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13 Poisonous Plants for your Dog – Complete New Dog Owner Guide

house plants poisonous to dogs

Considering a dog pet is somehow equivalent to taking care of a baby. The same logic for the owner of a dog needs to be attentive as well as took care of them wisely.

It is general to be a dog lover, but somewhere it is very difficult to be an owner of a dog if you also love house gardening. As a reason, there are several plants that are poisonous for your dog.

We all are aware of the smelling power of dogs as they can easily smell everything. Despite this, it is crucial to take care of a dog because, being the owner of a dog, you need to focus on all the things.

Are house plants poisonous?

Not all the house plants are poisonous for your dog, but there are some poisonous plants for dogs, and if you are not aware, then it is important for you to go through all the information wisely.

A house plant always looks amazing and gives positive vibes in your home, but sometimes your dog doesn’t get mix with the plants, and here all the problems start.

There are some house plants poisonous to dogs, and you need to acknowledge them so that either you change them or find any other solution for your dog. The very first thing which you need to identify is about the things which are allergic to your dog. Animals can’t speak, and it is the duty of the owner to go through it.

More often, there are lots of individuals who are not aware of the fact of owning a dog and house plants. But as there are several house plants that tend to be toxic for your dog and cause mild irritation for them.

To identify these plants, you need to plant all the plants in your home with appropriate guidance. It would be beneficial for you so that it will become convenient for you to remove poisonous indoor plants for dogs.

What are the plants that are poisonous to your dog?

It is crucial to implant the right plant in your house, which will suit your home as well as with your dog. As a reason, if once your dog got allergic to the plant, then it will become stressful as well as critical for you to identify the problem with your dog.

It is necessary to undergo house plants and finding the poisonous plants for dogs. To solve your problem, I have mentioned some plants which tend to be poisonous to your dog. If you have planted these house plants in your home, then remove them as soon as possible.

We know that house plants always add grace to your interiors but, if they are injurious for your dog, then it is important for you to shut them off.

If you have found any difficulty in listing poisonous plants for dogs, then you can also go towards ASPCA, which is named as an animal poison control center. With the help of this center, it will become quite easy for you to detect the poisonous plants without any difficulty.

Now let’s take a look at the list and find out more about the 13 poisonous indoor plants for your dogs

1. Azalea

It is a colorful plant that adds colors in your home gardening. Not only this, but it also acts as an air purifier for your home.

This plant also increases the decoration and natural feels of your home. But most of the individuals are not aware of the poisonous impact of this plant. Once you will acknowledge about this plant, then you will surely throw this plant out from your home.

As this plant contains flowering shrub, which is consists of potent neurotoxin grayanotoxin substances. It is poisonous because the substances which are present in this plant will damage the entire cells of your dog. Your dog should stay away from this plant, and it is your duty to either keep your dog away from this plant or to remove this house plant from your home.

Furthermore, if your dog comes in contact with this plant, then this plant might also give adverse effects on the nerve functions of your dog and also effects the dog’s entire body. Your dog can meet with the risks of heart failure.

If your dog swallowed this plant by mistake, then it might also cause blood pressure problems and abnormal heartbeats.

It will become an emergency situation for your pet, so it is beneficial for you as well as for your dog to remove this plant “azalea” out from your home. Managing all these terms is crucial because you can’t always revolve around your dog, so it is better to take precautions first.

2. Areca Palm

It is one of the most poisonous plant for dogs is areca palm, which can be easily found in homes. If a person is fond of indoor gardening, then this plant can be highly possible. The reason for planting this plant is that it is very easy to maintain this plant.

You don’t need to provide lots of effort while taking care of areca palm. It consists of yellow flowers with green pinnate, which will add more charm to your home. But this plant is consisting of cycasin part which is very poisonous for your dog.

This plant consists of dangerous substances that may cause diarrhea to your dog. Not only diarrhea, but it can also cause the problem of drooling because once it is digested, then it will show its poisonous effect in the time period of 15 minutes.

If in case your dog has eaten this plant by mistake, then you need to quickly consult your dog to a doctor. If you will be late, then it may cause permanent death loss for your dog, so it is crucial for you to don’t wait for the symptoms to generate and visit the doctor as soon as possible.

3. Lilies

Lilies are likely to be everyone’s favorite, and no one knows that these lilies are dangerous for dogs. They can simply harm the dog with the compounds which are present in them.

If your dog has consumed lilies, then it will have an adverse effect on the appetite of your dog, which is likely to be irritation on tongue and lips, and it will become difficult for your dog to swallow food inside. In the tuber of lilies, colchicines alkaloids are present which, are poisonous plants for dogs.

If your dog has consumed it, then your pet will either have organ damage or the doctor will found the unbalancing of cardiac muscles. Not only this but, your dog can also face minor shocks and problems like depression, etc. so it is important for you to remove this poisonous plant too out from yore house.

4. Philodendrons

It is also highly poisonous plants for dogs which, is consists of unique leaf design.

The leaf structure of this plant is quite different from other plants, and that is the thing that makes it unique as well as beautiful for indoor plants. But no one knew that this beautiful leaf structure plant would be poisonous for your dogs’ health.

People consider this plant during humid days because it will norm the interior environment of your home. It is a very poisonous and dangerous plant for your dog as if mistakenly your dogs have consumed it, and then it may cause coma and renal failure.

It is crucial for being an owner of a pet because you can’t stop your pet from roaming here and there. And if your pet has digested this plant, then you need to immediately reach a vet.

