How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision

How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision ? – Prevention Guide and Tips

binoculars double vision

Binoculars serve to magnify objects, which lets you clearly see the items that are very far from you. You can’t ignore the importance of binoculars. People use binoculars, such as 10×42 binoculars, while watching different kinds of sports and activities, like horseracing, hunting, car racing, and much more.

It is often very frustrating when facing the problem of double vision while trying to focus on something or someone through binoculars. If you ever wonder why you didn’t face this problem when you bought the binoculars, you may be onto something.

It’s likely that the problem might have arisen due to careless handling. Today, we are going to discuss all double vision in binoculars and how to fix this problem.

What Does Double Vision in Binoculars Mean?

Double vision is when you look towards something with the naked eye, and it’s only one in number. However, when you try to see it through binoculars, it appears to be two separate things. This problem is double vision.

To help you understand the problem of double vision in binoculars more clearly, here is a simple illustration showing what a naked eye can see versus what a person will see through binoculars with the double vision problem.

What Does Double Vision in Binoculars Mean

The image on the left shows only one moon, whereas there are two moons on the right side. It is clear from the illustration that one of the moons is real, and the other has no physical existence. It is actually the reflection of the moon we can see with the naked eye. This is what people call double vision.

The reason behind the problem of double vision in binoculars is a disruption in the way light enters the binoculars. What happens next Is the problem. After the light then exits the binoculars, it doesn’t reflect properly toward the final destination and is inaccurate. One of the leading causes of this problem can be the lenses, and another reason can be the prisms inside the binoculars. If the alignment of the lenses and the prism is incorrect, we will face the problem of double vision.

How to Fix Binoculars with Double Vision ?

Fixing this double vision problem is not an easy task because once you change the setting, it’s not a computer application to quickly undo your actions. Instead, it is a manual process, which is time-consuming.

However, if you want to make adjustments, you may carry out the operation. Still, we recommend you only have a look around with the adjustment screws. Don’t disassemble the binoculars by yourself. It will be very difficult to reassemble the binoculars just as they were before you disassembled them. It is a very technical process that only a trained person can carry out.

The process of resolving a double vision problem in binoculars is very delicate and complex. The whole device has to be disassembled and then collimating of two lenses is done. The process of binocular collimation is very challenging, and you should be ready to deal with the difficulty.

Step 1

First of all, you will have to find out which side of the binoculars is not balanced and shows the false result. You will have to carry out an experiment to confirm which side of the binoculars has the problem. You need to draw or paint a figure, as shown below:

The specifications of this figure are:

Draw a (+) plus sign (12 x 12) inches lines

Then, put a small line at a distance of one inch each on both the lines, as shown in the figure.

Before placing this paper or cardboard, take a base for this experiment.

Place this paper or cardboard approximately 100 meters from the binoculars.

Step 2

Stand in front of the shape and see through binoculars. Try to observe the line distance by focusing on the middle of the figure (i.e., + plus sign). From the observation, you should be able to find out which one of the lenses is causing the problem.

As mentioned, you can print this figure on paper, or if a printer is not available, you may use a whiteboard, a black marker, a ruler, etc., and use it to draw this figure.

You will need something like a sticker or solution tape, etc., to place the cardboard on the wall, or a table,  or a tree, to have a clear vision from a distance of approximately 100 meters. The distance can be less than 100 meters but not more than this.

Hopefully, by conducting this experiment, you will be able to find the problem.

Step 3

After finding the problem, you need to have a very small screwdriver.

Search for very small screws where white dots are laced. Similar-colored covers usually cover these screws. Remove these covers with small, sharp tools with tiny, sharp tips like a paper cutter.

Please keep in mind that the de-collimation occurs when the path of light alters. This may be due to the disturbance in the lens’ position itself or misplaced screws. We will discuss how to solve both of these problems.

Problem With Screws

Let us suppose the problem lies in the screws, and the lens is correctly positioned. For example, if the distortion is on the left side, try to rotate the inner side screw present on the left side in a clockwise direction.

Note the variation in the results by again looking through the binoculars the same way as mentioned above. That is, look at it from a distance of around 100 meters. If the distance increases, then turn the screw anticlockwise, and observe the effects in the same manner, from a distance of 100 meters. Now, try the outside screw by repeating the action, i.e., clockwise and anticlockwise.

You can try to adjust with one side of the binoculars, but it is preferable to make adjustments on both sides for more symmetric results. Here, we once again emphasize not to disturb the balanced settings of the binoculars to a greater extent. Otherwise, you will not be able to readjust to the default position very easily once they are lost.

Problem with Lens

If distortion is due to the lens, you may also try to remove the front lens just for cleaning. However, before opening the binoculars, make sure that you have noted the positioning of both the glasses to reinstall it in the same position.

If you fail in doing so, the distortion might increase. During cleaning, don’t use chemicals like glass cleaners or any soap or detergent, or any other lather-forming chemical. Just clean with some soft tissue paper or soft cloth.

If you have gone through this process and have assembled the binoculars, you may check them using the same experiment. Look through the binoculars to the chart which you had previously printed or drawn. This process should have solved the problem for you, and the duplicity of items should be removed.

You may watch the video of de-assembling and cleaning binoculars by clicking on the video below:

Bonus Tips: How To Avoid the Double Vision in Binoculars

Binoculars are a very delicate instrument that can’t maintain their normal function in harsh conditions. One needs to take great care while handling binoculars. For example, suppose the manufacturer has said nothing about the waterproofing of the binoculars.

In that case, this simply concludes that you shouldn’t take them out in the rain or expose them to water. Never take a chance with binoculars. They get damaged very easily.

Secondly, if you are not a good mechanic, never mess around with binoculars just because you are curious about what is inside them. Once you open them up, there is no way you can put them back to how they were before.

You should give your curiosity a little rest, and instead of experimenting on your binoculars, search the internet to find out all about the making of binoculars. You can also buy cheap spare binoculars to satisfy your curiosity. However, never disassemble them if you are not an expert mechanic who knows how to reassemble them.

For sporting events or hiking, consider having Porro Prism Binoculars, as it was designed for such a situation.

In every activity, you are into; there is a type of binocular on that particular event. You may want to consider using an appropriate type of binoculars for such activities. In that way, you can have clearer, brighter, and good object imagery.

Final Thoughts

Binoculars are very handy and convenient equipment that can help people enjoy different events to the fullest. Yet, they are very difficult to handle and store. One should always try to put the binoculars in a very safe place where the chances of damage are almost zero percent.

In case of any inconvenience, damage, or if you didn’t know how to store your binoculars and they have developed the problem of double vision, you can fix them at your home.

The process is very technical and tricky. You will need to be very careful and have the correct instruments to use while fixing the problem. We hope this article has helped you. Let us know if this article has helped you!

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