How To Stop Dog From Scratching The Door

How To Stop Dog From Scratching The Door

Dog scratching doorsDogs that are scratching the door might be showing behavioral problems. The most usual reason is anxiety, separation, trauma, and their eagerness to be always with their master or pet parent. Many of the dogs feel abandoned, and they also feel isolated if they are separated from their owner. That is when they might break down any obstacle that comes in their way, even if it is a door.

Dogs are doing it because they want to remove the obstacle that separates them from seeing their owner or be closer to them. Several dogs claw and scratch the door so intensely, which leads to their paws bleeding. It is due to fragments or accidentally hurting their nails.

There are times that the dogs can scratch the door too much and file their nails down, which causes them to start to bleed as well. If you get home and see your dog’s paws bleeding due to too much scratching on your door, then you will need to visit a local animal hospital or clinic. You can also direct to a veterinarian to help treat your dog’s injury quickly.

If your dogs did some damage or destroy the door in your house, you will need to learn how to stop dogs from scratching doors. You can keep reading this article to find out!

Why Does My Dog Keep Scratching?

So, why do dogs scratch? Generally, there is only one desire on why your dogs keep scratching the door. Obviously, they want something or want to get on the other side of the door for some reason. Yeah, there can be several things your dog likes.

You can assume that your dog wants to be on the other side of the door just to be with you or be with its closest owner. They may also be uncomfortable in the place where they are. Your dogs might want something, such as objects, stuff, or animals that they can see but they can’t get to. You can try removing the thing or sending away the animals they see on the other side of the door.

They may also be scratching the door in hopes of getting their hands into what they are seeing. If possible, you need to keep away the invading animals from your yard entirely, and you might solve your dog’s problem as quickly as that.

Always remember that every behavior of your dog means something. Dogs did that not because they want to; they need or want something, but they are restricted. In fact, learning how to properly take care of your dog is one that a dog owner should do. It is not always about training your dog, it also involves gathering knowledge on how you will handle your pet.

In this way, you can create a long-lasting relationship, with less hassle and worries.

How To Stop The Dog From Scratching The Door?

The first way to encourage your dog to stop scratching on doors should be positive reinforcement. It includes giving them some treats where they do not scratch for a certain amount of time. If you wonder how to stop dogs from scratching doors, you can also go out with them to play anywhere when they stop scratching.

Just don’t forget that the dogs have every reason to scratch on a door. They are obviously not doing this to annoy or make their owner angry. If you respond with anger at them, then it may cause further behavioral issues.

Figuring out why your dog is scratching your door is not that difficult. You just need to observe your dog, and you might find something that makes him do that. So, it is always advisable if you could train your pet.

When you are training your dog, you have to remain calm. In this way, your dog will never misunderstand you. It is also essential to train your dog by saying a firm “NO” but not in a way that you show anger.

Then you must reward them if they comply with what you tell them to do. You also need to start this kind of training as soon as you get your first dog. Do not give them your attention before you leave them in the house. Try to leave as calmly as possible.

Also, the last thing you should do is you can install a doggie door if your dog needs to access the comfort room while you are away.

Why Do Dogs won’t Stop Scratching?

Dogs won’t stop scratching until they see what is on the other side of the door or what they can get in there. Usually, a dog will scratch the door because sometimes they feel like they are isolated or quarantined. Some owners would be shocked when they get home to find and see their loving dog scratching the door. You should know that most dogs that spend their time indoors are the most likely to scratch the bedroom doors, front doors, back doors, and even the sliding glass door.

So, it is recommended to train your dog to become comfortable when they are at home alone. But if the training does not help, we recommend you find a crate with comfortable space for them, which they can move inside freely. If you get home and find your door scratched by your dog, try not to recognize your dog’s behavior and also ignore the door from being scratched. By the time that you see your dog inside your room, please do not give them the reward they do not deserve. They should know the consequences of what they did, but not in the way that you will hurt them or try to imprison them. You can just ignore them and find a good trainer that will work best with your dog.

Is It Normal For A Dog To Scratch The Door?

Dog scratching doors is one of the most challenging behaviors of the dog, but since they are just animal pets, it is most likely okay. However, dogs can also be trained by an expert dog trainer. So, if your dog has a habit of scratching your door, you should try and get a trainer or learn to train your dog. It will be a good investment for your dog to be able to stay in an indoor place or area even if they are alone.

Once your dogs are trained, you should see the improvement in their behavior, but sometimes dogs can just be as persistent as a child. They will always want attention. Also, if they get their eye to something but do not seem to get it because it is outside of their reach, they will do their best to grab it, even if it means scratching the door in front of them.

Dogs won’t stop scratching until they get what they want.

How To Address The Issue Of Your Dog Scratching Doors

When you see your door with a scratch because of your dog, rather than scolding your dog, you might as well divert your attention first to other things around you. Do not ever show anger to your dog as it might trigger trauma on them. They may feel uneasy towards you once they see you are angry at them.

Rather than being angry at your dog, evaluate first why they do that. For sure, there is a reason why your dog scratched your door. In some cases, many dog owners install some mini doors for their pets so they can move around the house freely. But, if you are not happy with such things, then you might as well train your dog to stop scratching your door.

Just like we have mentioned earlier, training is the best solution. If you cannot do it or have time to spend time with your dog, let a professional dog trainer do it. It might be a little pricey, but for the sake of your dog and your convenience, there is nothing wrong in investing a little, which is, in fact, very helpful in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Dogs that continue their behavior even after the changes you’ve made will be needing professional assistance. Do not hesitate to ask for some help. This is even if you already place protection on all of the doors in your house.

It will be best to find out why your dog behaves like that, so you treat it earlier. Training your dog can bring an advantage to both of you in the long run. Teaching your dog to be independent in some cases can help make your pet feel they are separated from their owner. It will also help them prevent having anxiety.

Dogs scratching your door is a behavior that can be common among dogs of all breeds, especially for dogs left behind by their past owners or who have some sort of trauma. If you often leave the house and you know that your dog might scratch your door, then we suggest that you invest in looking for a good dog crate or install a puppy door so they can freely move around your house.

Dogs are like humans with feelings and emotions. You should always understand and teach them as well.

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