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How To Fold A Pop Up Tent Like A Pro – Step By Step Guide

How to Fold A Tent



Pop up tents come with a convenience of space creation, when not in use it is almost like they do not exist. They seem to pop up when you need to use them. This is the convenience that they come with.

Since you want to always enjoy this quality of the tents, you cannot avoid talking about how to fold a pop up tent. The subject of how to fold a popup tent is divided into folding a large tent and a beach tent

Folding A Large Tent After Your Trip

The procedure of folding large tents especially those family tents that has 7 steps which are:

1.  Cleaning the tent

You must be confused and wondering why the first step is cleaning the tent while you are supposed to learn how to fold a pop up tent. Yes, you have to talk about cleaning first before folding a tent.

You have to do this first so that you shake out dirt, sand, and pine needles. Next, you have to use a rag dumped in a powdered detergent to wipe the outer surface of the tent.

Do not attempt to wipe the inside part of the tent unless you have enough time to spare. After you are through with the wiping, give the tent some time to dry before going to the next step. You might be wondering why someone has to sit down and get tips on how to fold a tent. Should you take the layman’s ignorant approach, then you would definitely skip this step which is very crucial not only for folding the tent but also how to preserve it.

2. Merge the two top poles

The two top poles are the ones that support the tent while erect. At this point, the tent looks massive. You have to stand in the middle of the tent keeping an equal distance to the right and to the left.

Stretch your hands, grab the poles on either side of your hands and bring them together. This will instantly reduce the massive structure of the tent into two poles and a big folded canvas. Folding pop up tent is not rocket science but a procedure that you can be able to undertake if you follow instructions to the letter.

How to dry your Tent after wash?

Repeat the above procedure for the two bottom poles. When you are through with this procedure, you will be having 4 poles merged on to your hands. The tent by this time is reduced to almost a quarter of its capacity. Keep the tent’s door open so that air continues to escape as you start the task of folding. You are underway and you don’t have any concern again on how to fold a tent.

3. Merge the two bottom poles

When storing your tent, make sure it’s in a dry location with moderate temperature. If you keep it somewhere that is too hot, there is a likely chance that the environment will affect the durability of the tent.

It will be subjected to the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus and/or delamination, where after some time the layers of your tent will start to fracture and tear, layer by layer.

4. Let the tent stand up on its side

While you keep on holding onto the four poles, turn the tent onto its side. Place the tent on the ground so that the open part of it faces the ground.

This is to avoid sand or any debris from getting inside the tent and making it dirty. The other outcome that you achieve with this is that you will have more control over the open part of the tent facing the ground to stop air going into it and let it bulge.

5. Fold the top poles to your backhand

At this point, you stretch out your hands once again with a grip on the four poles tightly merged. With your one hand reaching out over the topmost part of the tent, take the tent by its back bringing it down to the other hand.

This gives you the control of bringing the tent to the ground in order to flatten it. The characteristic of the poles being of lightweight and flexible helps so that you won’t need too much amount of force to pin down the tent on the ground.

6. Slide the tent circles together

If all goes well, you are supposed to have two circular canvas shapes on your hands.

The only task remaining now is to put one circle on top of the other leaving you with ample size to fit it into its bag.

7. Compress the tent and put it into its bag

The final task is very crucial. It involves going down on your knees to help your hands firmly press on the tent to expel all the air that is in the tent so that it can maintain its small size.

The size should be ideal for it to fit into its bag.

Folding A Beach Tent

Just like folding a big tent, folding a beach tent cannot be a big problem especially when you consider following the instructions on how to fold a popup tent.

You will not be in need of an expert to show you how to fold a tent.

1. Cleaning The Tent

The first step before folding any tent is to clean it. Since this tent is small and easily manageable, you can start by cleaning from inside, removing all the debris.

You can dump a cloth in a powder detergent and wipe inside. When you are through with the inside part, just wipe the outside with the damp cloth. Once this is over, the tent is ready for dismantling.

2. Get hold of the sides of the tent

Get hold of the sides of the tent while facing its entrance. These types of tents normally have two poles running across each other diagonally.

At this position that you are standing, one pole is to the far side of your right hand and the other one to the far side of your left hand.

3. Fold The Tent

While holding the sides of the tent together using the poles, pull the right side of the tent towards the center.

Once you push it flat against the ground while holding it down, bring the left side over it.

4. Compress The Tent

While turning the tent on its side, use some force to press it flat on the ground. Turn the tent over so it lies on its edge and then pushes down on the center of this edge.

The shape formed is of two circles coming together just like a figure 8 shape as it flattens on the ground. The flexible poles allow this activity without the concern of breakage.

5. Have the tent ready for packing

You can then fold the two circles formed so that one is on top of the other.

Using both your hands and knees press on the circular shape that you have on the ground because if you leave it, it will spring back and you will have to repeat the procedure.

6.  Putting the Tent into its Bag

This tent normally comes with an elastic band that helps you to hold it in place by fastening the elastic band around it. Go ahead and do that. Carefully put the tent into its bag taking care of the poles and finally zip up the bag ready for another outing.

You realize that these are 6 very easy steps on how to fold a pop-up tent. You just have to know and continue to remember what you are doing for you to have ease of undertaking the task. When you reflect on how to fold a tent, you will not worry anymore.


The two procedures highlighted above are so simple to undertake. You can make it a practice that every time you go out, you can stand aside and read instructions to another person on how to fold a popup tent so that every time a new person has an opportunity of learning how to fold a tent.

This is just a normal task that you can let as many people as possible learn from you. The more people learn from you, the more you become skilled. At one time in your life, the folding of a tent will be second nature to you.

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