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Are you looking to buy smartwatch? Do you have any idea which brand is good to buy at cheap price? For instance, it gives an opportunity to display your sense of style. But who cares? All this secondary function and more you are certain to get from your smartphone, as mobile devices have apparently diminished the necessity for wristwatches. But the advent of smartwatches has reignited and renewed the interest of many in wristwatches. With Zeblaze smartwatch, one of the leading brands today, you are guaranteed of functionality that meets your daily needs beyond punctuality.


Zeblaze is an organization that was founded approximately five years ago in Shenzhen, China, with a remarkable success story in the smartwatch manufacturing industry. Founded on the need for newer ways for people to connect with the internet and one another through smartwatches that are built on recent technologically-driven innovations.

Zeblaze’s mission is to make the world more connected through wearable technology that is focused on health and fitness. Some of the products from the stable of Zeblaze include the Zeblaze Vibe series, the Zeblaze Crystal series, the Zeblaze Thor series, and the Zeblaze Hybrid series. The company also produces wireless earphones (Zepods) that could be used to enhance the functionality of the smartwatches.

Today, Zeblaze has become one of the leading companies in the industry, with users of its wide range of smartwatches in well over 100 countries across the world. Specifically, these products are in high demand as they have proved effective for sports and healthcare purposes. Out of all the lot, 3 of the company’s products have been selected for review in this piece. This piece presents an overview of three products of this brand.

Zeblaze Smartwatches Review

1. Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro

Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro

Thor 5 Pro is one of the latest in the Thor series of Zeblaze smartwatch. This particular smartwatch is the one that proceeds Thor 5, but with more exciting features. The design is one that immediately catches the eye with sleek body that is suitable for outdoor workout and LTPS that provides extremely high resolution and low power consumption. Thor 5 Pro is incredibly quite affordable despite all its unique features. Best of all is its proven durability.

Key Features

Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro has many key features. One of the most noticeable feature of this watch is its 1.6″ LTPS Crystal Display. With this display, you are guaranteed of smartphone type of resolution.

It also comes with1.2GHz Quad Core, allowing for smooth and fast processing speed just like the preceding Zeblaze Thor 5. This is complemented by its 3 Gig RAM and 32 Gig ROM, improving the overall functionality of the watch’s Android 7.1.1 operating system.

The wearable comes with a 5.0 MP dual camera which gives you the same functions you will get from your regular Android smartphone. The dual camera can communicate with other devices through Bluetooth and WIFI. Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro has 4G LTE connectivity and is equally accessible to use of GPS/GLONASS.

One other key feature of the watch that must be mentioned is its 800 mAh powerful battery which can last for 2 days. And if you are given to having it wear a different look every other day, the watch has exchangeable leather straps to gratify this desire.

Other features of this wearable include high precision sensors, anti-loss, weather forecast, pedometer, Google Play, calendar, heart rate monitor, map, alarm, camera remote, sedentary reminder and lots more.

Our Rating :  3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

  • It has an operational capacity of the same level as a smartphone with its 3gig RAM and 30gig internal memory.
  • It has a large screen that complements smart interfaces and functions.
  • Its design is quite gorgeous, adding a great deal to the users’ overall appearance.
  • Its battery can last beyond a day.
  • It has a dual camera, adding a unique edge to its functionality over other smartwatches.
  • It is not suitable for outdoor sporting activities, as the battery cannot survive for more than two days of without recharge.
  • It does not have Near Field Communication (NFC) that could allow for making public payments.
  • It is not suitable for swimming given its low resistance to water.
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2. Zeblaze Vibe 5

Zeblaze Vibe 5

If you have purchased and used Vibe 3 with satisfactory stories to tell, then you need to get Vibe 5 for even much more. Vibe 5 is the latest in the Zeblaze smartwatch series and a remarkable upgrade on the Vibe 3 HR.

The wearable, apart from adding to your style, offers you vibe more than you can imagine. It was essentially designed to meet your sports, fitness and health needs, meaning that your overall well-being is taken into consideration while developing this piece of gem.

This owes to the fact that out of all the products of Zeblaze smartwatch so far, it happens to be one of the most rugged. Throughout your exercises, this wearable is your companion from monitoring your progress to providing music to get you along with it.

Key Features

The watch is loaded with so many features that are functional and persuasive enough to catch the fancy of a prospective user. One of the outstanding features is the 5ATM/ 50M water and dust resistance rating of the watch. This makes it suitable for swimming, diving and water sports. Even if you inadvertently mess the smartwatch with water in any domestic scenario, you have nothing to worry about.

Another unique feature of Zeblaze Vibe 5 is its 180 mAh battery that can last for days. Specifically, you only need to charge it for 1.5 hours to have the device powered for roughly a week before recharging. This makes it essential for outdoor recreational activities like camping, hiking, and mountaineering. Coupled with its unique water resistance quality, the incredible battery life is perhaps why it was nicknamed “rugged smartwatch”.

