at what age can you neuter a dog

Dog Fact: When Is It Too Late To Neuter A Dog?

When Is It Too Late To Neuter A DogEvery responsible dog owner should be aware of the fact that dog neutering is necessary unless they want to make use of the pet to breed. The neutering term is commonly used for a male dog, and they use spaying for every female dog.

However, male neutering and also spaying for females are meant for controlling the population of canines. If you consider yourself a dog owner or a pet master, you should consider having your male dog be neutered when he is in a conducive state. But when is it too late to neuter a dog? And, at what age can you neuter a dog? Let us find out!

It might sound like a mandatory step for you to take, but if you do, it is believed to give significant health benefits to your pet dogs, and you can reduce the number of puppy/puppies staying without homes or entering shelter homes.

Also, to prevent your pets from unnecessary mating, as a pet owner, you should help in reducing the number of orphans in every street. It is very likable for the home pet to be a part of a loving, sweet shelter.

What is Neutering?

Most pet owners agree with pet neutering. However, there is much confusion about it. Many of the pet owners are not clear regarding the safety and the right time. It results in different kinds of questions, such as when is it too late to neuter a dog or when is the right time for it.

What is neutering? It is very important to have this kind of procedure to perform neutering for your dog when the time is right. These days, for the sake of simplicity, neutering is used to refer to whether your dog is male or a female. It is a surgical procedure for sterilization, the moment that your pet is unable to generate its sperm cells. The process is invasive, even though it is very simple. This should mean that the only one who can proceed in making incisions are the licensed veterinary.

It is performed in a controlled and regulated environment. And, yes, only the licensed vet is reliable for that kind of surgery. This procedure starts the process by administering anesthesia. Once your pet falls asleep, the veterinarian should start to make an incision together with its scrotum. The veterinarian will take away your dog’s testicles through the incision, and he will stitch them.  

Why Should You Get Your Dog Neutered?

Unlike us humans, every dog should be neutered. It is very beneficial for your pet to be neutered. If you ever get your dog neutered, they become least vulnerable to testicular cancer or prostate cancer, bladder stones, perineal hernia, and even testicular tumor.

Whether your dog is male or a female, if the dog is neutered, they usually come home together with you on the same day while wearing the Elizabeth collar so that your dog does not start licking the operated part of his body.

After your dog’s neuter surgery, the operated region may remain sore for some number of days. But, if you put in a tender care/aftercare, the quick recovery is already ensured. It can also keep the risks of infections at bay. Having your dog neutered is also one of the most vital parts of caring for your pet. It may sound mandatory to make. However, neutering your pet is very beneficial for female and male dogs.

What Is The Right Age To Have Your Dog Neutered?

This kind of query can give confusing thoughts for several owners of pets. According to a lot of good veterinarians, there is a minimum limit of age, and it should be considered for sterilization.

Some veterinary clinics recommend getting your dog neutered the moment your dog reaches six months of age, and this is recommended for both genders, whether a male or female.

For the safe methods of anesthetics and surgery prior to the introduction, there was a common saying that you should neuter your dog only when they are nearly fully grown, just like a golden retriever breed of dog.

It could help your dog in better and fast recovery and also with the slightest discomfort. But, these days, some vets are now starting to like to neuter a dog breed earlier than six months of age, and that period is only taking eight weeks or almost two months.

However, some veterinarians believe that early sterilization could bring slightly different kinds of health benefits and develop them very well physically. Moreover, scientific evidence is still lacking.

When it comes to a female dog, some vets recommend sterilization prior to the first season. And just in case the season is all gone, the vets suggest you wait for two to four months to perform the surgery. However, it is better for you to discuss this kind of thing with your known veterinarian.

How Long Does Dog Neutering Take?

Neutering your dog is not that long. You would not wait long or be annoyed while neutering.

Neutering a dog generally takes not more than 15 to 20minutes just to remove your dog’s testicles and then suture the incision. After the procedure of removing the testicles and suturing the incision, your dog will be taken to a recovery room. The veterinary doctor will give him a painkiller that can help make your dog comfortable when he wakes up from the anesthesia the doctor used.

