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Piano 101 – Your One Stop Resource for Learning Piano

piano 101

Piano 101

In Piano 101, we are keen to aim here as a one-stop Piano resource for all beginners, starters, and people who are keen to know more about Piano.

We hope it will give you a clearer picture to find out the info with all the compilation of all our past articles that covered the tips, buyer guides, and piano reviews.

Chapter 1: Find Out More About Learning Piano- A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

We will kick-off with a better understanding of Learning Piano

How to Start Learning PianoHow To Start Learning Piano

Find out more on different ways to learn piano.



digital vs acoustic piano

Digital Piano vs. Acoustic Piano

Find out the difference between digital and acoustics piano.


Digital Piano and Keyboards

Digital Piano vs Keyboard

Know more about the differences between Digital Piano and Keyboard


Chapter 2-   Ways to Learn Piano

List of different ways to pick up Piano from offline to online learning and self-learning application at your own pace.

best piano learning app

Best Piano Learning Apps

Self Learning? Find out what are the recommended ukulele learning apps on android and iOS.




PianoForAll Review

Another popular piano online course for beginners with a step by step modules.


Chapter 3 – Different Ranges of Digital Piano  and Keyboards Reviews and Recommendation

Having difficulties making the decision to get which piano for yourself or your kids. Check out our reviews ranging from the keyboard, digital piano, and acoustics piano. Our team will update these freqently


Best 88 Keys Keyboard Piano

Some of the best 88 keys keyboard piano recommendations by the Top Rate Reviews team.



Yamaha P45 Review

Yamaha P45 Review

Yamaha P45 another well-known digital piano model. Find out more here.


yamaha dgx660b

Yamaha DGX-660B Review

Yamaha DGX-660B another popular choice for digital piano.


Chapter 4 – Piano Care Tips & Tricks

So you finally have a piano but not sure how to maintain it? No worries, check out the list here below which may help you to maintain your piano in good condition.

cleaning piano keys

How To Clean Your Piano Keys?

Special care tips on cleaning your Piano Keys.



Final Thoughts

We always welcome feedback and ideas, do reach us in the contact us form. Do bookmark and share this page as we will keep this page updated frequently.

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