Cleaning Your Binoculars

How to Clean Binoculars ? – Step By Step Maintenance Guide

How To Clean Binoculars

How to clean binoculars? You might have seen someone cleaning his binoculars. Breathe into the eyepiece and wipe the glass using the corner of his shirt. In fact, that is very erroneous! If you dare to do it, then you will just be degrading the quality of the images you would ever see after that.

There is a proper way to clean your binoculars. The right way how to clean binoculars prevents it from having scratches and marks that might give you a cloudy image over time. By practicing the right way of cleaning your binoculars, you can get the most out of your investment!

It is so important to know the proper way to clean your binoculars. Thus, you can have the best shots every time. This guide will definitely explain all of that. Let’s begin!

Cleaning Your Binoculars: What Do You Need?

proper binoculars cleaning kit

Actually, the best way to keep your binoculars intact is not to clean them so often. In other words, the less you tidy up your binoculars, the less risk of getting damages or scratches. It may sound counterproductive, but a regular cleaning cycle can cause more damage to its lens and coatings.

Of course, you will come to a certain point that you need to clean your binoculars. It allows you to have more chances of capturing spectacular views. But before cleaning, make sure that you have the ethical things or materials necessary to clean your binoculars. Using the right materials assures that your binoculars are well cared for and maintained for ultimate usage.

Asking yourself how to clean binoculars inside and out? You must provide the following materials first:

  1. Lens Pen: It is a retractable brush used for wiping off the dust from lenses.
  2. Lens Cleaning Water Solution, Water, Or Kit (if any): You will find binoculars cleaning kits or solutions in the market. This is the only recommended solution for how to clean your binoculars properly.
  3. Microfiber Cloth or Cleaning Cotton: This kind of cloth is very soft so it is suitable for cleaning lenses. It will not leave any scar on the lenses due to its soft material.
  4. Air Blaster or Squeeze Ball: This is an air pump, which will get rid of debris and dust from binocular lenses and even cameras.
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These three materials mentioned above are just the only things recommended for cleaning your binoculars. Do not use the following materials for cleaning:

  1. Any clothing item
  2. Detergent and dishwashing soaps or liquid
  3. Paper towel or toilet paper/tissue
  4. Other household cleaners

Step-By-Step Guide: Cleaning Your Binoculars

Since you have all the materials needed. Here is how to clean binoculars inside and out, in the right way to prolong its life for future use.

How to Clean Binocular Lenses

Cleaning the lenses is a sensitive part of maintaining your binoculars. To do it the proper way, you can follow these simple steps:

Step1. Remove dust and dirt debris

The first step is to hold your binoculars properly in an upside-down position. To remove dust and specks of grime, use the lens pen to loosen small particles in the lenses. After that, use the air blaster to blow off dust and debris from the lenses. Using an air blaster, ensure that the product only gives off a short burst of air. Do not try to use it too closely as it can frost up the lenses of your binoculars.

Do not ever breathe or blow onto the lenses as it can form water spots, which could be difficult to clean when it dries. While it is tempting to use the microfiber cloth directly, it is best to start cleaning your binoculars using a lens pen and air blaster.

Step2. Apply the lens cleaning solution 

Do not pour the cleaning solution directly into the lenses since it can seep into the internal components of your binoculars. What you should do is to use a cotton swab or cleaning cotton to pour a little amount of solution in there. Then gently rub or wipe it in the lens to remove away remaining specks of dust and particles. One important note, do not ever store your binoculars until it is fully dry.

Step3. Use the cloth

The last step on how to clean binocular lenses is to remove the remaining smudges by using the microfiber cloth. Do not put pressure while wiping the lenses; it can leave a mark or scar that can damage the coatings of your binoculars.

How to Clean Binoculars Body: Cleaning the Exterior Part

Besides lenses, it is significant to clean the exterior part of your binoculars. As we all know, its body suffers all your sticky fingers after an intensive shoot. Here is how to clean binoculars’ body:

Step1. Just like the lenses, use the air blaster to blow off any dust and tiny particles in its body.

Step2. Next is to reach a dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the whole body of your binoculars. You must include its barrels, eyepieces, and focusing mechanism. Remember not to touch the lenses since it is already clean. Better to position your binoculars upside down so all the dirt can be removed away from the lenses.

Step3. If ever there are marks left, you can use a cloth with warm water and wipe off all the remaining smudges.

How to Clean Binoculars Inside: Cleaning the Interior Part

Many are asking how to clean binoculars inside. In fact, it is not advisable to clean the interior part of binoculars. Opening it would cause damage to the waterproof seals of your binoculars.

Expensive pairs have nitrogen inside to prevent its optics from fogging up. If you tried to open your binoculars, the anti-fogging mechanism could be lost.