In addition, track your beats with its optical heart rate sensor to and some of your activities such as proximity, sleep patterns and burnt calories with its Multi-purpose activity sensor. Besides, you could use the wearable to get comprehensive analytics for different sports modes.

Other features include 1.3 IPS Screen with 240×240 pixels resolution, Bluetooth mobile alerts, find mobile phone/Smart bracelet, stopwatch, information/telephone reminder, multiple language support, and compatibility with scores of smartphone brands.

Our Rating :  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • It is good for water sports.
  • It has long battery life. This is one quality of this Zeblaze smartwatch that stands it out from the teeming crowd in the market.
  • It has a multi-purpose sports mode that makes it great for all types of physical exercises.
  • It is rugged and durable.
  • It does not have ECG.
  • It does not have PPG.
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3. Zeblaze Hybrid 2

Zeblaze Hybrid 2

If you are looking to simplicity in smartwatch technology, then you are guaranteed one in Zeblaze Hybrid 2. The wearable is made from durable components such as DLC (Drilling Carbon Coating) for the case, Zinc Alloy for the face ring, Spherical mineral glass for the glass, stainless steel and silicon/TPU for the band.

Zeblaze Hybrid 2 is designed with two displays and modes. In other words, you get to experience the retro-styled, three-dimensional interface of the watch, while also enjoying its HD IPS color displays. This is why it is called a “hybrid”.

Key Features

This gorgeous piece of wearable comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and supports Android 4.4 (and above) and iOS 8.0 (and above) mobile devices. With it, you are guaranteed of a daily assistant to your smartphone while enjoying other benefits as well.

Perhaps, the two standout features of Zeblaze Hybrid 2 are its resistance to water and battery endurance. Since there is always the possibility of contact between your watch and water. You have no worries, as Zeblaze Hybrid 2 affords you the choice of using it for water activities such as swimming.

Regarding its battery life, the wearable can last for 3 days if you put it on watch mode or 5 days if it is on smart mode. You do not have to charge more than 2 hours to get the battery up to 100%. This is due to its 100 mAh capacity as well as the option of switching to watch mode which consumes less charge compared to the smart mode.

Some of the other features of the wearable that are worthy of mention include heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, female health-tracking, sleep tracking, steps tracking, Pedometer,  Accelerometer, calorie burn tracking, alarm clock, anti-loss, mobile alerts, stopwatch and many more.

Our Rating :  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • It has two options: The watch mode and the smart mode. This makes it a more existing wearable than other Zeblaze smartwatches.
  • It is suitable for swimming and other water activities.
  • No GPS
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How to turn on cellular data in a Zeblaze Smartwatch?

The unquestionable edge of the Zeblaze smartwatch is the wireless capabilities available on them. On the wearable devices you will discover Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with GPS, and, a radio module for 3-generation (3G) cellular networks.

If your cellular data is turned off, you can rely on wireless networks to be able to make calls or receive calls or avail yourself of any other data services. In other to use cellular data on any of the Zeblaze devices, you will need a standard size SIM card is inserted in the back. To turn cellular data you can follow these steps.

  1. Press the home button to view the apps menu.
  2. Tap on setting
  3. From the options that are revealed tap on connections
  4. From the available options in connections tap on Mobile Networks.
  5. From there you will be able to turn on cellular data.

How to send pics in a Zeblaze Thor?

The exciting thing about the Zeblaze Thor series is the availability of the camera functions. This gives you a suitable alternative to your regular smart cell phone, or a partner if you will. If you are obsessed with taking pictures every now and then, you may be engrossed so much that the internal memory of the wearable could get full.

To bypass this, if it does happen, you may need to get an SD card in the watch. Sending pictures in Zeblaze Thor is just as easy as other mobile devices. It is good to follow the same steps used for all wearables.

  • First, ensure that your BT notification is on. If you do not have a BT notification, then you may need to download it.
  • Go on to pair and connect your smartwatch to your Android device via Bluetooth.
  • Once you get the notification, you may then use the camera on the side of your watch.
  • To send pictures to the other Android device, you will go to the home button in order to view the apps.
  • Flip till you find Gallery
  • Select the pictures you wish to send and you the share option to send to the other device.


The products of Zeblaze smartwatch are highly demanded by people from all over the world while the brand is may in a few years become a leader in the smartwatch production industry. The highlights of Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro, Zeblaze Vibe 5 and Zeblaze Hybrid 2 perfectly underscore the reason for this summation.

The different products of Zeblaze smartwatch have brought life back to wearable watches, providing the primary function of showing you time at a glance, yet adding scores of secondary functions that help you monitor your daily activities and make life much easier for you. Your Zeblaze smartwatch is a great companion with numerous Android and iOS smartphones in performing smart functions that simplify your life.

If you still considering, do check out the smartwatch buyer guide for more insights.

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