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Wickedbone Smart Bone – Self Moving Bone Toy For Your Dog

wickedbone smart bone review

Dogs love bones so much. You would agree that some conventional bones are overrated. The downside is they can quickly evaporate in the dog’s mouth.

And oftentimes, some can cause gastric problems without allowing the dog to interact or even play it. Then here is the Wickedbone Smart Bone comes in. It is a bone-shaped gaming device that interacts like a truly exciting, fun, and smart companion of our pet dogs.

What is more about Wickedbone Smart Bone – A Dog bone that moves?

Wicked Smart Bone Automatic Toys For Dogs

As mentioned earlier, Wickedbone Smart Bone is a gaming device that can keep your pet dogs entertained all day long. It is not just a simple bone, Wickedbone Smart Bone has good features and capable of doing interactive modes. Operated either manually or automatically, it can swirl, hop, turn, and even create noises that will surely catch your dog’s attention.

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Key features of Wickedbone Smart Bone

Leave their plates and balls behind, your dogs deserve more! With Wickedbone Smart Bone, aside from fun, you can get to train your dogs to capture moving objects and a great way to deepen your bond through interaction.

To know more about this bone, here is a little Wickedbone Smart Bone review of its key features that can convince you to purchase one for your pet dogs.

1. An interactive toy to train your dog

Yes, you read it right! Wickedbone Smart Bone is a good tool to train your dogs. This bone is more tech-forward, which can smartly interact with your dogs. It has a maximum speed of 11-feet per second and a control distance of 60-feet.

With Wickedbone, your dogs can have a lot of fun while feeling a sense of training. It is important that dogs can react and interact with their surroundings and Wickedbone is a reliable companion.

2. Intelligent and interactive

When your dog runs, WickedBone can run with it. Aside from that, when your dog tries to chases it, this smart bone can turn otherwise to run away. Wickedbone can react into different modes including:

  • Bored
  • Content
  • Going crazy
  • Mad
  • Mischievous
  • Normal
  • Observing
  • Relaxed

Wickedbone features two modes designed for various moments and experiences.

Drive Mode

You can control this Smart Bone through its Wickedbone application and move it using a virtual joystick. The good thing about this bone, it has nine available motions that you can choose from. When you use it, you will soon discover that you can even create new action combinations for your dog to play and interact along.

Interactive Mode

Though you can use Wickedbone Smart Bone manually, it is programmed to catch the attention of your dogs. In other words, manual operation is not that required. This smart bone is designed to act responsively to various kinds of touch. Dogs can be playfully entertained all day.

3. Safe and Strong

As we all know, some dogs are so aggressive. So, Wickedbone Smart bone is designed to be as safe, soft, and strong as your pet needs it to be. This smart bone was made out of Polycarbonate and TPU. You do not have to worry when your dog catches it; Wickedbone Smart bone makes sure that it is soft when dogs catch it with their paws and even their mouths.

All the parts of this smart bone are certified safe for your pets and you. Most importantly, Wickedbone Smart Bone is durable and strong enough to resist the impact of the dog’s playtime. To put it simply, you should not worry that it will break in the middle of your dog’s playtime. You can count on Wickedbone to accompany your pet for a long time.

4. Easy to clean

When Wickedbone gets a little dirty, its tires and covers are detachable for cleaning purposes. You can hand wash or use a dishwasher to clean it. Most owners do the latter since it is more effective.

5. Decent Battery Life

This Wickedbone Smart Bone features a built-in 470MAH Lithium Polymer Battery. An hour of charge time will make it operate for more than 40 minutes in application mode, more than four hours in the interactive mode, and three months on sleep mode.

Wickedbone works well on any playing session. Nevertheless, make sure to charge it every after use so it is ready when your dog plays it again.

Should you buy the Wickedbone Smart bone for your pet dog?

I know you might be thinking if you should buy this smart bone for your pets.

Here are the our verdicts and the pros and cons of having wickedbone:


Our Rating :  4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

  • Wickedbone has a variety of movements.
  • It is very fun to play, most especially to dogs.
  • This smart bone uses a standard Micro USB charger.
  • It has great value and worth your money.
  • It always requires human intervention. You should always be present to control or see how it works with your pets.
  • You must keep your phone nearby to operate this smart bone gaming device.
  • To some dogs, it may look less appealing that can cause a lack of interest.
  • For smaller dogs, Wickedbone might be heavy.

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How Does Wickedbone Smart Bone Work?

The Wickedbone Smart Bone has its mobile app, which supports both Android and iOS. The app features two options: Autoplay and drive mode.

In the autoplay mode, the wickedbone can move around on its own randomly. It will detect your dog’s behavior emotional category to react to it. This autoplay mode of wickedbone is the best if you are to do something important. In other words, if you switched on the device and set it to autoplay, it can do its thing, so there is not much for you to do.

On the other hand, in the drive mode, it could be more exciting both for you and for your pet dog. In this mode, you can control the smart bone toy around using the mobile application. It is more like playing a video game. You will be presented with different movement icons along with a circular joystick, which controls the direction of the smart bone. Once you have it, you can quickly get the hang of it.

Conclusion – A Robot Bone Toy For Your Dog

With all the dog toys in the market, Wickedbone Smart Bone can standout from the crowd. This smart creation is more than just a simple robot bone for your pet dogs. It can offer a variety of good features, which makes it useful, worthy, and reliable.

If you are looking for a great toy for your pets, you should consider this smart bone. Hopefully, this Wickedbone Smart Bone review answers all your questions and have you decided to get one for your dogs.

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