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Complete Camping Checklist – Over 50 Essential Items By Top Rate Reviews

Complete Camping CheckList


In our previous article, we have covered the benefits of camping by helping u get away from hectic work and strengthen a strong bonding relationship with family & friends camping trip.

Do you know that well preparation plays an important role in your camping & outdoor trip? In order to get your gears ready before the trip,  having a camping checklist is essential. Be it for a beginner or a veteran, a comprehensive checklist should cover stuff from camping gears, food supplies, clothing, and other stuff.

Do read on if you want something quick and simple, we will have listed over 50 essential items in the checklist for your outdoor trip planning.

What do I need for my Camping Trip?

There are few key areas we will be covering will be campsite gears,  cooking, clothing, personal care and other optional items for activities and entertainment. You can also download printable here for your easy references:

  1. General & Planning
  2. Campsite Gears
  3. Camping Kitchen Essentials
  4. Clothing
  5. Personal Care
  6. Entertainment and Extras

Camping Checklist - General and Planning

Camping Checklist #1 – General & Planning

1. Map –  Having an additional map, you also can use it when there is no signal or internet connection.

2. Transportation – Plan in advance if you need special arrangements for your transportation. How are you traveling to your destination?

3. Camping / Hiking Bags – To ensure all your camping gears fit into your hiking bags, it is important choosing the best hiking bag for your trip to your trip planning.

4. Meal list – Good to prepare a meal list in advance

5. Weather Forecast- Do check out the weather conditions over the next few days in case you will need to make any special arrangement or preparation.

Camping Checklist - CAMPSITE GEAR

Camping Checklist #2 – Campsite Gears

In the Campsite Gears checklist, we have listed the most basic tools and gears for setting up your campsite.

6. Tents – A tent able to provide the most basic needs, which is shelter. Different tents have different styles and there is no tent able to fits all your solutions. Tents ranging from family tents, pop-up tents, dome tents. Do check out first to know which tent will serve your needs.

7. Sleeping Bags – Choosing the most appropriate sleeping bags for your camping is important. Do consider your destination’s weather condition to select correct sleeping bags.  Check out our reviews on  2019 best sleeping bags.

8.  Camping Sleeping Cots – Another solution for your night rest. It is easier to set up compared to air mattress.

9. Air Mattress – Giving you comfortable and well-rested solutions throughout your journey.

10. Outdoor Pillows – Bring along an outdoor pillow will definitely give you additional comfort and support for your nighttime rest.

11. Camping Blanket – Another  gear option which gives you extra warmth and with additional freedom to move around compared to the sleeping bag

12. Camping Lantern – A must-have gear for your outdoor camping trip. To light up surrounding and inside your tent! You can check out our reviews on the best camping lantern.

13. Camping Torch Light – Another alternative gear for camping lantern.

14. Camping Ropes and Hooks – Serve as Camping storage tools like hanging and drying your clothing, pots, pan etc.

15. Folding Chair –  Enjoy hot coffee and outdoor nature while sitting comfortably for your camping trip

16. Folding Table – A simple & reliable table is a must for the camping trip.  Useful for dining, playing board game, etc.

Camping Checklist - Camp Kitchen EssentialsCamping Checklist #3: Camp Kitchen Essentials

Enjoy the different cooking experience with your family and friends at your campsite. We have listed some of the most commonly used kitchen essentials in this camping checklist.

17. Camping Stove – to essential gear to have if you want to prepare meals outdoor.

18. Water Jug -Water storage option for drinking and cooking for your camping trip

19. Fire Starter – An important gear to tag along, especially used for cooking, campfire to keep yourself warm and signal for assistance during an emergency.

20. Portable / Travel Bowls, Plate & Utensils – light-weight and portable utensils for you to use during your mealtime.

21. Frying Pan / Camping Kitchen Sets – another essential item to bring along if you are preparing to cook at the outdoor camping trip

22. Cooler Box  – With a cooler box along, you will have no problem keeping your stuff and drinks cold! You may want to check out K2 coolers, KYSEK coolers, and Yeti coolers.