The process of removing your dog’s reproductive organ, or as we know it as neutering, is one of the most common and routine surgeries performed by a licensed veterinarian doctor. It is generally known to be a successful and safe procedure. However, it is not without risks.

Learning regarding neutering, surgery, and recovery can help reduce the anxiety of taking your dog off to the veterinarians’ clinic.

What Are The Benefits Of Neutering Your Dogs?

Neutering your pet dog, whether it is a male or a female, is very important and beneficial for them. When the female dog is neutered, the messy heat of periods that give her an uncomfortable feeling will be stopped forever. While doing so prior to a female dog’s first heat cycle reduces and minimizes the risk of mammary cancer. Even if she undergoes a heat cycle, the probability of this orthopedic disease is very negligible. But, if she ever went through 2 cycles, it is very likely to rise insignificantly.

After all, every neutered dog, whether it is a male or a female, will tend to live longer and healthier together with an improved temperament. However, this topic is still in the discussion process. Nevertheless, some of the most experts in dog neutering think that the castrated dogs could live longer than their usual days to live.


You might want to know more about the following:

1. Is it safe to neuter an older dog?

It is obviously okay to neuter your old dog. Yes, some veterinarians assured us that we could neuter an old dog, as long as your veterinary doctor is a licensed one.

Those older dogs, which are usually above seven of their age, could be neutered or spayed safely whenever your vet can ensure you regarding it. Dogs who are seven or above age are likely to go through a pre-surgical blood test just to make sure that their kidneys and livers are both fine.

It is vital to keep in mind that the older your dogs are sterilized, the longer their recovery will be. Your dog may feel uncomfortable after surgery. But, these kinds of issues can be minimized if you use pain medication as per your veterinarian prescribed.

2. What is the side effect when neutering your dog?

Many of the pet owners do not know whether neutering a dog has side effects or not. Of course, their moods change after being neutered.

However, neutering your dog is a very reasonable process. Still, as you might guess, there will be some changes in your dog’s behavior/attitude just as after you take him home from the neutering procedure.

The side effect of neutering your dog is somewhat irritating. It could increase their aggression, total depression to your pet, become anxious, or even clinginess.

However, do not be worried too much about these side effects because they will not last for a very long time, and in just a short amount of time, they will be back to their normal behavior and attitude. So do not think too much about having your dog neutered. It could give them a lot of benefits.

3. Does neutering cause obesity in dogs?

This question is mostly and frequently asked by a lot of dog and cat owners. They are worried that their pets might encounter a bad outcome before and after the surgery.

The loss of androgens and estrogens, the sex hormones, from neutering your beloved dogs can decrease the metabolic rate. Also, their need for energy becomes lower. Does neutering your pet can cause obesity?

Yes! Of course, it is because neutering your pet is linked to a very likely increase in the risk of unhealthy weight gain, and worse is obesity. That is if you do not change their diet or their feeding plan at the time of their surgery.

3. Does neutering cause obesity in dogs?

According to the study, some experts said that neutering a male dog could result in becoming less aggressive towards their own master or other companions. Also, after being neutered, they can become less likely to engage in any combat against the other dogs.

As a side effect of being neutered, they become loyal to their subordinate (Masters) and increase their affection for their owners.

Thus, fixed male dogs or even female dogs will become calmer than before and will give you peace of mind. And as your pet is now free from any bad behavior and unwanted attitude, your home will become more peaceful after your dog is neutered.

Bottom Line

In general, it’s not too late to neuter your dog/s. In fact, there is no specific age to neuter dogs.

The best time to neuter your dogs may vary depending on their age, health status, breed, pet size, and lifestyle. To accurately determine if your dog is in the right time and age to be neutered, then you may need to ask or consult a veterinarian. They are the ones that can give the best diagnosis and advice when it comes to your pets.

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