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MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone Review

mxl r144 phantom power reviewIf you want to try an MXL R144 ribbon microphone but do not have savings for the past year, and do not want to save for a year also to buy an R121 or something like that, then this is a great mic for you to start with.

Just like any of the ribbon microphones, this mic is a Bi-directional mic. This mic has a lot of mid-low coloration, but it does not have an extended top end. In short, it is warm and dark. You can also swap the transformer out of it in an easy way. And with a better transformer, it will sound more open and clear. However, the cost of the transformer is as much as the brand new mic does!. So if you want a better mic for your hobby, then you should try to save up and buy this kind of microphone.

To help you decide, this is our MXL R144 review!

MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone Review

mxl r144 microphone review

The MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone can produce vintage and pleasant sound at a low cost when you compare it to some of the top and quality ribbon mics. However, This might not be your best choice if you want your voice to cut through a mix of music.

The MXL R144 Ribbon Microphones are a low-cost ribbon mic that is designed to use in a studio place. This mic is not like a typical studio microphone condenser, Because a ribbon mic can produce a warmer and vintage sound which is more preferred by some great vocalists.

This mic incorporates an 8 figure polar pattern and is also shipped with a shock mount, together with a carrying case and cleaning cloth. It also has a manual and application guide. The R144 is a fairly low output ribbon microphone that will require a good quality preamp to get the best out of it. It is prone to plosives and requires a double pop filter for some singers.

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Why Do We like An MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone?

MXL R144 Mic

At first, I was thinking of breaking into the world of ribbon mics for a long time now, just before I bought these R144’s. Although the selling points were really at the price of 130,000 dollars, and it is very good with its price, you can enjoy using this while singing. Most people like MXL R144 because it is a low output ribbon microphone that will require a good quality preamp to get the most out of it. It is prone to plosives and is equipped with a figure-8 polar pattern.

Just like me, you will also like this microphone because it produces a very pleasant warm, and vintage sound, which will also work well in some of your styles. Although this mic can not help your voice to cut through a thick mix or even provide you pop like sparkly high frequencies, well, it is not like you need a mic for professional use, if you just want to enjoy your talent in singing and is looking for a good and vintage sound of the microphone, then this mic is for you.

You will like it just as I do, and it has already been loved by a lot of people who have a talent for singing. If you already have a quality microphone condenser and you want to try something fancier, then this MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone is certainly worth your time to checkout. It has a variety of features which we will discuss in this content.

Key Features Of MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone

A classic sound with a rich midrange that naturally captures low-end sounds that enhances the room sound of your instruments. The Figure-8 polar pattern features a smooth, rich tone that’s ideal for musicians. This mic has Ultra-affordable ribbon mics with a clean top end and rich lows ideal for a variety of applications. Also, The figure-8 polar pattern features a high SPL handling feature that accurately captures the sound of sources. It also rejects off-axis sounds with a built-in cable, including a shock mount, cleaning cloth, and custom-fitted hardshell case.

This mic is a bi-directional mic with a low mid-coloration. It doesn’t have an extended top end, and its transformer is very easy to replace. It has a good open tone, though, and it costs a lot more than a brand new one.

Design and Build

The MXL R144 is an excellent microphone for broadcast applications due to its stunning sound quality and innovative design. It features a Figure-8 polar pattern and a 1.8-inch aluminum ribbon. The MXL R144 ribbon microphone has a figure-8 pickup pattern that utilizes an aluminum ribbon transducer. It provides equal sensitivity across the two sides of the microphone and maintains a large amount of rejection off access. MXL strongly advises that you use a preamplifier with a high gain and low noise setting to avoid possible damage to equipment.

MXL is a leading producer of high-quality audio solutions for professionals. Their products are used by some of the most notable recording artists and engineers in the industry and businesses that require sonic perfection on stage, in the conference room, and even in the studio. This MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone will be great for a musician who needs a workhorse ribbon mic. This versatile ribbon mic features a rich midrange and rolled-off top-end polar pattern that captures high-quality sound.

Incorporating a figure 8 polar pattern with a 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon, this MXL R144 is a dual polar pattern microphone that features a 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon and a Figure pattern and is a great choice for broadcast applications. It also offers a breathtaking sound that is good for instruments and vocal recordings and is also an excellent microphone for broadcast applications.

Pro and Cons

  • You will have an affordable entry into the world of ribbon mics.
  • This Mic will give you a natural sound together with smooth top ends and rich lows.
  • This will also be useful for a range of applications, from vocals and acoustic instruments to drum overheads and guitar amplifiers.
  • It has a high SPL handling that accurately captures the sound of loud sources.
  • It picks up on an extraneous noise if you accidentally bumped it.
  • Just like any ribbon mics, it is very sensitive.
  • Although it is low-cost, unlike other big brands of ribbon mics, it may not serve its purpose the same as high-end brands can offer.

Final Verdict

The MXL R144 is a type of ribbon microphone that features a low-cost design and is designed to work in the studio. Unlike traditional studio condenser mics, it produces a warmer vintage sound.

The MXL R144 is a great value ribbon microphone for those who want to experiment with a warm, un-hyped top end. It works well for singers who are looking for a more refined tone.

Ribbon microphones are great for capturing low-end percussion instruments without the tizzy hype. An R144 is a great example of a ribbon microphone that can be used with a kick drum for a truly effective, minimalist recording technique. Ultimately, you will never go wrong with this one. It is affordable yet functional given its price point.



Our Rating :  4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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What Is Included In The MXL R144 Package?

Once you get an interest in investing in this MXL R144 phantom power mic, you will have a package that will be useful for you. The R144 is a set of black shock-mount microphones that

provides a carrying case and a cleaning cloth. It will allow you to expand your sonic palate while still staying within its budget. Ribbon mics are known for their rich and warm sound, which have been used to capture many legendary recordings. The MXL R144 phantom power mic is a versatile microphone that can be used with almost any source material. It features a black shock mount and a carrying case. Once you finish experiencing the R144 for the first time ever, then it will automatically extend the sonic palate and be a valuable addition to your collection of microphones.

Overall, the package includes the things you need to fully use this ribbon microphone without any hassle. It is a complete-packaged product that is really worthy of your hard-earned money!


If you’re in need of a cheap ribbon, then get two of these! They’re for anyone who wants to sound warm and dark, and they’re all kinds of instruments that can do that. These MXL ribbons are not as symmetrical as most other ribbons. The front is a bit duller than most others, and the rear is a bit hotter. If you are a starter, then I can definitely recommend the Mic.

In fact, ribbon microphones are may cost a thousand dollars and up. But, with the price of MXL R144 Ribbon microphones, it will surely be suitable for budget-conscious people like you! You can definitely experiment with the tones and sounds this microphone offers.

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