5. Jade

This plant is plants toxic to dogs because it is very tiny and little, which can be easily grown in the interior of your home.

Basically, this plant looks artificial, but it is not as the consumption of this plant is highly dangerous for your dog. It looks wonderful in your home, but if your dogs have chewed this plant, then this amazing little plant will turn into a poisonous one.

The general effects of this plant are depression, cardiovascular problems, and anxiety. It may also lead to vomiting because it is a Japanese rubber plant that is not appropriate for a dog.

6. Ivy

The entire category and breeds of ivy plants are dangerous and poisonous for your dog. As a reason, this plant acts as a silent killer for your dog because it is surrounded by triterpenoid saponins and polyacetylene compounds.

These are poisonous as well as small consumption of this plant can be worst for your dog. Not only for dogs, but some people have gone through rashes in their bodies after coming in contact with this plant. And when we talk about dogs, then it could lead to permanent coma and death loss for dogs.

This plant will cause problems like drooling, swelling in the mouth, lips, and tongue. It gives a silent death to your dog after a small consumption of this poisonous plan

7. Elephant ear

Elephant ear is also called as caladium, which consists of different colors. It is a beautiful and amazing plant for your home but dangerous for your dog too. For dull home interiors, this plant will add colors as well as the green linings of this plant will add grace to your home.

In some places, this elephant ear plant is also known as an ape, taro, and malanga. If your dog has consumed it that the substance present in this plant will cause swelling in the mouth as well as excessive drooling.

It will block the airway through which your dog will found difficulty in breathing. The common signs show inflamed skin, mouth ulcers, and tears in eyes because this house plants poisonous to dogs’ entire health.

8. ZZ plant

This plants toxic to dogs as it has consisted of calcium oxalates, which is poisonous as well as dangerous for your dog.

We all know that it is easy to maintain this plant because it doesn’t require daily care as they are easy to maintain.

But we are not aware of the dangerous effects of this plant, which can cause drooling irritation in the mouth, mucous membrane, and burning inside the mouth, etc. if mistakenly your dogs have chewed this plant, then it will become difficult for your dog to eat anything.

9. Dumbcane

Also known as dieffenbachia, which is dangerous for all the pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. If your pet has consumed it, then the compounds present in it will cause drooling and problems like burning sensation and irritation inside the mouth.

The effects on your dog would be the same, just like an elephant ear. Your dog will feel difficulty in breathing and also acts as a silent killer for your dog.

The basic signs of consuming this plant are vomiting, the problem in appetite, and oral pain. It also mandatory for you to remove this plant from your home.

10. Asparagus Fern

It is a poisonous plant for dogs because this plant contains fine blades that are very tiny. The reason behind the growth of this plant is that it can be lavishly grown on plants as well as on trees.

Basically, this plant is considered in tropical areas when it is hot outside. This plant is also known as plumose fern and lace fern, which is toxic for your dog and causes basic problems like diarrhea, vomiting, indoor pain, etc. the poison present in this plant can become harmful for your dog and increase the chances of death.

The basic signs of consuming this toxic plant are poor appetite, abdominal pain, and skin redness.

11. Aloe Vera

This plant has numerous benefits for human skin and body but who knew that it is dangerous for dogs. This plant acts as an ingredient which is used for shampooing dog hair.

Not only this, it can be eaten by humans, but somehow this plant is considered toxic for dogs but not for humans. It is beneficial for humans’ medical health, but it is poisonous for dogs. There are several people who are planting Aloe Vera in their houses because of its benefits, but if you are a dog lover, then you need to remove them out from your home immediately.

There is a substance in this plant which is called saponins, which causes depression, diarrhea, color changes in urine, and poor appetite.

12. Lantana

It is a very colorful indoor plant that looks elegant inside your home. This plant is consisting of colorful blooms such as red, orange, yellow blooms, which look amazing in your home. If you have planted this plant in your home, then it will add colors in your interiors.

But this colorful plant contains a toxic substance such as triterpenoid, which will damage and affect the gall bladder and liver of your dog. You need to shut this plant out from your home because the berries of this plant are also dangerous for your dog.

The basic signs of consuming this plant are depression, urine problems, diarrhea, shock, and vomiting.

13. Cannabis

Last but not least is cannabis, which is also known as marijuana. As it is a type of drug which is consumed by lots of people in day to day life. It is a poisonous plant for dogs because it causes problems like body tremors, ataxia, hypothermia, and many more.

Planting cannabis in your home is absolutely legal and helps in curing lots of chronicle diseases. But this plant cannabis is way injurious on the health of the dog. If mistakenly, your dog can consume 3 grams of cannabis, then it will cause instant death and life loss.

Even doctors have suggested that consuming cannabis in a specific amount is beneficial for diabetic, cancer, and heart patients.

But when we related it with dogs, then it can cause severe problems o your dog so it is very important for you to shut cannabis out from your house if you have owned a dog. You need to wisely accommodate all the things so that it will become beneficial for you as well as for your pet.


All the entire day, it becomes crucial to revolve near your dog because pets are the ones who always play and roam here and there. We are no one to stop them, but we can take care of them by avoiding obstacles and injurious things coming on their way.

Dogs don’t know what is right and wrong from them, just like small babies. It is somehow equal to feed a baby and a dog.

For neglecting all such things, consider the list of 13 poisonous plants that are dangerous for your dogs so that you can save them for basic health issues and death loss.

If you wisely go towards all the information which is mentioned in the above section, then it will help you to protect your pet wisely. If you are a new dog owner soon, do also check out the essentials items you need for your dog

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