How to get a Yorkie to stop barking

How to Stop Yorkie Barking – Proven Tips To Train Your Yorkie

How to Stop Yorkie Barking

The Yorkshire Terrier or the Yorkie is one of the smallest dog breeds. A Yorkie is a cute little dog and an incredibly loving friend. This dog breed is famous for being intelligent and responsive, but all Yorkshire Terriers bark a lot.

The barking behavior of a Yorkie is a significant concern for many dog owners. Most people get a Yorkie because of its small size, but they often encounter its barking problems. All owners look for ways on how to stop Yorkie barking. This little dog has unexplained energy and lots of unnecessary curiosity.

A Yorkie puppy or baby isn’t boisterous. He makes little noise, mostly out of discomfort and hunger. But when the puppy grows up with time, he starts its very loud and non-stop barks, which most owners find difficult to handle.

Why Does a Yorkie Bark?

There is more than one answer to this question. A Yorkie barks because:

  1. That’s how all dogs express their emotions. Dogs were hunters and guardians in the olden times. The old generations handed this gene over to the newer breeds. All dogs bark when they see a new or an unknown object. The same goes for a Yorkie.
  2. Yorkies are possessive of their territories. They love to show their dominance over the place they own. They bark at everything they hear to mark their presence.
  3. To communicate like all other dog breeds. But unlike other breeds, a Yorkie’s bark is loud and too high-pitched. Besides, a Yorkie barks more than other dogs do. Since this is a hyperactive and smart dog, it barks when it is happy or when it is annoying, or even when it is sad. Continuous barking is the only way a Yorkie communicates its feelings and emotions.
  4. Of its ears. Yes! As surprising as it sounds, it is a fact. Yorkies have different ears. Their ears’ unique shape and positioning make them hear even the tiniest and most low-pitch sound around.

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Most Yorkies get entirely carried away while barking. They continue barking for long hours without a break. This act of barking leaves owners frustrated and helpless. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a Yorkie as a pet. These dogs also deserve a home.

As a Yorkie owner, you must be questioning yourself every day about training a Yorkie not to bark. The answer to this question lies in this article. Read further to know how to get a Yorkie to stop barking.

Before you question how to train a Yorkie not to bark, observe the different kinds of barking noises and tones it makes. It would help if you also analyzed your dog’s body language and its barking behavior. These indicators will help you apply different ways to curb down your Yorkie’s barking.

Different Noises a Yorkie Makes

A Yorkie doesn’t only bark. He makes different kinds of noises. Some are high-pitched, and others are low-pitched. You need to understand each noise it makes. It is the first step you take to learn how to train a Yorkie not to bark. Let us find out what all these sounds are:

Low-tone Barking

Yorkies bark in a low tone to warn you of something dangerous or threatening. Whenever a Yokie sees something new, he barks in a low tone to let you know that it might be harmful. A change in normal circumstances also leads to a similar barking tone.

Yorkies are famous for being over sensitive. Expect them to bark on the sound of the wind, chirping birds, or even a passing vehicle.

High-tone Barking

If your Yorkie barks at a high pitch non-stop, take this as his desperation for your attention. Maybe it wants to go out for a stroll or needs something to eat. These tiny dogs are big attention-seekers.


Do not take your Yorkie’s growling lightly. You can easily differentiate a growling sound from other kinds of noises. Growling indicates a warning. A Yorkie growls when he sees something come too close to its safe place. It can be an animal, a person, a vehicle, or any other thing. While growling, Yorkies bend their bodies in a lowered position. This position warns the other part of a strike.


Whining indicates emotional discomfort. You will notice your Yorkie whining quite a lot of times. It is his way of telling you that he is nervous, missing you, in pain, or needs your help. Unlike humans, dogs whine about signaling owners of their pains and troubles.


It is similar to whining. Your adult Yorkie communicates his pain through whining while your puppy Yorkie whimpers to let you know his emotions. A baby Yorkie expresses his distress and discomfort through non-stop whimpering.


A yelp indicates extreme pain and injury. It is a quick and high-pitched sound. It will only come out when your Yorkie has just suffered a painful injury. You should not take yelping lightly. It can be an indication of both a temporary pain and something severe.


Yorkies moan when they are happy. Observe this the next time you rub your dog’s tummy or tickle him with your fingers. Moaning is a very low-tone sound and indicates happiness.

How to Stop Yorkie Barking?

How to train a Yorkie not to bark

Find out how you can train your dog to stop unnecessary barking:

1. The Desensitization Strategy

So as learned, a Yorkie is a sensitive dog that can bark at any time on anything. You can either hear your dog making a low-pitched sound to warn you or a high-pitched noise to gain your attention. It is essential to properly train your dog so that he becomes used to the things around him. Most Yorkies bark every time a doorbell rings. To stop them from doing that, you need to teach them that barking will get them no attention. We call it desensitization training.

This training has a total of five steps.

  • Step One: Ask a friend to help you with this one. Ask him to ring the bell after every 20 seconds. It can happen at a random time of the day. Observe your Yorkie every time the bell rings. Whenever he starts to bark, order him to sit.
  • Step Two: Use a quiet and calming tone to tell your dog that all is fine. Relax him down a bit.
  • Step Three: Give your dog a treat or a pat on the back when he doesn’t react to the doorbell. He won’t stop barking immediately. Praise him when he doesn’t bark for at least 5 seconds.
  • Step Four: If your Yorkie doesn’t stop to bark, do not give him attention. Ignore him completely. This act of ignorance will show them that barking is a waste of energy.
  • Step Five: Once your dog starts to notice the difference the barking and no-barking brings, he will eventually start to calm down. Don’t expect your dog to learn the difference within a day. It takes days of the same exercise to train a Yorkie.

2. Obedience Classes

Do you know there are so many dog experts who conduct obedience classes every month? If you have failed to train your Yorkie at home, enroll him in an obedience class. These classes teach your dogs not to bark and build a strong bond between you and them.

3. Buy Him Toys

Most Yorkies bark because they are sad and lonely. If you think your Yorkie craves some fun, get him lots of toys. Separation anxiety is real with dogs. Surround your pet with a fun environment so he can stay occupied for a long time.

4. Be Firm

Whenever your Yorkie barks, pick him up and look in his eyes. With a firm tone, ask him to be “Quiet.” Do not break eye contact with your pet. Put your dog away when he finally looks away.

5. Night-time Exercise

Often, Yorkies howl at night because they sense another dog around. If your Yorkie howls every night without a break, give him some evening exercises. Exercises calm down a dog and also make him sleep early and soundly. An exercise session will help calm your dog significantly.  Also, if possible, put down all your curtains at night to block external noises.

Conclusion – How to get a Yorkie to stop barking

A Yorkie is a beautiful dog who needs some extra training. Do not stress out or frustrate yourself because of your dog’s barking habits. Like a child, a Yorkie also needs your attention and time to train him into a good boy. It takes some time. Keep giving your best and see the change it makes in your dog’s behavior.

To make things better for your Yorkie, arrange meetings between him and other dog breeds. He will learn a thing or two from his other dog friends. Also, he will learn to be more accepting of his changing environment.

If this isn’t possible, get yourself a new pet from a different breed. A companion will make a difference in your Yorkie’s behavior. A Yorkie is one of the sweetest dogs that you can own. Get him the love and care he needs and enjoy this adorable creation.

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