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How to wash a Sleeping Bag – Improve the lifespan of your Sleeping Bag

Washing Sleeping Bags Tips

In one of our articles, we have covered the review of the best sleeping bags. A sleeping bag is a very essential and useful item which can be used in indoor or outdoor activities like hiking and camping.  For example like for frequent travelers and campers are often using sleeping bags. It allows you to sleep comfortably even outside of the bed. You can use them even during cold days because the thick material keeps your body warm during sleeping time. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of your sleeping bag if you want to take the maximum lifespan. Maintaining hygiene is one of the key things you should not forget.

A clean sleeping bag will be an excellent environment for your body, and you can significantly extend the product’s lifespan that way. Still, it is good to follow a proper procedure during the process of cleaning and washing. That’s how you can achieve the best results and maintain the best condition of your sleeping bags. There are many take this task for granted, so they do not pay attention to these details. Hopefully, after reading this article will give you a better understanding of proper sleeping bag care.

How Often Should You Wash a Sleeping Bag?

how to wash a sleeping bagFor best practice, it would be better to wash your sleeping bags after every outdoor activity.  Usually, most of us will keep our sleeping bags in the storeroom for quite some time hence for those with sensitive skin conditions, it is recommended to wash before your outdoor activity.


How to hand wash a sleeping bag

As you may know, a sleeping bag can be laundered in a washing machine, but washing with hands is often more effective. You can also experience a lack of any devices while you are somewhere in the open nature, so you will have no other option than to clean the bag at your home. Do take note sometimes for certain down-filled bags are recommended to do hand wash as it required extra care.

You will have a few items that every house posses, so it is not a big deal. Those include a bathtub, appropriate detergent, and your sleeping bag. You might also need a sponge and toothbrush, but it depends on the level of dirtiness.

To start, you have to put the sleeping bag into the bathtub. Then, you have to cover with warm water. Leave it there for ten to fifteen minutes and add a small quantity of the detergent on the wet bag’s surface. The item is now ready for washing, so you can begin with a sponge. It can clean big parts of the bag with ease, however, this type of item always has hidden areas, so you have to check them as well. You can use a toothbrush for that purpose because it allows you to reach all the parts of the bag. That’s how you can efficiently wash small areas on the bag edges and all over them.

When you finish the cleaning, you have to dry your bag, and it is best to do that in an open-air. If it is hot outside, your bag would be dry quickly

How to machine wash a sleeping bag

There is also another option when it comes to cleaning of a sleeping bag. As you know, it is an item like any other, so any bag is typically washable. Furthermore, you can simply clean it in your washing machine like any other product made of this or similar materials. Of course, the efficiency usually depends on your washing machine because it has to complete the process itself.

If you wash the bag in a new and high-quality washing machine, the results would be better. You should also use the best detergents because they are stronger and more efficient.

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