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Tonor Condenser Microphone Review – Affordable Mic For Podcasting

Tonor Microphone


Are you planning to record a scene with a video or you simply want to do a podcast?  To do this effectively, you will need to purchase the right tools to set you on the right path. This is why we recommend the Tonor microphones.

Tonor microphones are designed to be used everywhere for speech, studio vocals, and instruments or even for recording podcasts. Tonor microphone jazz an Omni-directional pattern of pick-up that minimized background noise and isolated the main sound, thereby highlighting its performance.

It is designed to produce a glossy sheen and contemporary sound that enhances your recording producing the best sound possible. Tonor microphone is great for podcasts with its wide frequency response and pickup pattern that’s focused on the voice.

This makes the Tonor microphone ideal for desktop recording, which also includes podcasts. You can also record music vocals at home with this microphone as our featured USB plug-and-play connectivity to provide a wide-eyed range compatibility.


A professional recording device is an accessory that enhances any audio project and produces the best sound output for a good performance. However, primary devices for effective sound output ate usually expensive which makes it almost impossible to own these important recording devices and accessories. This is where the Tonor comes in to make adequate sound recording possible and affordable for everyone.

Technology has evolved to an era whereby we now have home-grown artists and performers, and this increase in talent has further launched the audio industry to an ETA of more demand than supply. Every once is now in search of quality products, yet not much can be found in the market today.

However, stands out by providing the best solution to sound output for upcoming artists and creative that are waiting to be noticed. Its high-quality devices provide a professional audio recording that doesn’t dig deep into wallets.

Tonor has created a perfect balance with its products to give superior sound quality to all your audio recordings.

Tonor has a great passion for effective sound quality, and this is what they share with all their users without compromise. The Tonor Company is built on hands-on generations of professional knowledge that are geared towards making the best sets of microphones and audio devices.

For sound enthusiasts and budding artists, Tonor Company provides a range of products that are essential to kick-starting your music/sound career. Their products are effective in produce and also provide an outstanding sound quality at a competitive price.

TONOR Condensor Microphone Review

1. Tonor Condenser USB PC Microphone

tonor condensor usb microphone

Getting a good microphone is an important aspect of any audio recording session and yet, a condenser microphone will even help in producing more quality output.

For those who have never used a microphone before,  Tonor Condenser Microphone is very easy to use and it makes the work easier.

Key Features

  • Mounting clamp which makes it mountable
  • A 360° flexible goose-neck
  • Anti-vibration shock capabilities
  • Plug-and-play features
  • Can be used with a wide range of software
  • USB connector can be used to connect out to PC, laptop or Mac.
  • An effective recording distance of 10ft

Our Rating :  4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Produces quality sound output with a minimized background noise. It delivers an incredibly low distortion and produces the best sound possible.

  • Tonor Microphone is also very strong and durable, which gives the guarantee of a long lasting use. It has a flexible gooseneck that makes it very easy to adjust.

  • Its plug and play feature makes it stand out along many other microphones as it proves the Tonor USB Microphone to be very easy to use and handle.

  • Compatible with a wide range of software’s ranging from USB plug to mobile phones and PCs, and it includes readily available accessories that make the microphone easy to use.

  • Sounds cannot be played directly through the speaker. A headset is required when you want to use the microphone as an input device.
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2. Tonor Bm700 Professional XLR Condenser Microphone

BM700 Tonor

The Tonor BM700 condenser microphone delivers an incredibly low distortion, balanced frequency response, with high fidelity, and an exceptional HD audio. The mic can be given as a gift to kids or friends who like playing games, it can also be used to record videos and podcasts too.

Key Features

  • Effective electronic circuit control with a cardioid polar pick-up pattern
  • Diaphragm capsule is gold plated
  • Mic stand is made of durable steel with a suspension scissor arm
  • Requires 48V phantom power
  • Comes with a shock mount, a table mounting clamp, windscreen, pop filter, and other valuable accessories
  • Cardioid-polar pattern helps reduce background noise
  • Bm700 Tonor Microphone is recommended for home recordings and even for professional studio sessions.

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • Absolutely amazing audio output it’s made possible due to its combination of cardioid-polar pick-up pattern, gold plated diaphragm capsule and an absolutely complete electronic circuit control.

  • Durable Stand

  • It has a windscreen pop filter which comprises of durable nylon net and so, gives the microphone am additional line protection from explosive sounds that normally pop up during audio recording sessions.

  • Bm700 Microphone offers a one year warranty on its products, plus a 30 day return guarantee.

  • Incompatibility with mobile phones, tablets, and PCs

  • Require a minimum voltage requirement of 5V power.

  • Dependence on another 48V phantom power supply, which is not included in the packaging

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How to set up Tonor microphone

To set up the Tonor Microphone to Windows:

  1. Connect the 3.5mm plug of the Tonor Microphone to the 3.5mm port on your Windows PC.
  2. Right-click on the volume icon, and then select ‘sounds’.
  3. Input the recording yeah and select ‘microphone’, then click on ‘properties’.
  4. Then click on the Levels tab and adjust the volume slider to 80. Next, adjust the body closer to either 0 or +10.0db.
  5. After completing step four, the Tonor Mic will begin to work. You can decide to test and play the microphone through its speaker before you begin using it. First click on the listen  tab, and then select the ‘listen to this device’ icon.

To set up your Tonor Mic as the default recording device for your PC, go to the start menu and click on the control panel.

Afterward, click on ‘hardware and sound’, then ‘manage audio devices. On this page, locate ‘recording’ and right-click, then enable your microphone ‘and durable all other devices active on the PC.

How to use Tonor microphone

To learn how to use the Tonor Mic, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install the microphone properly, and if it has already been installed, check again to be sure that it is properly installed on your computer. You can follow the directions above for property installation, or follow the instructions provided in the packaging.
  2. Set the microphone at a perfect distance range to your computer. A distance of 4 to 16 inches should be maintained between your microphone and the audio you are recording. Also, remove every disruption that may lead to sound distortions so as to give an effective audio output.
  3. Set the switch off the microphone’s pattern to Cardioid to forget to ensure that the microphone only picks the sound coming directly from the source, as against sounds coming from the back or sides. Ensure that the frontal part of the microphone faces the correct audio source.
  4. Plug the headphone cable to the port marked phones on the microphone.
  5. Using the USB cable that came along with the microphone, connect the Tonor Microphone to your computer by plugging the larger end of the cable off the computer and plugging the smaller end of the cable to your microphone.
  6. Launch the digital audio workstation on your computer and control the sound of the microphone from there. Reduce the computer’s main output volume and connect your microphone to the input and output.
  7. Set the microphone sounds output in the digital audio workstation to the middle, to ensure that your audio output is clear enough to hear without sound distortions.
  8. You can now test the volume level by making some noise into the microphone with your headphones on. If you are not yet satisfied with the listening level, you can adjust the output level in the digital audio workstation till you get a suitable audio output.
  9. You are now ready to record as you wish.


When recording a podcast, field session or even a musical track, you want to be sure that you’re microphone ‘produces a crystal clear audio output on every attempt. This is why the Tonor microbes are a perfect fit for capturing smooth frequencies and subtle nuances due to its high sensitivity.

Tonor Microphones are produced to create a very high-quality audio output, and they never fail to deliver.

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