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pianoforall reviewIf you are the one who has been looking for an excellent piano course, then the Pianoforall is the one for you. This is the online piano course, which is helping more than 250,000 students to learn and play the piano with ease.

The piano for all is the famous online piano course, which is using the chord-based tips and tricks. The creator Mr. robin Hall says that the E-books of such courses are proficient enough to teach you how to play the piano by ear and improvise accordingly.

Now you must be wondering how do the Pianoforall works? Have a look at the following things to unveil such information.

What Does the Course Include?

piano for all

You need to purchase the E-books as they will be your one-time investment, there are 9-Ebooks available. So have a look at the following description to know about these books, and you will get to know why these books are included in the Pianoforall course. Check them out:

 9-Ebooks along with one bonus book:

The 9-Ebooks are really helpful for the students, as it contains several piano music styles along with the chords, exercises, and the tunes. These books are proficient enough to teach you the entire theory of each lesson.

Over 200 video lessons

We have described earlier what things are included in the E-books, the videos present there are capable of reinforcing the skills along with the explained keyboard demonstrations. Mr. Robin Hall gives these demonstrations; he was the creator or founder of the pianoforall course.

Usually, the plays the lesson on the lower keyboard, and meanwhile, the animated keyboard will show the notes played by him to the students.

This is how they can prefer practicing while getting direct video notes from the creator itself. These notes will make you clear what do you need to play; what your hands should look while playing, and it will also help you to know what sound will come out.

Nearly 500 audio tunes and exercises

Besides exercises, these audios will show students a quick and short demo that should the tunes need to sound like. The Auditory learners are at ease while getting the superior benefits from these tunes along with the exercises; you need to hear it and exercise and bingo! You are going great. 

The Curriculum

piano for all review

The E-books covers are different from each other; it states that the aspects of playing the piano are different in every single one of them. Now, move on to look at the following points to know about these books:

eBook No. 1: Party time – Rhythm style piano

Pianoforall - Book1Here we are with our initial E-book, which is introducing the program and the keyboard detailing in the course named pianoforall.

This book is introducing the primary principle of the pianoforall; this is very basic and important lay a foundation of the rhythms and course.

It will take place before building and improvising the melody composition. The sight-reading skills are also included in this book.

The piano for all review will let you know that the first book is introducing the notes on the keyboard. After this, it will jump quickly into playing some basic three-notes chords.

eBook No. 2: Blues & rock N roll

Pianoforall Book2Book no. 2 is here, which will teach you and enable you to gain information about the blue rhythms. It will also help the students with the chords they already know; they can prefer polishing their skills with their help.

The initial concept of this book is to emphasize the practice with left-hand rhythms and many more things as well.

It will help you to exercise with your left hand more often than in the right hand as you can play them in your sleep. This will help you to play it on the twelve-bar blues in any key.

eBook No. 3: Chord magic

The third book is qPianoforall Book 3uite focused on the chords; this can help the students learn some melodies and easily perform them.

It is the books offered by the pianoforall; it will help you to chords of every single key present there, including their respective inversions.

Book no. 3 is offering the students the “all chord memory trick” that will guide the students to information dump easier and handling as well.

The cycle of fifths is the concept that means to motivate you to do the practice of all keys. This will also enable you to learn the relationship between them.

eBook No. 4: Advanced chords made easy

Pianoforall Book 4The fourth book is here to guide the students to learn how to play the chords from the chord symbols, which are shown in the songbooks. It will start with the magic formula regarding bluffing the advanced chords.

The diminished chords, along with the cluster chords, are coming next, which involves many practice progressions sessions.

Such things will help the students can recall what they have learned from the previous three books. The book no. 4 will finish with the strong lesson on the Beatles styling along with the long list of the Beatles songs.

With the help of it, the students can play the rhythms and the chords which they have learned.

eBook No. 5: Ballad style

Pianoforall Book 5The books offer the students the step-by-step method so that the students can create their own ballad-style songs.

It will guide them to learn and improvise the described ideas for their own melody. The ballad styles include left-hand patterns and chord progressions as well.

This book is proficient enough to create some of the amazing tones and melodies conveniently.

eBook No. 6: Jazz Piano made easy

Pianoforall Book 6We all know that jazz is one of the most famous piano genres, it is considered as the amazing music to dance on.

So with the help of book no. 6, you can easily get familiar with jazz and create your own music with the right guidance. This book walks through the four distinct keys, which will give you a lot of tips and tricks regarding the improvisation of jazz.

eBook No. 7: Jazz Piano made easy

Pianoforall Book 7Book no. 7 is enabling you to add on the advanced chord knowledge along with the right-hand chord riffs in the aspect of blue rhythms that you need to learn.

