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Understand The Difference Between Digital Piano and Keyboard

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To first time buyers or those without any music background may find it confusing what is the difference between digital piano and keyboard. Both digital piano and keyboard look similar and sound also similar.

This article here will address the difference and share with you the differences between these 2 musical instruments.

Find Out The Difference between digital piano and keyboard

The trend across the world as far as Music is concerned is that many are interested in Music. The interest is only to listen to it but they are not concerned with the nitty-gritty of what happens until it becomes Music. That is why an article like this will not interest many.

A few will pick it up and go with it until the end to get to add a little knowledge to a subject that they choose to love. So, what is there to say about digital pianos vs keyboards? To those who have heard and are interested in this subject, there is always a confusion between digital piano and keyboard.

The difference at times brings in the people who handle the devices. When we think about these people, we actually come to the reality of who is in this art. We can choose to talk about those who play the instruments for fun, there is no gain except the pleasure that they are looking for.

There are some who do it for a gain, some playing to produce songs that will be sold and bring in some funds. Others will take the role of being teachers. All these are important in their own way, continuously impacting the music industry. Nevertheless, the teacher stands out of the crowd as he or she impacts the whole industry and has role of leaving behind a legacy.

When we reflect on the legacy, we will not avoid talking about the digital pianos vs keyboards. The teacher normally comes in to do his or her job and it does not start until the instrument is looked at with a view of understanding it permanently.

Understanding the Keyboard

A keyboard is a part of what makes a piano. In what is known as an acoustic piano, the board that is found at the top with black and white keys is the keyboard. This is where the keyboard gets its name, the board that has keys on it.

The keyboard is not a stand-alone instrument but part of another stand-alone instrument. While many people continue talking about an instrument called keyboard, there is no musical instrument that is known as a keyboard.

This is a fact that is known to the experts in this field but to the world out there the name keyboard continues to be used. This is the reason why there is a discussion on digital pianos vs keyboards. This discussion is very healthy as it is bound to change lives.

Some people will get the knowledge and want to go out to see the difference initially. Upon the increase in the interest, they may want to feel the difference and eventually you will find them practicing the difference. It is at this time that the effect of the discussion is felt. It is digital pianos vs keyboards that is on focus.

Understanding Digital Piano

A digital piano is defined as an electronic musical instrument that functions using a keyboard. Therefore, this settles the first part of the discussion on the difference between digital piano and keyboard. In digging down deeper to get to know the difference that is there, a number of features have to be looked at and eventually there will be a conclusion of the difference between the two. A reflection on these features is very crucial more so because there is a very thin line between digital pianos and keyboards.

Number of Keys for Digital Piano and Keyboard

Digital pianos typically come equipped with 88 keys with 6 octaves. It is not only the number of keys here on focus but what exactly they do that brings out the difference to an analyst.

A keyboard has either 61 or 76 keys with 4 to 5 octaves. It is also possible to find a keyboard with less than 4 octaves. The quality of output depends on the keys.

Weighted Keys

An introduction to this feature is important before getting to talk about the difference that is there between a digital piano and a keyboard. Weighted keys which are at times referred to as magical keys have a very unique characteristic.

Their make produces two different sounds depending on the force that is applied on them by the finger of the one who is playing.

Pressing the keys harder produces a higher sound while pressing them lightly produces a softer sound. Weighted keys are found in a digital piano while they are missing in a keyboard. This has an overall effect on the sound that is produced.

Size of the Keys

A digital piano has keys that are bigger in size a keyboard. This has two implications which are very important for newbies as well as experts.

An expert needs to have a very good eyesight to see keys on a keyboard. A newbie takes longer to master the keyboard. This is yet another difference between a digital piano and a keyboard.


The size of the keys comes in to affect the size of the digital piano and the keyboard as well. Keyboards have small keys; they do not make it heavy.

They can be easily carried around while the digital pianos which have a bigger size are difficult to carry around. Therefore, portability is yet another difference between a digital piano and a keyboard.


Digital pianos are specially designed for maximum performance. They are built with synthetic quality which aids them output sounds that can be integrated.

A keyboard comes equipped with the basics making it produce sounds that are synthetic. When an expert listens to the sound produced, he or she can be able to tell if it is a digital piano or a keyboard that is being played. This is the difference that an expert brings out as opposed to a novice that just hears the sounds coming out.


A digital piano comes supported by a stand which is for the keyboard. On the other hand, a keyboard comes alone.

They portray a major difference when you look at them. Even if you are a novice, you will know that there is a difference. The only thing that you will be informed by an expert is the names of the two.


This is what is there to discuss pertaining to the difference between digital piano and keyboard. They might be having similarities here and there which are minimal however, their differences are so loud that one cannot ignore them at all.

A reflection on the digital pianos vs keyboards brings in the task of looking at the performance of the two. The performance will definitely touch on the quality of output that is experienced. When one mentions the quality, those who play the instruments are brought in. It is a chain of terms and it brings in all those names to reflect on.

When an expert talks about the digital piano or keyboard, he or she is specific because of the scope of looking at the features. A novice will talk about two devices and not be able to differentiate one from the other. When we choose to talk about the difference between digital piano and keyboard, we are in actual effect talking about the difference between an expert and a novice.

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