23. Ice – You will need to prepare in advance for your cooler box!

24. Biodegradable Soap –  A must-have item for your trip!  Wash your hands, dish and even for clothing!

25. Sponge, Dishcloth, Dishtowel – For cleaning your dishes, pots and portable utensils after your outdoor meals!

26. Trash Bag -Instead of making a mess at the campsite, it would be nice to place all your trash into the trash bag,

Camping Checklist - ClothingsCamping Checklist #4: Clothing

27. Camping / Hiking Shoes – A good pair of hiking or camping shoes can help to protect your feet and comfortable

28. Water Proof  Walking Shoes – Carry non-water proof shoes can ruin your camping trip experience. With a waterproof walking shoe able to help you to keep your feet dry easily during wet weather

29. Rainwear – Good to carry rainwear or rain jacket to keep yourself dry from wet weather

30. Quick Dry Clothes and Pants – You definitely find it important to keep yourself comfortable especially long hours of hot weather.

31. Long Sleeve Clothing – It will act as your insect shield to protect you from bugs and mosquitoes.Camping Checklist 1 – General and Planning

32. Jacket / Vest –  It will be useful when for cold and wet weather to provide you extra warmth.

33. Gloves – Additional clothing gear to keep yourself dry and warm!

34. Camping Hats / Caps – It will be useful to keep yourself protected and cool from long hours of hot weather!

Camping Checklist - Personal careCamping Checklist #5 – Personal Care

35. Toothbrush & Toothpaste – For dental hygiene, good to carry along a portable toothbrush and toothpaste while staying overnight in your camping site.

36. First-Aid Kit – Always good to equip with the first-aid kit for your camping trip. It will be always handy if there are any emergency needs.

37. Sunscreen – Protect your skin from the UV during your trip.

38. Insect repellent – Keeping the bugs away especially if you have kids coming along from your enjoyable camping trip

39. Sunglasses for Camping– Include durable sunglasses in your backpack for an outdoor trip in. It helps protect your eyes from dust and UV.

40. Bear Spray – Carry along with a bear spray for your camping or hiking trip in case there might have bears will access into your tent

41. Mosquito Nets – Having a reliable mosquito net will protect from mosquito & giving you a better good night rest especially during night time.

42. Biodegradable Shampoos and Soap – Get yourself biodegradable Shampoos and Soap specially made for camping and outdoor trip!

43. Hand Sanitizer – Definitely will come in handy especially when you are on an outdoor trip

44. Toiletry Bag – For hygienic especially when you are outdoor, pack all your toiletries into a toiletry bag!

45. Portable Camping Shower – Can say goodbye to those days with sweats and dirty during your camping trip. You can refer to our reviews for portable camping showers

Camping Checklist #6: Entertainment & Extras

For activities planning during your camping trip, you can refer to camping activities ideas in one of our articles.

46. Compass – Alternative tools like compass or compass watch, in case there is no signal or battery flat for your mobile phone’s compass or GPS receiver.

47. Binoculars / Telescopes – You can bring along binoculars or telescopes for stars gazing and bird watching.

48. Music Instruments –  Bring your musical instruments like Guitar or Ukulele, a good way to enjoy music especially around the campfire

49. Solar Charger – One of the best ways to charge up your gadgets when you are traveling especially on hiking or camping trips.

50. Portable Speaker – create some atmosphere by play some music with a portable speaker during your camping trip to make it more enjoyable.

51. Books – Enjoy a unique experience with reading with your favorite book in nature.

52. Card & Board Games – A unique experience enjoy board and card games with your kids in nature.

53. Camera – To capture the beautiful moments and scenery for your camping trip.


Now you should have a clearer idea to do planning and preparation for your upcoming camping trip with this camping checklist.  A proper plan trip will definitely an enjoyable experience.


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