The students will also get to learn about the stride piano, which is available in the third part of this book. It will help you to learn about the differences between the fake and real length of the stride.

eBook No. 8: Taming the classics

Pianoforall Book 8Taming the classics is the book that will help you to strengthen up your grip, and you will get to know about the classic tones.

The traditional and some of the mind striking classical melodies can be easily learned through this book.

The students can also learn about the classical piano pieces that involve big names like Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven.

eBook No. 9: Speed Learning

Pianoforall Book 9The 9th book helps you out by teaching you the speed learning technique and some memory tricks and exercises.

It will help you to make the learning process easy, and you can ensure that the learning will remain fast and fine. This book is helping the students to know about the scales, triads, and arpeggios that are vegetables while practicing the piano.

Video Lessons

Pianoforall review video

More than 200 video lessons are available; these lessons are an essential part of this course.

There are several students who have found it easier to learn the piano via watching the videos.

The video lessons present there is part of the E-books, and they are the practical demonstration of the skills and techniques.

Audio Lessons & Tunes

There are approx 500 audio tunes are available for the ease of the students, along with the video lessons.

They are embedded in the E-books itself, and the tunes will enable you to understand and learn the techniques for playing the piano perfectly. You can easily play these tunes by clicking on the button shown there and bingo! You are done.

Pianoforall – Pros and Cons & Scores

Let’s take a look at the pro and cons for Piano for all :

  • Jump into the playing directly: The lessons present there are will boost up your confidence, and you will directly jump into the progress making sessions.

  • You need to listen by ear, then improvise and compose, this is the most exceptional way of making the tune or melodies conveniently. It will enable you to enjoy the way you are working, and you will be capable of playing the songs which you can easily recognize.

  • It uses the famous songs: If you are willing to make the most excellent song, then you need to hear the famous songs composed by great artists so that you can get motivated.

  • Avoids music notes reading: Even in the E-books, the notes are provided, but such books do not focus on music reading to understand the particular composition. The students will still remain unfamiliar with it.

  • The traditional piano class considered the hand’s position, wrist, posture, and finger and body movements. We will recommend supplementing the course along with the lessons that will let the students know about the other techniques and postures.

Pianoforall Review

Course Presentation - 8.3
Learning Experience - 7.4
Cost - 9.2


Pianoforall has helped the students to learn certain facts along with the fun and easy techniques to understand more about the piano keys.

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What will you need to start self-learning?

The piano for all is quite flexible, and it will help you in numerous ways so that you can easily get to know about the piano and tunes as well.

For effective learning, you require the piano or the keyboard, which is quite obvious and non-negotiable. It will be helpful for you to prefer buying the 61-key keyboard, and then you are ready to practice.

There are countless options available when it comes to the piano keyboard, so you need to get the one that is durable and enable you to learn the pianoforall conveniently.

If you want to polish your skills even more and learn the superior piano skills, you should prefer getting the 88-key digital piano along with the fully weighted keys or better quality for beginners like Yamaha p45.

Mostly, the 61-key keyboard is unweighted, and they can be semi-weighted as well. Such things show that they might feel lighter from several acoustic piano keyboards that are available in the market. The digital pianos have the 88 hammer action keys, which will try to replicate the acoustic piano’s actual feel.

If you are the one who prefers using Mac or PC, then you need to install the adobe reader and the flash player for watching the vides and hearing the audio clips.

These videos and audios are available in the E-books. If you are the iPhone or iPad user, then you need to install the readdle documents application so that you can easily learn the Pianoforall course.

Hence, the android device users can prefer installing the EZPDF reader lite application that can cost you a dollar (USD).

Preferably, take a look at the piano for all review to gain more information about the pianoforall course and the public feedback.

For the students’ ease, this website (pianoforall) provides detailed instructions and the links so that you can easily download them.

Conclusion – Are you ready to take up Pianoforall?

We can easily conclude that pianoforall is the most exquisite course and is worth considering. This course is enabling the students to learn certain facts along with the easy techniques to understand more about the piano keys.

It will also help them to understand what things are required for effective learning regarding the piano keys and all.

For beginners and looking for the finest way of learning piano then the pianoforall is the course which will help you to do so.

You can opt for it and you will be enabled to learn several easy ways to learn the piano and you can make your own tunes as well.

We hope our review of this online course has helped the readers to know more.

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