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Tinwoo Smartwatch Review – Stylish Design Yet Budget Smartwatch

tinwoo smartwatchTinwoo is a company that focuses on your lifestyle. It primarily makes smartwatches that are compatible with most modern devices. The brand strives to change your life by tapping into the hidden potentials of technology that is ever-evolving.

Tinwoo smartwatches are known to be perfectly balanced products. Their smartwatches are all in one package. They are fitness trackers, phone managers, and your assistant and alert buddy. With this brand at your helm, it is possible to communicate with the technology like it’s meant to be.

Today, we are going to be looking at the Tinwoo T12 and T20 and see how they compare.

Tinwoo Smartwatch Review

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1. Tinwoo Eclipse T20 Smartwatch

Tinwoo Eclipse T20 Smart Watch

The Tinwoo T20 is a 1.3-inch round display watch with a full metal frame. It has a TPU band, which makes it look very premium. It has a full display with an extremely thin body and has over 14 different clock faces that you can choose from. Additionally, it comes with eight modes. This directly connects to your phone and gives you actionable information about your phone and your health. It actively monitors your heart rate, your sleep cycle, and your overall sleep quality. It also gives you a detailed analysis of your lifestyle. This serves as a reminder as well to keep yourself healthy.

Tinwoo Eclipse is a professional device that supports real-time call alerts and notifications. It even has a sedentary reminder too. This watch can be a perfect assistant for you, owing to its excellent functionality. It has several other features like a phone finder, watch finder, camera control, music control, breath training, and weather forecast.

It charges quickly with its magnetic charging cable and has a big 300mAh battery that can give you a standby time of up to 25 days. Under normal usage, it can record data for up to 15 days.


Various Colors and 14 Clock Faces

T20 comes with over 14 colored clock faces as well as four colors to choose from. Couple that with the large display, you can customize your watch to make it suit your attire. You can also customize the icons as well. The overall customization is good enough to give you a pleasant experience.

All-day Activity Tracking

This handy sport swatch can collect all your data, including sports. It connects to your phone’s GPS and can pinpoint your location to determine metrics such as distance traveled, steps taken, and at what pace you were running. This also has many sports modes, which give you more control during your workouts. The watch is indeed your fitness companion and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Shortcut Button

It has three shortcut buttons. On top, you get a power-on switch. The middle button will start the stopwatch, while you can use the lower button to adjust between the different sports modes.


This smartwatch is rated as fully waterproof, which means you can take it to the shower and even in the swimming pool without having to worry about anything.

Sleep Tracking

The watch also detects when you sleep and keeps track of it. While doing this, it also collects your sleep data, provides you with beneficial data to analyze your sleep, and gives suggestions on making it better. It also allows you to set the alarm to wake you up.

Heart Rate Monitor

The watch also comes with a very accurate heart rate monitor that can give real-time readings. It gives readings during a workout and alerts you when your heartbeat is way off the charts, and tells you to take a break. You can map your data, which can help you change your lifestyle and improve your overall health.

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Heart rate monitor that works in real-time
  • Keeps track of your sleep
  • Fully waterproof
  • Comes with various clock faces and a lot of customization
  • Cannot track your swimming data


The T20 is one of Tinwoo’s flagship devices. As a wearable, this watch ensures that you get all the essential features that one would need in a smartwatch. It is your assistant and your health consultant as well. With organized and detailed real-time data, it gives you a deep insight into your health and keeps you healthy and fit.

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2. Tinwoo Quartz T12 Smartwatch

Tinwoo Quartz T12 Smartwatch

The Tinwoo T12 is a fitness watch from Tinwoo that is suitable for both adults and kids because of its universal design. With over 15 clock faces and a high-quality metallic frame, the watch is extremely customizable and very durable. It takes full advantage of the Android platform and connects with your phone seamlessly to give you detailed stats regarding your health.

It integrates with your smartphone’s operating system. Moreover, it uses GPS and uses it to pair with your phone to sync all data and monitor your health trajectory. It also records all your exercise data, and it does all that with fairly high accuracy.

