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MXL 770 Microphone Review – Affordable Condenser Microphone For Recording

mxl 770 review


MXL is among the leading audio product manufacturers. They offer a good variety of condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphones for various kinds of recordings. Their microphones deliver good quality sound, which is on par with other high-end products.

Their mics can be used indoors like the garage, rehearsal space, or home studio and on stage. They also make conference microphones, video products and many other electronics.  The large-diaphragm condenser microphone MXL 770 is one of their audio products.

Condenser microphones have a better transient response and wide-range frequency. They are considered a compact device. They are mainly used for recording podcasts.

MXL 770 Review

MXL 770 Review

MXL 770 Condenser Microphone



Lightweight, Compact and Multi-purpose recording microphone. Not a high-end microphone but is value for money. All black with black grill and metal finish

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MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

It is very affordable and one of the best cardioid condenser microphones. If you have just started home recording and want a reasonably priced mic that will also deliver good results, this one for you.

It is a good choice for the recording of stringed instruments, vocals, pianos, and percussion instruments. The sound produced will be of balanced bass with crystal clarity. It reduces rumble in the recorded sound by low-frequency roll-off.  MXL 770 ensures dynamic range with its high-quality FET preamp with well-balanced and transformer-less output.

It comes in a storage case that is tough and protects the mic well. The mic itself has a charcoal finish with gold trim and lettering. The shock mount is low profile but slick. This cardioid mic has only one polar pattern.

The diaphragm is 6 micron gold-sputtered, which is quite good at this price. It offers good sensitivity at 15 mv/pa with an impedance of 150 ohms. The maximum SPL of this mic is 137 dB, while the equivalent noise sits at 20 dB. It may not be as smooth as the legendary German mic but it is smooth enough for 70 dollars.

Key Features

MXL 770 Mic Features




Pro and Cons

  • Affordable price. It is difficult to find such a good mic at this price range that performs so well. It is a good option for beginners.

  • This mic is very versatile. The FET preamp that it comes with allows for a wide range dynamic.

  • It works well with pianos, guitars, violins and percussion.

  • The switchable bass-cut and the -10 db attenuator help in capturing different instruments very well.

  • The diaphragm is small and might not catch the whole frequency range of your instrument but it allows for less noise during recording. This is a plus for recording spaces that are not acoustically treated. It is also beneficial in situations where you are recording at close proximity with a speaker or singer.

  • It comes with its own shock mount, which eliminates a lot of noise. Even many expensive condenser mics don’t come with their shock mounts. Condenser microphones can catch even the slightest of noises or sounds, the shock mounts are a requirement which gets rid of all of these sounds.

  • The reasonable price doesn’t mean that it lacks when it comes to its looks. Its design and quality is very pleasing. It has two versions, the midnight version and the standard version. The midnight version is all black while the standard version has gold trim and lettering.

  • Its dynamic range is wide but it favors high frequencies better. Depending on the source it can also sometimes produce scooped mid-range. If you want peak performances straight out of the box then you might want to look for some other mics. This mic is eq-able, it allows for tweaking of frequencies to your taste. You can erase those high-end frequencies if you don’t want them.

  • It is very sensitive, so it can catch the hard Ts and Ps during recording. This issue can be solved with the pop filter. This mic doesn’t come with a pop filter though. But you can try a few mounting techniques from different angles, which may help.

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Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in recording high quality music, gameplays, skits or podcasts can make use of this mic. It is affordable and appropriate for studio use. It may look complicated from the way it’s designed but it is quite easy to use.

MXL 770 is a good choice for beginners and more experienced studio recorders. Since it is not pricey, you can also buy this for home use and enjoy recording your favorite instrument or anything else.

What’s Included in MXL 770 ?

mxl 770 cardioid condenser microphone

This mic is not high-end but you still get your money’s worth. Besides the MXL 770 cardioid mic, you get a tough case that is very suitable for storing and carrying the microphone around. It also comes with an adjustable and very durable shock mount. The mic is internally wired with a Mogami cable. It doesn’t come with a separate connecting cable.

This YouTube video here explains everything about this microphone and its accessories.


What is the other alternative for MXL 770 Mic?

Another best alternative to the MXL 770 would be the MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone. This microphone is also affordable without any compromise on the performance and sound quality.

If you are looking for a warm and mellow sound without much bass, MXL V67G will deliver that. This mic is old fashioned but in a modern way. It covers the same frequency range as the MXL 770. Its impedance output is high at 200 ohms. Its price is reasonable for high-quality sound recording.


The MXL 770 is a very affordable mic and makes a high-quality recording. Its dynamic range is wide and it has a great frequency response.

The slick shock mount that it comes with eliminates the noise but the sound isolation may not be 100%. The switch is in a flat position, so the mic is very flat.

This small and compact mic is good for the recording of stringed instruments like guitar and violin, piano and percussion. Although it doesn’t come with a connecting cable it has an internally wired mogami cable. If it is used with proper care, it will last you for a very long time.

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