How to Start Learning Piano

How to Start Learning Piano? A Guide To Help You Make A Better Start

best way to learn to play piano

If you’re having a hard time knowing how to start learning the piano, then congratulations, you’re close enough to the best method for learning the piano. In this article, we will discuss the best way to learn to play the piano.

As a beginner, it’s hard to learn the piano. But if you are eager enough to learn to play the piano, there’s nothing impossible. For sure, many are still asking themselves “can you teach yourself learn piano?”

The answer would be definitely YES! There are ways to help yourself the best way to learn the piano. In fact, there are three best ways to learn to play the piano, but before anything else, what kind of piano you are interested to use or what is the available piano you will be using?

To clearly know how to start learning the piano, start from knowing your instrument first.

Choosing The Right Piano: Acoustic Or Digital Piano?

Before wondering how to start learning the piano, think first about what kind of piano you’re going to use or what kind of piano you’ll start to learn playing. Do you like an acoustic piano or would you prefer a digital piano? To decide what is right for you, let’s define each type first.

What is Acoustic Piano?

If you’re not yet familiar with what acoustic piano is, it’s the type of traditional piano. Acoustic pianos are what we usually see for operas, theatrical plays, concerts, or any other musical events. Under acoustic piano, it has different types also—the grand, upright, spinet, and studio piano. These acoustic pianos are larger compared to digital pianos.

  • An acoustic piano has grand and high-quality sounds and has a traditional touch.
  • Using an acoustic piano, you’ll get to hear the sounds based on how you really play them.
  • We can’t deny that an acoustic piano at home adds elegance and class to your place.
  • The sound, which the acoustic piano releases are so natural.
  • Acoustic pianos are increasing its value over time.
  • Acoustic piano requires regular maintenance.

  • Since acoustic pianos are traditional, they can’t evolve with time and technology.

  • They are prone to the effects of environmental changes such a temperature, humidity, and moisture exposure. You need to place it in an area where it’s not exposed to these factors.

  • Acoustic pianos require a big space.

  • It is more expensive.

So, if you’re the type of person wanting to play big pianos with loud sounds, and more traditionally, the better choose learning to play the piano using an acoustic piano.

What is Digital Piano?

If you do not have an acoustic piano, a digital piano is the best substitute. Digital pianos are the modern version of acoustic pianos. Under digital piano, it also has different types— the roll-up piano and digital keyboards. While acoustic pianos are large, digital pianos are much smaller.

You also can check out our other review on the different types of popular keyboard pianos.

  • Digital piano does not require much maintenance and tuning.

  • It is much affordable than any other piano types.

  • You can adjust volumes and allowed to plug in headphones if you want some private practice.

  • It incorporates fun features such as recording, various instrumental sounds, and other built-in elements.

  • Digital pianos do not take up much space.

  • You may find it difficult to repair.

  • Unlike an acoustic piano, digital pianos sometimes sound artificial.

  • Though digital pianos are modern versions, technology is always evolving. Most likely, that your digital piano 5 years ago cannot keep up with the digital pianos today or in the future. As time goes by, its value decreases.

  • If you prefer a smaller piano, then you should go with digital pianos like keyboards or roll up pianos. Either of these two is a good way to start. But, not only they are smaller; they are much more affordable as well.

Now that you’ve chosen the right instrument for you, then we will now proceed on how to start learning piano. We will narrow the best way to learn to play piano.

3 Best Method for Learning Piano

You are just a step away from learning how to play the piano. There are ways to learn to play the piano—the self-leaning, online learning, and offline or traditional learning method. If you want to learn more about these methods, let’s proceed to the following sections.

1. The Self-Learning Method

The self-learning method is about learning to play the piano on your own. It encompasses different areas that you need to follow to know how to start learning the piano.

a. Learn By Ear

It involves listening to different sounds and music of piano until you have an idea about notes. There are piano videos and music available online, which you can hear for free. Starting from this point is a good way to start.

b. Know Basic Piano Knowledge

This is usually the starting point of any piano class—knowing the basics of the piano. It includes familiarizing yourself with the piano keys—the middle keys, flat keys (left black), sharp keys (right black), bass, and high tones.

Next is to know the basic keys: C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. These are called natural keys or white keys. The black keys are called accidentals, which makes sharp or flat tones.

Then, learn the position of middle C. This key is the base of how to start learning piano. You can locate Middle C near the middle of the keyboard, which is the white key on the left grouping of black keys.

c. Familiarizing The Major Keys

In the best way to learn to play the piano, familiarizing the major keys is very important. Even you have an instructor or just teaching yourself; this is one of the first steps to do.

Usually, the best way to learn these major keys are by numbering system (depends if you’re comfortable). For example, 1= as the middle C, 2=D, 3=E, 4=F, 5=G, 6=A, 7=B, and 8= higher C.

d. Learning The Most Common Chords

Do not worry if you cannot read music yet, there is a way to learn the most common chords when it comes to playing the piano. There are videos on the internet that you can watch to help yourself learn to play the piano. You can refer to the video below for example.

e. Know the Music patterns

In fact, in music, there are patterns. You’ll notice that most songs have chords that repeat. If you can determine the song patterns, chances are you will likely learn to play the piano the easiest. In this step, it requires listening skills. You can try listening to songs and observe their patterns. From there, you will start to familiarize how patterns repeat and for how many times.

f. Learning The Proper Fingering

This is true; the key to learning the piano is knowing the proper fingering. It means you need to be familiar with how your fingers will press the keys and what the right finger to a particular key is. Start from the major scales going minor scales. You can watch this video for reference.

g. Learning How To Read Music

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of piano, you’ll understand this step naturally. If you knew the basic keys, you will also get to know how to read the music. This video helps you learn how to read music.

h. Using Instructional Media

Aside from watching videos or tutorials online, you can purchase instructional media such as books and other available instructional components related to music and instruments.

