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YAMAY Smartwatch Review

YAMAY smartwatch

If you are looking to purchase a smartwatch that is both reliable and affordable, the YAMAY smartwatch is a good choice to make. Any fitness enthusiast will love this smartwatch as it helps them add extra fun into their usual morning runs. The YAMAY smartwatch also doubles as a fitness tracker, helping you to track your strep counts, heart rate, walking pace, sleep patterns and everything expected of a true fitness buddy. Simply put, the YAMAY smartwatch helps make your life easy.


A company that designs, manufactures and develops a wide range of electronic products, YAMAY is an e-Commerce company that produces electronic products popularly sold on Amazon. Over a long period of time, the brand has continuously offered innovation in its products within a very reasonable price range and you can trust their products to last a decade.

Best YAMAY Smartwatch Review

1. YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phone

YAMAY IP68 smartwatch

The YAMAY smartwatch Bluetooth is an amazing smartwatch with numerous features including fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, tracking your sleep and even for call and message alerts. The watch is a YAMAY IP68 smartwatch and can be worn when washing your hands it even in the rain. This reduces its chances of getting lost. The smartwatch is very stylish and features four different click faces from which you can choose one that percent suits your mood at the time. With super-long battery life, the YAMAY smartwatch can work for up to 10 days when it’s fully charged.

Key Features

  • The YAMAY smartwatch Bluetooth is perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Great battery life of up to 10 days (7 to 10 days to be precise)
  • IP68 water resistance makes it possible to wear when swimming
  • Highly sensitive HD color large screen gives a clear insight into the display and makes it easy to operate.
  • Accurately tracks activities including steps, calories, sleep and even heart rate.
  • It can be used for exercises to record workouts.
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and above phones, and iOS 8.0 iPhones.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable when wearing.


Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Features a flashlight on it that can be used in dark areas
  • Replaceable band that can easily be switched
  • Comes with a charging cable in its package
  • Warranty of up to one year
  • Does not synchronize with tablets, iPads or PCs

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2. YAMAY Fitness Tracker

YAMAY fitness tracker

The YAMAY fitness tracker is a perfect buddy during workouts. It helps to accurately track the activities of anyone who wears it, and it can be worn by both kids and adults. It has a heart rate monitor that helps the wearer know their heart rate status and enables them make adjustments to their lifestyle and workout sessions. Its sleep tracker also automatically detects the duration of sleep gotten at night, whether deep or light. The smartwatch also supports call and message notifications when connected to a smart phone.

Key Features

  • IP68 waterproof standard and can be worn when swimming or under the rain.
  • Can talk real-time blood pressure manually
  • Pedometer- Displays steps, distance walked, calories, pace, heart rate and the time duration.
  • Heart rate monitor – monitors the heart rate of the wearer comfortably
  • Sleep monitor- monitors and analyzes sleep quality automatically
  • Supports up to 14 sport modes
  • It can be used as GPS when connected to a smartphone.
  • Connects to a smartphone for call and message notifications.

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • 5 Wide range of sizes available from 5.7″ to 8.3″
  • Band can be replaced
  • Touch screen is very sensitive and responsive
  • It doesn’t sync with tablets and iPads.
  • No charger included.

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How to connect YAMAY Smartwatch :

For iOS,

  • Search for wear OS on your phone and click on your smart watches name on the screen.
  • Make sure your smartwatch is charging throughout this process.
  • Select your preferred language and scroll to watch identity
  • Click your watch’s name on the phone and you’ll see a pairing code on your smartwatch.
  • Click on pair on your phone and a confirmation message will be sent as soon as it pairs.

For Android

  • Go to wear OS on your phone and click on the name of your smartwatch.
  • A pairing code will pop up on both your smartwatch and phone. If the codes match, click on pair on your phone.
  • A confirmation message will be sent as soon as your smartwatch is paired with your phone.
  • You can also click enable notifications to receive notifications on your smartwatch.

How do I use YAMAY fitness tracker?

To set up your YAMAY smartwatch, firstly download the wear OS app and click on set it up. Then, follow the onscreen instructions on your smartwatch to choose a language of your choice, and accept the service terms.

Is the YAMAY smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, the YAMAY smartwatch is waterproof. All YAMAY smartwatches are IP68 water-resistant, which means that you can wear it whilst swimming or even under the rain.


The Yamay smartwatch is an amazing smartwatch that offers some really cool features that differentiate it from others. From its very strong build to the sleekness it offers, the Yamay smartwatch is an asset to everyone who has it.

It comes with so many amazing features which makes it a favorite among many. From taking heart rate to assisting relaxation after a workout session, the Yamay smartwatch is truly a luxury. You can also use it to track the number of steps walked per distance and the calories burnt per time, and it also works great for receiving alerts from your smartphone. Simply put, the Yamay smartwatch is a fitness buddy that everyone should have.


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