Multipet Plush Dog Toy Review

Discover the joy of the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop! Adored by dogs, this soft and squeaky toy is perfect for cuddling and playtime. Get yours now and bring home hours of entertainment and snuggles!

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Imagine the joy on your furry friend’s face when they meet their new best buddy, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop! This beloved and classic lamb, made famous by Shari Lewis, is adored by dogs of all sizes. With its extra soft plush exterior, it’s perfect for cuddling up to during nap time or bedtime. And let’s not forget the squeaker – it adds an extra level of playtime fun! Measuring 10″ in size, this small lamb is the perfect companion for your four-legged friend. However, remember to supervise your pet while they’re enjoying their playtime adventures. Get ready for hours of entertainment and snuggles when you bring home the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop!

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to choosing a dog toy, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, is definitely one to consider. This classic and beloved lamb toy, originally created by Shari Lewis, has been adored by dogs for years. The extra soft plush exterior makes it perfect for cuddling, providing comfort and companionship for your furry friend. Not only that, but it also includes a squeaker for playtime fun, enticing your dog to engage in interactive and stimulating play.

But why take our word for it? Numerous customer testimonials rave about how their dogs absolutely love this toy. The fact that dogs have been enjoying Lambchop for so many years is a testament to its quality and effectiveness in keeping dogs entertained and happy. Plus, it’s important to note that the product comes with the recommendation that pets should be supervised while playing, ensuring the safety of your beloved canine companion.

Features and Benefits

Adored by Dogs for Years

The Lambchop plush toy has become a classic in the canine world. Dogs simply cannot resist the charm and appeal of this lovable lamb. From small pups to larger breeds, dogs of all sizes have been known to form a special bond with Lambchop.

Extra Soft Plush Exterior for Ultimate Cuddling

The plush exterior of this toy is designed with maximum comfort in mind. It provides a soft and snuggly surface for your pup to cuddle up with during naptime or while relaxing. The plush material is gentle on their skin and helps to create a sense of security and warmth.

Interactive Playtime with Squeaker

To add an element of excitement and engagement, Lambchop is equipped with a squeaker. Dogs absolutely love the squeaking sound, as it triggers their natural instinct to play and hunt. It’s a great way to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated, especially during playtime.

Perfect Size and Quantity

The Multipet Plush Dog Toy comes in a regular 10″ size, making it suitable for dogs of various breeds and sizes. It strikes the right balance between being big enough to satisfy their play needs while still being easily carried around. And with each purchase, you will receive one Lambchop plush toy.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small

Get your own Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small today.

Product Quality

The Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, is made with the highest standards of quality. The plush exterior is not only soft and snuggly but also durable and long-lasting. Rest assured that this toy can withstand even the most enthusiastic play sessions from your furry friend. The stitching is strong, preventing any unraveling or detachment of parts, ensuring both safety and durability.

What It’s Used For

Provides Comfort and Company

One of the main uses of the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, is to provide comfort and companionship to your dog. Dogs are social animals and can experience separation anxiety or feelings of loneliness when left alone. Having a plush toy like Lambchop allows them to feel like they have a friend with them, providing a sense of comfort and reducing stress.

Encourages Play and Mental Stimulation

The inclusion of a squeaker in Lambchop makes it an excellent tool for interactive playtime. The squeaker stimulates your dog’s prey drive, triggering their natural instincts and encouraging them to pounce, chase, and play. This kind of mental stimulation is important for keeping your dog’s mind sharp and preventing boredom.

Relieves Teething Discomfort

For puppies going through the teething phase, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy offers relief from the discomfort of sore gums. The soft plush exterior provides a satisfying texture for your puppy to chew on, helping to massage their gums and alleviate teething pain. It can also help redirect their chewing behavior from other objects in your home.

Builds Positive Associations and Reduces Anxiety

Introducing Lambchop to your puppy or dog during the early stages of their life can help create positive associations. By associating play and cuddle time with this toy, you are helping to build a strong bond and trust with your pet. Additionally, having a familiar toy like Lambchop can reduce anxiety in dogs when faced with new environments or situations.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small

Product Specifications

Toy TypePlush
Recommended SizeSmall

Who Needs This

The Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, is a must-have for dog owners who want to provide their pets with comfort, entertainment, and mental stimulation. Whether you have a small puppy or a larger breed, Lambchop is suitable for dogs of all sizes. It is ideal for owners who want to give their dogs a durable and safe toy that will keep them entertained during playtime.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small

Pros and Cons


  • Adored by dogs of all sizes
  • Extra soft plush exterior for maximum cuddling comfort
  • Includes a squeaker for interactive playtime
  • Durable and long-lasting quality
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Relieves teething discomfort
  • Helps build positive associations and reduces anxiety


  • Requires supervision during playtime to ensure safety
  • May not appeal to dogs who are not interested in plush toys


Q: Is this toy suitable for aggressive chewers?

A: While the Multipet Plush Dog Toy is made to be durable, it may not withstand the excessive chewing of aggressive chewers. It is recommended to supervise your dog’s play to prevent any damage to the toy.

Q: Can this toy be washed?

A: Yes, the Lambchop plush toy is machine washable. Simply place it in a laundry bag or pillowcase to protect it, and wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Allow it to air dry before giving it back to your dog.

Q: Can I choose the color of the toy?

A: The Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, comes in a white/tan color scheme. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the specific color when placing your order.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small

What Customers Are Saying

Customers across the board have been extremely satisfied with the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop. They praise its durability, softness, and ability to keep their dogs entertained. Many customers have also noted how their dogs have formed a strong attachment to Lambchop, making it their go-to toy for comfort and play.

Overall Value

In terms of value, the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, offers a great balance of quality, features, and affordability. Its durability ensures that your dog will have hours of playtime with this toy, while the soft plush exterior provides comfort and companionship. The inclusion of a squeaker adds a fun element for interactive play, and the numerous positive customer reviews only enhance its value.

Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, 10, White/Tan, Small

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

To ensure the best experience and results with the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Supervise your dog during playtime to prevent any accidental swallowing of parts.
  • Rotate the toy with other toys to keep your dog engaged and prevent them from getting bored.
  • Use the toy to play interactive games with your dog, such as fetch or hide-and-seek, to further stimulate their mind and body.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop, is a beloved classic that has won the hearts of dogs and owners alike. With its extra soft plush exterior, squeaker for playtime fun, and durability, this toy is a must-have for any dog owner. It provides comfort, companionship, and mental stimulation, making it an excellent choice for dogs of all sizes.

Final Recommendation

For a high-quality, versatile, and adored dog toy, look no further than the Multipet Plush Dog Toy, Lambchop. Its features, benefits, and positive customer reviews make it a valuable addition to your dog’s toy collection. Give your furry friend the ultimate playtime and snuggle companion with Lambchop.

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