2. Online Learning Method

Another best method for learning piano is online. There are online courses available to help you learn to play the piano. If you do not want to self-study, you can register or enroll in online piano courses.

No matter where you are, you can learn to play the piano. If you like to have an instructor but do not want to go outside, then the online learning method is the best for you.

Here are some of the most recommended piano online courses available for beginners:

A. The Pianoforall

Pianoforall is one of the most popular and recommended piano online courses for everyone, especially for beginners. Their course can help you know how to start learning the piano.

From the basics of piano, reading music, proper fingering, to the actual playing of the piano, Pianoforall is a good course, to begin with. You will surely learn to play the piano through their systematic process that you will enjoy and at the same time, learn to play your dream piano instrument.

B. The Rocket Piano

This is an online media where you can start learning the piano. They are offering paid and free online piano course for everyone. Besides, they are also offering music books that will help your learning process.

You can order online by going through their website. In addition, you can receive bonuses from The Rocket Piano, which you’ll surely enjoy!

C. The Playground Sessions

It is a platform, which caters to providing online piano sessions for everyone; even you are a beginner or an advanced learner. It has an online piano application, which will assist you in learning how to play the piano. If you are interested, see this video on how you will learn with playground sessions.

D. The Artistworks

The Artistworks is an online platform, which offers different instrument courses. But, since we’re talking about learning the piano, Artistworks has independent piano instructors to help you know how to start learning the piano. Whether you opt for learning acoustic or digital piano, there is an instructor to guide you. To know more about their course, refer to this.

E. The Flowkey

This is also one of the best new ways to learn to play the piano. Flowkey is an online platform offering step by step courses for you to achieve learning piano.

Just like any other piano platform on this list, Flowkey is suitable for all types of learners, from beginners to advanced. You can choose from their subscription plan, either monthly or yearly. In addition, Flowkey offers a 30-day free trial for everyone.

F. Take Lessons

If you are searching for top-quality piano lessons welcome to Take Lessons.

Most probably you are eager to find personalized courses that are provided by well-trained instructors. You are able to find all types of piano lessons with different price ranges based on your needs.

Moreover, Take Lessons allows you to try a lesson and if you are not satisfied, your unused balance will be refunded.

3. Offline Learning Method or Traditional Learning

Lastly, another way to know how to start learning piano is through offline learning. This is also called the traditional learning of piano. Before, all interested learners will enroll in a piano school to know and learn all the aspects of learning piano.

In this method, you will need to attend a physical school or do one-on-one piano lessons with an independent instructor. Some beginners prefer to use an offline learning method aside from self-learning.

Here are some of the best Music schools, which can cater to high-quality piano lessons for learners:

These schools are excellent and only provide the best lessons and knowledge about any music-related field including piano lessons and many other instruments.

If any of these are near to you, then you can enroll or apply for a scholarship for full access to piano courses.

How to Find Good Piano School?

Considering a good piano school is one the best method for learning piano. But do you have any idea oh how you’ll find a good piano school? Here are some tips for you:

  • Try to search online for recommendations. But make sure you’re finding a school near your area or location.
  • Make sure that the piano school has good reviews from the past or present students.
  • Also, determine if the piano has credible and experienced instructors or piano teachers to provide you with piano lessons.
  • You can ask some schools if they are offering piano lessons. There are academic schools offering music lessons or courses.

However, if you don’t want to enroll in a piano school, there is also another way to learn how to play piano traditionally—find a good piano teacher that can teach you at home.

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher?

can you teach yourself piano

There are qualities of a good piano teacher that you must consider before getting one. Just so you know, a piano teacher will play a big role in the process of learning the piano.

That is why it is important to find the right piano teacher for your piano goals. The following are some tips about how you will find a good piano teacher:

  • Know your goals or expectations first. Are you a beginner and want to learn the basics of learning piano? Do you want to refresh your piano skills? Or you might want to have a career in music? Once you know yourself then start finding a good piano teacher based on your level.
  • Are you an adult or a teen? Or, is your child the interested one? Once answered, you can ask around for recommendations or reviews from your neighbor, friends, classmates, colleagues, or family. Ask them if they know a good piano teacher that they can recommend to you.
  • If you have any potential piano teacher in mind, you can attend some of his/her student’s recital. In that way, you can assess if the teacher can give and teach enough piano knowledge to his/her students. However, if you cannot attend a recital, then better to ask the students or parents of the students for some reviews of opinions.
  • The best way to find out if you have found the right piano teacher is asking the teacher directly. You can invite the teacher for an interview or you can inquire about his/her piano lessons. In this way, you can sense if he/she is a good piano teacher for you.
  • You can also ask some piano teachers if they have any credentials. Like certification proving that they are credible piano instructors. Know their teaching experiences, the number of accomplished recitals, or any matters related to music.
  • Most importantly, try to seek a good piano teacher that can offer reasonable rates. But if costs do not matter to you, then there’s no problem as you can hire even the best piano teacher in your location.
  • Aside from asking around, the internet is the best way to find good piano teachers. There, you can read some testimonials and you can contact them in an instant since most teachers have social media accounts for faster communication.

My Final Thoughts

Knowing how to start learning piano is not that easy. It requires courage, interest, eagerness, and dedication to finish learning it. While there are different ways to learn to play the piano, it will still depend on how you will absorb and study the lessons or courses you going into.

Whether you opt for self-learning, online learning, or offline learning, what matters is your eagerness and dedication. If you really want to learn to play the piano, then you should follow every step, of course with the guidance of an instructor or any reliable resources, to achieve your goal.

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