How to Keep Dog Entertained While at Work

15 Ways on How to Keep Dog Entertained While at Work

How to Keep a Dog Occupied

Almost every household has a dog living with them under the same roof. Many people have jobs to do, so they have to leave their house. It is challenging to leave your loving puppy alone in the house, especially when it suffers from separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a psychological issue in which the person or animal has extreme anxiety when separated from its loved one or even an object they hold dear. Chewed shoes, garbage can break into utter chaos; this is what some owners come home to after their jobs. The dog lashes out and behaves in such ways because of separation anxiety. Therefore, both the dog and the owner need to solve this issue.

The best way to solve this problem is to find ways on how to keep your dog busy while at work, and we have listed such ways down for you. Read on to pick what works best for you:

How to Keep a Dog Occupied:

1. Television Distractions

It will add a few dollars to your electricity bills, but it is worth the calming effect it will have on your affectionate furry friend.

By turning on the television, the dog will be distracted for hours by the auditory attractions and the visuals the television will portray. There are many dog channels on local television cables now. However, this distraction will not last for more than a few hours.

2. Buy Engaging Toys:

Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys help keep the dog distracted for quite a long time as they have the motivation to get a treat once they solve it. So, they keep on trying till they get them all. Such toys require dog treats of choice to place underneath or inside the toy.

Your dog will have to figure out how to take out of reach for the pleasure. As dogs are hunters by their instinct, they keep themselves busy because of the food reward. Some recommendable puzzle toys are:

Puzzle Toys For Your Dog

Treat dispensers

These toys have the treats stocked inside them, and once the dog plays with the toy, roll it over, and physically pushes it around, the toy drops a few treats on the ground. Such toys are fantastic for dogs as they include physical exercise as well as mental exertion. The given link to one such treat may help you:

Treat dispensers For Your Dog

3. Use Calming Treats

There are many calming treats on the market. They will help keep the stress hormones at a lower level, resulting in a lower anxiety level in the owner’s absence. Such treats mostly keep the dog relaxed and calm, or some may even fall asleep. Such calming treats are a straightforward fix to relax the dogs.

Calming Treats For Your Dog

4.  Chewing Toys

These toys are great for the dog’s oral hygiene as well. These chewing toys keep the dog busy with the juicy, tasty flavor, and they are distracted for quite a while because of them.  These toys tire the dog, and they will not be chewing the shoes and other objects.

There are many kinds of chewing toys ranging from silicone balls to natural bones. The owners should experiment with them first and figure out which works best for their dog.

Chewing Toys For Your Dog

5. White Noise

With the advancements in technology, this is the best way to keep the dog entertained while at work. White noise is always heard in the background, which has an unusually calming effect on animals and humans. They are instrumental in calming the dog while the owner is away. The outside world can be agitating enough for the dog, and this is where white noise comes into the picture.

You can play white noises on a device or even turn on a fan, AC unit, or anything that makes a hum, which would have a relaxing effect on the dog. White noise is a terrific substitute for leaving the TV on, and it helps keep the electric bill in check.

6. Shut the Windows

This step depends on the behavior of your pup. If the puppy has a high preying drive, he tends to be more agitated and excited to window watch. The outside world has a lot to offer, but to the dog who gets easily excited, it may cause anxiety and, consequently, create a mess in the house.

It is the best solution to shut all the windows and cover them with curtains so that the dog will not see what is happening in the outside world.

For calmer dogs who do not get that excited, seeing outside windows is a great distraction! A nice cozy setup should be made for the dog near the window to relax while window watching and having a calm and peaceful time alone.

7. Play Areas

Confining the dog to a small portion of the house or even in a cage for extended periods will harm the dog’s mental health and make them more anxious and aggressive. Such dogs develop many issues in the future. Hence, one of the best ways of entertaining dogs while at work is by setting up a playpen for the dog with their favorite toys, treats, and a few of their comfort object.

The dog will be on cloud nine while playing with his favorite toys, and this way, they will also be distracted for quite a long time.

8. Doggy Bed

You may also give a comfortable, smooth, and soft dog bed, which would motivate the dog to sleep before leaving for work and even after. As the saying goes, a sleepy dog is a good dog.

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9. Hunting for Treats

You can hide treats around the house in multiple locations, and once you leave, the dog will be on its quest to find all the goodies. It plays with the dog’s predatory nature and keeps them busy ‘hunting’ for the treats. This will successfully keep the dog distracted for hours!

10. Dog Walkers

Many apps and services help dog owners connect with dog walkers in their locations who come, bond with the pup, take them for walks, and keep them fed and entertained when the owner is at work or even on a holiday. It is the best way to keep the dog busy and distracted.

11. Tiring the Dog out

Many dog owners ask the question, “how to keep dogs entertained while at work?”. We would say that the best solution to this is to make sure your dog is asleep.

When you are about to leave the house for work, you should play with the dog, take them for a walk and physically exert their energies so that once you leave for work, the dog will be too tired even to care that the owner has left. They will either sleep for some time or eat their food and relax and re-energize themselves.

12. Pet Cams

Pet cams are the most incredible way to keep a check on your dog for times you are not at home. These doggy cams are available everywhere and have some built-in features as well.

Many of the doggy cams come with built-in speakers; the owner can speak to the dog while being at their workplace. They can also throw treats into the air for the dog to catch with their mouths. There are a variety of doggy cams, and they are not that expensive to buy either.

Indoor Dog Camera For Your Dog

13. Getting Another Pet

Having another pet is a great way to keep both busy. They will play with each other, keep each other engaged and distracted. Both the dogs will be happy, and the owner gets twice the amount of love, so it is a win-win situation.

14. Doggy Day Care

Yes, there are such facilities available. Doggy daycares are an institution run by people who love animals and dogs, and they take care of the dogs until the owner gets free from work and pick them up.

The dogs get a chance to play with other dogs, get pampered, learn new tricks, and have a good time. It is a fantastic way to keep the dog occupied while you are work.

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Dogtopia Dog Day Care

15. Long-Lasting Treats

If the owner is not comfortable with chewing toys or had a bad experience with them, they could always use long-lasting treats such as peanut butter or whipped cream. There are toys like Premium Treat Dog Toy from chew king that you can stuff in with these long-lasting treats.

These toys will keep the dog distracted for a lot of time and keep them busy till it wears down and tires out and goes to take a nap instead.

Wrapping Up

Hence all your pooch needs are a few distractions designed for entertaining dogs while at work. Over a few weeks and months, the dog will come to terms with the fact that its owner leaves for work and comes back after a time every day.

However, not every dog is the same; hence, you will need to experiment with your dog and determine which method suits your dog best. Once you find the best method, we guarantee that your beloved puppy will be happy with being alone for a while.

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