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Senbono Smartwatch


Smartwatch is becoming more than a necessity today. With the advancement in technology, many new features were added to the Smartwatch models and as a result, these Smartwatches are capable of doing everything that smartphones can do.

They are not just an extension of your Smartphone, but they are the standalone wearable device that can handle most of your day to day tasks. The leading tech companies are now focusing to meet the end needs of the niche marketplace and this helped them to enter into the arms race well. Each generation of Smartwatch is now required to outperform than its predecessor and also stay ahead than all the latest versions out there.


Senobono Smartwatch is one of the leading producers of intelligent smartwatches and all their models are based on varied platforms including Android and iOS. They specialize in designing Senobono Smartwatch and Smart bands and they even offer ODM and OEM services along with customized wholesale services with competitive pricing for their Senobono Smartwatches.

They have created a thriving benchmark in the marketplace of Smartwatches b consistently delivering some of the best and world-class Smartwatch models which will be discussed below in this post. All their Smartwatch models come with innovative features and the manufacturer ensures to deliver updated and highly performing models to the consumers across the world.

Senbono Smartwatches Review

1. SENBONO GV68 SmartWatch

Senbono GV68 Smartwatch

SENBONO GV68 is the innovative smartwatch model that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This smartwatch comes with certified IP68 waterproofing which means you can use them while swimming and underwater without worrying about water damages.

It has built-in 1.54” of colorful HD display with touch features and it offers 240 by 240 pixels of resolution for an ultra visual experience. This smartwatch syncs the notifications from the incoming text messages, calls and apps and it allows you to respond to the Bluetooth calls with HD voice receiver.

Besides, the SENBONO GV68 Smart Watch also features sleep quality monitoring which lets you know the sleeping status and quality and provides you unbiased feedback for the sleep quality you had and this helps you to have better rest and sleep at night. It also works as a real-time heart rate monitor and it is designed with a professional-grade HR chip that can track down the heart rate in real-time.

The data recorded is precise and effective and it can also sync the history of tracking with the app and this works for the great fitness planning. It also comes with highly performing G-Sensor and it can measure the all-day workouts and activities like distances, steps, and calories burnt in the process.

Key Features

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  • Good for fitness tracking and heart monitoring
  • Great craftsmanship with advanced features
  • Monitor the sleep quality at night and provide precise report
  • It is just a casual Smartwatch only
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2. SENBONO Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Watch

Senbono Fitness Tracker Bluetooth

This is the multi function smart watch by SENBONO and it works as fitness tracker and also as smart watch that can show you time and data along with precise heart rate. This smart watch features sphygmomanometer and sleep mentoring along with brightness adjustment, auto pedometer and clock alarm and call rejection facility.

The smartwatch also comes with built-in harassing phone display and other sport modes. The blood pressure and heart rate monitor included in the SmartWatch provides you precise details when you are wearing it and you can monitor them while sleeping and exercising. Above all, this smartwatch comes with IP68 waterproofing and this ensures that you can make use of the watch underwater without worrying about water damage.

The smart watch is designed to monitor the sleep duration, sleep awakening data ad sleep depth and this way it helps you to enhance your quality of sleep at night. It also comes with some built-in entertainment options like music and camera control and it is very easy to connect with your Smartphone to transfer the pictures and images captured with the smartwatch.

This smartwatch is compatible with Android devices and also works with iOS 9.0 and above models. With charging for 3.5 hours, you can make use of the Smart watch for at least 3-5 days with ease. There is also a 30-day return policy and if you are not satisfied with its services and performance, you can return the watch to get a full refund within 30 days.

Key Features

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Our Rating :  3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)

  • Multipurpose smartwatch
  • Entertainment control for music and camera
  • After sales services for 30 days
  • Need manual setup before using it
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3. SENBONO S10 SmartWatch

Senbono S10 Smartwatch

SENBONO S10 Smart Watch is the best fitness band or smartwatch that comes with the built-in chipset to perform a variety of tasks that you usually enjoy with your Smartphone.

The smartwatch features the PHY6202 chipset along with 1.30 inches of full-screen display with 240 by 240 resolutions for a clear visual experience. it is a fitness pedometer, distance smart timer, heart rate, blood pressure monitor and also sleep monitor Smart Watch that is designed to handle multiple tasks with a single unit.

Besides, the SmartWatch comes with IP67 waterproofing which means now you can use this SmartWatch even during swimming and exercising outdoors without worrying about water damages. The blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate monitoring allow you to know the precise data and health without just a click of a button.

