but the surrounding band can get eroded or even destroyed if they are placed in water for too long.

How to choose a smartwatch

How to choose a suitable Smartwatch?

Battery Capacity

Many smartwatches come with inadequate batteries so you have to know how long the watch battery lasts before buying. There is nothing as bad as your watch dying on you when you are on the go so make sure you choose the right watch with adequate battery life like the chrome smartwatch whose battery lasts 168 hours on Bluetooth mode and allows you total for 3 hours.

Phone Syncing

It is one thing to get a smartwatch and it is another to get the smartwatch that will be able to synchronize with your phone. All watches sync with phones through Bluetooth but that means your phone has to be close at hand for you to use the watch. Smartwatches that are standalone watches that need no synchronization are one of the best to get because they use their sim so they are phones already on their own. You can leave your phone at home when you have such a watch.

Design & Style

How classy does your watch look? How well does it fit on your wrist? Does it portray your personality and does it complement your person? These are questions to ask yourself when getting a smartwatch. It would be meaningless to get a smartwatch that will not accentuate your person and all. There are really good watch designs out in the market like the Nigma smartwatch which looks more like a traditional watch than a smartwatch.


The amount of storage space you need should also influence the kind of smartwatch that you should buy. If you are an avid music fan with a playlist as long as the Nile, then, you should go for a watch with high memory space. This will enable you to add your playlists to the watch and listen to your favorite songs on the go.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness bands are some of the most useful smartwatches around because they help check and monitor your heart rate BP distance covered, calories burned and also calculate the number of calories you can need.

The only issue is that fitness bands are not cool to wear outside the gym. But funny enough, there are some cool fitness smartwatches around that look more like high-end wristwatches that will make you look stylish wherever you go like the Garmin, Fitbit, Colmi, LetsCom series of watches.

Types of Smartwatches – Check out the review for different series of Smatchwatch!

Here are the best smartwatches around right now. Click on the link to check out the reviews by Top Rate Review Team!

  1. Dz09 Smartwatch – One of the affordable Smartwatch with all standard features.
  2. Colmi SmartwatchCOLMI brand brings to you the best in smartwatch business because they have gone above and beyond even the wristwatches that will come after it on this list.
  3. Zeblaze Smartwatch – Zeblaze’s mission is to make the world more connected through smartwatch technology specially emphasised on on health and fitness
  4. Senbono Smartwatch – Another leading producer for smartwatches that support platforms like Android and iOS
  5. MorePro Smartwatch – Carry different fitness tracker type of smartwatches that allows you to do running tracking, heartrate monitoring and more.
  6. YAYMAY Smartwatch – They carries smartwatch models like fitness tracking with pedometer feature, sleep monitoring.
  7. Smartwatch for your Kids – Different brands of smartwatches for kids with GPS tracking feature.

Conclusion – Select the suitable Smatchwatch

So here you have gotten to the end of this article. The complete guide to the smartwatches. You are now sure with the tips, pros, cons, and reviews of some of the best smartwatches that you can follow the guidelines when you do want to get your smartwatch. What are you waiting for, you deserve a smartwatch as a holiday present for yourself!

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