If you think that you need to clean the interiors of your binoculars, better to contact its manufacturer or authorize Binoculars repair services to consult them regarding your concern.

How should I keep my binoculars clean?

To keeping your binoculars clean, there are some tips that you can follow. If you want to make the best out of your investment, there is no harm in trying these simple tips:

  • Do not over clean. Regular cleaning can cause damage to lenses.
  • Always use the lens cap. In this way, you can protect your binoculars from disaster. Make sure that that the caps are on when not in use.
  • Store properly. When not in use, make sure to store your binoculars in a dry, clean bag. Stocking your binoculars properly can protect it from dust or dirt.
  • Avoid touching the lenses. While using your binoculars, do not touch the lenses as much as possible. It will keep the lenses from fingerprints and smudges.
  • Use a shoulder harness. Try to purchase a shoulder harness. Dangling your binoculars every time can accumulate dust and dirt on the lenses.

If I am using rubber eyecups, how should I clean them?

If you have rubbing eyecups in your binoculars, you should also clean them as it can become sticky or rough after multiple uses. The best way to clean the rubber eyecups is to use an advisable cleaning solution or water. Gently rub the rubber eyecaps using a soft cloth until clean.

Remember not to put too much pressure when rubbing to prevent it from damaging. Moreover, after using your binoculars, do not forget to roll up the rubber eyecups. In that way, you can extend the use of it.

How should I take care of my binoculars?

As we all know, binoculars are costly. Even when you knew how to clean binoculars, you must try to avoid getting them dirty as much as possible. To do that, here are a few notes, which you can use in the future:

  • Protect binoculars from moisture. Water is the biggest enemy of optics. Due to that fact, you must be very cautious about exposing your binoculars to water. Even when you have waterproof binoculars, try to avoid getting it into the water.
  • If not in use, store it in a padded case. It prevents binoculars from getting dirty and, at the same time, getting broken.
  • Do not leave your binoculars in direct sunlight. The amount of heat could probably harm your binoculars. Besides, it could absorb more dirt and dust.
  • If you will not use your binoculars for an extended period, keep it inside an airtight bag with a commercial desiccant. It will absorb the excess moisture, which eliminates the source of fogging.

When should I seek professional help?

When you are in doubt, you should seek professional help. You can reach out to the manufacturer of your binoculars or go to legit binoculars repair services. If you want to clean your binoculars inside and out, then let professionals or experienced individuals do it for you. It will only cost you a little other than risking the life of your binoculars, which you have invested in.

Binoculars are not just a simple thing. It captures unforgettable memories, amazing views, and memorable moments. You would not want to damage or break it just because you do not know how to clean binoculars properly. The more care you put into it, the longer you can stay with it!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Binoculars

As an owner, it is significantly necessary to be aware of what you should do and what is not when it comes to cleaning your binoculars. The following are the points you need to remember at all time for the sake of your investment:

What are the dos?

  • If you still have it, much better to read the binoculars manual. In there, you can find all the answers to your questions about your binoculars.
  • You should only use the recommended materials for cleaning binoculars. If you tried to use other things, it might damage some components of your binoculars.
  • The best way to rub the lenses is in a circular motion.
  • When the lenses are already dry, use its caps before storing it in a safe place.
  • When cleaning the lenses, just a gentle rubbing will do. 

What are the don’ts?

  • As mentioned multiple times, do not clean your binoculars too often.
  • Do not use your fingers to wipe off the lenses.
  • Do not try to open your binoculars to clean it.
  • Do not blow the lenses to clean it.
  • Do not use any type of cloth to clean binoculars. Microfiber cloth is the only thing advisable to use.
  • Do not ever use Windex, Glass Plus, and other household cleaners. These solutions contain ammonia, which will absolutely dissolve and damage your coatings. The same goes for detergents.
  • Do not try to repair anything yourself. If ever you make a mistake while cleaning your binoculars, let a professional fix it.
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Final Thoughts – Keep Binoculars Filth-Free For Squeaky-Clean Images

Learning how to clean binoculars the proper way is crucial to enjoying the capturing moments. The cleaner your lenses, the clearer images you can have. By now, you already know how to clean binoculars in just simple steps.

But always bear in mind that you should not over clean the lenses as it spoils your binoculars. Another thing, do not forget to use the right materials for cleaning binoculars. A simple mistake might risk the life of your investment. Binoculars are somewhat expensive, so you must make the most out of it!

Most importantly, do not abuse your binoculars. You should be aware of how much your binoculars can withstand and try to avoid those situations that might get it broken. Handling it with care and properly using it could get your binoculars last a lifetime!

So, what are you waiting for? Have fun with your binocular and do not forget to capture the beautiful things our environment has to offer!

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