When you pair with the app, you get loads of options like step counter, calorie meter, distance meter, heart rate monitor, and many more like real-time heart rate monitor and heart rate reminder when you are burning yourself to the limits. It supports Android 5.0 and above and iOS 9. It easily pairs with your phone and connects with the app called Tinwoo.

Charging it is a matter of just a few hours, and then you are in for a long standby of 20 days. It can also record data for a continuous ten days as well. It also acts as a personal assistant and can receive your calls, messages, and voice mails, and it gives instant notifications for all of those. You can handle Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook through this awesome wearable.


Different Colors

The T12 comes in four different designs and with 14 faces. Each face makes the watch look like a different watch each time. So, decorate your watch with its endless customization. The LED projects bright colors, and it seems like it is a fully mechanical watch. With very good viewing angles, the screen creates an illusion of a real mechanical watch that you can’t distinguish from afar.

Magnetic Charging Cable

We really liked the magnetic charging on this device. You don’t have to push the cable in all the time when you need to charge it. Just bring it towards the charger, and it will snap automatically and start charging. Charging is also very fast, and the 300mAh battery charges in just under two hours.

Activity Tracking

The watch can display the tracking record all day long and continuously record data for ten consecutive days. By using the GPS, it monitors your location and thus determines with very high accuracy the distance covered by you. This is especially useful when you are jogging. With up to nine sports modes, it can map your exercise routine, provide a detailed analysis, and give recommendations about what kind of changes you should make to have a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep Tracking

When you sleep, the sleep detector automatically turns on. It starts recording data when you are in a deep sleep and keeps a record if the sleep session was for more than three hours. The vibration alarm functions help you get up on time and regulate and reset your body cycle.

Other Controls

The watch can effectively control your music, camera, as well as many other features. You can even use it to attend calls. Another great feature that we liked was the phone-finding and watch-finding options. If your phone is out of sight, you can use the watch to find your phone, and if it is the other way around, you can use your phone to find your watch as well. For more information, you can consult the Tinwoo Smartwatch manual


The watch is also rated as fully waterproof, and you can take it with you during swims and showers. However, it cannot record your swim data.

Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Can be used as a personal assistant
  • Keeps a detailed track of your health
  • Ability to control the camera
  • Keeps track of your sleep
  • The band could have been of better quality
  • Cannot keep track of swimming


Although the T12 may not be as durable as the T20, it has almost all the same features as the T20. If you have a few more extra bucks to spend, get the T20 because of the sheer premium look and feel. But this is not to say that T12 is something you should not buy. Bear in mind that these are almost the same watches with the same display and same software. If you want to go with a budget choice, then this one is the best.

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Tinwoo has very simple looking watches and within that simplicity lies their true beauty. These watches are primarily for people who want their watches simple looking yet loaded with extraordinary features. If you commit to this brand, then you are in for something. The company got positive feedback even during their beta testing phase! They paid attention to the feedback and have improved their products massively.

The company’s main focus is wearables. They believe that wearables should not only be assistants. Rather, they should be your daily companion because there is so much potential hidden in them. The possibilities are just endless. Tinwoo wants to make those possibilities into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to pair with your Android phone?

It is very easy to pair the watch with your Android. Go to the connectivity options of both your smartphone and watch. In the devices section, find each device and click pair from any of them. You will get a confirmation to pair it with the intended device. Select ok, and that is all. You are paired.

2. How to pair with your iPhone?

For pairing it with an iPhone, you will have to go to the download BLU utility and go to peripherals. Tap the notification on the watch when you hit the pair option, and that is all.

3. Is Tinwoo Smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, the Tinwoo Smartwatch is fully waterproof, and you can even take it with you during swimming.

4. Where can I download the Tinwoo Smartwatch app?

The Tinwoo Smartwatch app is easily available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Tinwoo is a new player in town, but it has given the users high-quality watches at a comparatively low price. Well, then why should you go with a cheap brand when you already trust huge brands like Samsung and Oppo?

Because many people have reviewed the watches to be positive even in their beta stage. Their watches have evolved so much that it is hard to say that it is from a cheap brand. Their watches have a premium look and feel. If you want the best of the best, we suggest that you go with the T20.

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