Can Dogs Eat Durian?

can dogs have durian fruitThere has been a common misconception that dogs cannot eat fruits or vegetables. However, the reality is that dogs can have fruits as they are also omnivorous like us. Even though they enjoy meat more, a section of their diet also consists of plant-based food items. With more consumption of meat, it fulfills their protein and fat requirement. Still, some dog owners also include greens and fruit, which are a great source of carbs and dietary fiber.

This, however, does not mean you can give any fruit you wish because there is a possibility that the fruit might harm the digestive system of the dog. So in the following article, I will walk you through whether dogs should eat durian. Durian is a fruit commonly seen in South Asia, and it is famous for the title “king of fruits.”

Is Durian Safe for Dogs?

A lot of dog owners have been concerned about safety as they want their dog’s diet to be very nutritious. The answer is yes; you can feed your dog durian. However, always remember that your digestive system is not the same as your dog.

There are some areas of the durian that you need to avoid, so be careful of that. Those areas include the spiky rind and the seeds, which can cause choking and are said to have cyanide which is a deadly chemical compound of hydrocyanic acid. It can result in intestinal inflammation or instant death from a heart attack. If your dog gets cyanide poisoning, you need to see the vet immediately.

The fleshy content of the durian isn’t toxic to most dogs. A lot of dogs seem to enjoy it without any harmful side effects. However, still know that it should be a one-time treat in months for your dog, and you must not incorporate this in their daily diet. Who knows what problem could arise with increased consumption of durian?

Even if the vast majority of dogs enjoy having durian, that does not mean that your dog will love it too. You need to look for signs of whether it is enjoying it. This must be done regardless of all the other measures because it is equally important.

You have to observe their energy and activity levels after having a durian. If they get very hyper and charged, this means that you fed them a lot of durians, and you should cut down on the amount. Sometimes, durian is not suitable initially because it may cause the dog vomiting, digestive issues, bloating, or lethargy. At the extreme end and on very rare occasions, dogs can also get blood in their stool and die.

What can be more horrible? You fed your dog some durian casually, and your dog shows signs of reaction then. Yet, you do not know that it is the main reason behind their adverse reaction down the line, and you are doing it again and again. If, even after you feed the fleshy part of the durian and your dog still shows some symptoms, try to rub their bellies so that they can digest it.

If this doesn’t help, then try to induce vomiting, and do not forget to report this to the vet as they have more knowledge. In some cases, the dogs love the flavor of durian, and they want more too, but their system doesn’t allow it, so be careful of that too.

What are the Benefits for your  Dogs having Durian

Durian is a kind of superfood as it has loads of health benefits. Durian is normally 5-6 inches high, but it can go up to one foot too! It is hard and pointy from the outside and creamy and fleshy from the inside. Durian is a kind of superfood as it has loads of health benefits such as the following.

Rich in Vitamins

It consists of vital vitamins that can aid in the healthy growth of your dog. Some examples include Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, iron, potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber. They are very helpful to boost immunity, regulate bowel movement, and strengthen muscles. So, it is a great dose of energy.

Free from Cholesterol

Durian contains monounsaturated fat but still has zero cholesterol. This is just amazing as it turns out to be excellent for those dogs who have heart problems due to cholesterol. Hence, you can feed them durian because it will reduce unhealthy levels of cholesterol.


Durian is full of rich antioxidants that prove to be very useful in fighting those radicals that cause cancer in their bodies. This is backed by research in which durian extract was added to breast cancer cells, and those cells stopped developing.

Prevents Heart Diseases

There is a heart disease occurring in dogs known to be atherosclerosis. This can harden arteries. Durian can actually prevent that from happening. Hence, a lot of vets encourage the use of durian, especially for dogs with heart issues.

Immunity Booster

Other than being fully loaded with good nutrients and vitamins, durians also have a great number of carbohydrates. These are so good to keep the dog’s energy level balanced. Moreover, they support the growth of healthy nerves.