The SmartWatch also comes with the feature to alert you for all incoming messages and hence you don’t need to worry about missing any important text messages as it will pop-up immediately after its is delivered to your Smartwatch.

Apart from these functions, the Smartwatch also comes with sleep monitoring that lets you know the sleep time, sleep awakening and patterns and this way you can easily enhance the quality of your sleep and wake refreshed every day.

The multi-sport mode of the SmartWatch ensures you deliver you the precise report of calories burnt, distance covered and exercise status. This way you can adjust the workouts as per your need and stay fit always. The SmartWatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and also works smoothly with iOS 8.0 and above.

Key Features

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Our Rating :  3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Silicon band for extra durability and water resistance
  • IP67 waterproofing
  • Lightweight and multifunctional
  • An error of 1-3mm due to manual measurement
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4. SENBONO K9 SmartWatch

Senbono K9 Smartwatch

SENBONO K9 Smart Watch is not just a simple Smart Watch, it is the fitness band which comes with multiple functions to keep your healthy. This Smart Watch features a 1.30 inches of IPS display with resolution of 240 by 240 pixels and this ensures clear viewing experience. The display of the 2.5D full colour screen with multiple user interfaces.

This gives you the ultimate viewing experience and optimal Smartphone experience on your wrist. The SmartWatch also comes with blood pressure and heart rate monitoring and this gives you a precise record of your heart rate and blood pressure level to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, the Smartwatch allows you to adjust the movement quantity and time and this way you can control your workouts and enjoy ultimate workout benefits. Apart from this it also features the sleep detection function and this allows you to monitor your sleep time, sleep quality, and sleep awakening and more.

This SmartWatch also supports the IP68 waterproof and this ensures that you can wear this Smart Watch even during swimming and working outside under rainwater. This Smart Watch is capable of daily water resistance and can be worn while swimming and showering underwater. The best part of the Smart Watch is that it comes with a detachable strap of 20mm and hence you can easily choose any fashion color of the strap that you like and go well with the attire you are wearing.

The SmartWatch comes with a round screen and dial and it also features G-sensor. It has a larger battery of 180mAh and it can last up to 7-10 days with single charging and has the largest standby time of 15 days. The SmartWatch supports multiple languages and hence you can set the SmartWatch to work in your desired local language for your convenience. The SmartWatch is very lightweight and it comes with a silicone band and zinc alloy watch case.

Key Features

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Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

  • IPS display with 2.5D fill color screen
  • Adjustable features for movement time and quantity
  • Sleep detection and timer pedometer feature
  • Don’t use under hot water
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SENBONO is the popular Smart Watch brand that designed some of the amazing Smart Watch models that comes with very nominal pricing. In all their Smart Watch models, modest users will find everything that they need and at very little price. The SENBONO Smart Watch can be the exceptional options for first time buyers and also for veteran users who are looking for best fitness wearables.

All these models come with advanced features and support monitoring of sleep, running, workouts, pedometer, sleep quality, and other sport modes which a fitness freak require for monitoring. The SmartWatch models from this brand come with other universal functions like sleeping monitor, blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitoring. Even their SmartWatch models work as a stopwatch, step counting, calorie-burning monitoring and distance covered, all with their fashionable bracelet which works as your fitness band and also as SmartWatch. It can be a great gift for your family and friend.

Another great thing about the SENBONO Smart Watch models is that they come with a waterproof level of IP67 and IP68. This will further give the buyers peace of mind knowing that now they can make use of their Smartwatch underwater without worrying about water damages. But when you are using it underwater you must avoid operating the Smartwatch and press the button for settings.

The IP68 waterproof level ensures that you can wear the SmartWatch in rain, washing hands, and while swimming, but it won’t work when used under hot water and hence it must be avoided to be used under hot water directly. Some of the SmartWatch models by SENBONO also come with 9 watch faces and detachable bands which means you can choose the best-suited color of the band as per your preference and the one that goes well with the dress you are wearing.

The SmartWatch by SENBONO also works as the Smartphone that alerts you whenever an incoming message is delivered and hence you won’t be missing any important messages that are suitable for you. It will pop up the message and let you know whenever an incoming message is delivered.

So, start your hunt for the best SENBONO Smart Watch models online and ensure to buy it from reliable sources to get the best deals. The rates of the SENBONO Smart Watch models vary depending upon the model and retailers from where you are buying it. So, ensure to compare the rates of all the retailers online before buying to grab the cheaper and affordable deals.

To find out more about a smartwatch? Do check out our complete smartwatch buyer guide.

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