Weight Gaining Properties

Durians consist of many healthy sugars, which can lead to weight gain. Hence, if your dog is very weak and is a fussy eater, you can try feeding durian. It is super delicious and will help your dog reach its normal weight.

Healthy Digestive System

Durian has proved to be super beneficial for the entire digestive process as it has dietary fiber, promoting digestive activities and preventing constipation, cramps, and burning.

Strong Bones

it can strengthen bone health because it is rich in minerals like calcium, preventing bone problems like osteoporosis.

Treat Anemia

Durian also has a good amount of folic acid, copper, and iron which encourages the production of red blood cells.

How To Feed Your Dog With Durian?

If you want to see whether your dog might find durian as delicious as we do, and you are really in the mood of making your dog try it out, do not take this casually and hand over the entire durian to your dog. You have to provide the durian carefully, and it should be out of its reach.

Now, I will walk you through some guidelines that you must follow. You have to cut open the hard rind of the durian, then scoop out a tiny amount. Before giving it to your dog, make sure that you got rid of the pointy rind in the garbage bin as your hyper dog can follow the strong smell and try to eat the spiky crust, which will severely injure it.

After you have done your part, you can give it to your dog. Be very sure that you just gave the soft part without any seeds because the seeds can be toxic. These are often said to have cyanide in them. Also, look out for the outer crust because the crust is sharp and pointy, so it can hurt the dog and make it sick too.

Do check the reaction of your dog. Sometimes, they burst with joy, and sometimes, they might show clear disapproval. If it doesn’t like durian, then do not feed it again. You must know how to communicate with your dog, which means that the dog should already know that it can occasionally have a little amount of durian.

First and foremost, make sure that your dog is trained enough to understand the difference between “yes” and “no” and other sign languages. When the dog has completely mastered these skills, it is safer to experiment with fruits like durian. Just imagine yourself getting a cute doggo with innocent eyes and a bright smile, then this random thought strikes you of feeding it durian without any knowledge. So many unfortunate things could happen like your dog could be sick, or it could get poisoned.

Lastly, you don’t want your dog to steal your durian from you and run. They can also throw a tantrum and bark at the top of their lungs to get more durian. They can also become very fussy eaters and may not enjoy any other fruit or even their regular meals.

Hence, you must be very strict with the concept of “dog education” and their meal timings. For example, after you have trained it, then set a specific day like Saturday afternoon for their special treat. These measures will make it more disciplined, and they will understand that it is a weekly treat.

What To Avoid When Feeding Durian

As mentioned above, be very careful of seeds and stems, as they are poisonous and can easily be found in the flesh. First, remove them and then serve them to your dog. Also, take care of the thorn rind of the fruit as it can injure your dog.

How Many Durians Can Your Dog Have?

They can have a very little amount if they are completely healthy. If your dog is old or has stomach issues already, it is a bad idea to experiment with durian. It can worsen the situation, so consult the vet and ask for his permission before taking any such step.

Durian has a lot of natural sugars, and too much sugar makes your dog too hyper. They might get a little rough too, and it can lead to diabetes in the long run. It is very fattening, too, so do not let your dog become habitual of indulging in such fruits. Excess of anything is bad. Even if your dog is completely healthy, you have to ensure that you feed it a very small portion.

Can a Dog Be Allergic to Durian?

Even though dogs show signs of approval on their first trial, but there is always a possibility that it can cause an allergic reaction. That is because it’s a very strong fruit packed with nutrients. So keep your dog under observation for allergy symptoms. These may include itching, indigestion, infections, hives, or swelling around the face.

Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of vet consultation. You should never decide its meal by yourself, so always get it approved by the vet.

Wrapping Up

Even though durian is a great fruit for every reason, do not forget the fact that excess of anything is bad. Hence, stick to moderate quantities on a weekly basis for an extra energy boost because the risk factor attached to the usage of durian is a lot more, a simple mistake can lead to the death of your adorable dog.

Therefore, abide by the critical rules and make sure to train your dog. Then, it is a win-win situation as your dog will be well-mannered, and it can enjoy the benefits of durian too.

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