How long Do Boxer Live

Dog Facts: How Long Do Boxer Live?

average lifespan of boxer dogsDo you plan to adopt a boxer dog? Or you already own one? When it comes to taking care of dogs, you may need to know important information about boxer dogs. Most owners tend to know how long do boxers live, so they know what to expect. In most cases, dog owners are so attached to their dogs that it is difficult to let them go when they die.

In today’s post, we are going to tackle the average lifespan of boxer dogs. At the end of this post, you will know how to make your boxer live longer. So, let us begin!

Do Boxer Dogs Have Short Lifespan?

Let us get straight to the point; Boxers only have a short lifespan. Though it is not a piece of good news for boxer owners, at least you have enough years to be with your fur buddy and let them feel that they are loved. Of course, you are wondering how long do boxers live. In fact, 10 to 12 years is the boxer lifespan. But, there are cases that boxers tend to die earlier because of various reasons.

On the good side, there are also cases that boxers lived for 13 to 16 years. It is not typical for a boxer dog to live such long, but knowing that it is possible is good news.

Why Is The Average Lifespan Of Boxer Dogs Short?

According to studies, the main threat to boxers’ lifespan is cancer. Forty percent of boxer dogs died due to cancer and related complications.

Nevertheless, aside from cancer, neurological disorders and heart diseases also add up to boxer dogs’ early demise. Then, studies also show that the second reason for death for a boxer is old age. So, we can assume that most dogs live their lives up to their full lifespan.

In addition, trauma also contributes, making the lifespan of boxers shorter. In this case, you can easily prevent it. Boxer owners need to be diligent at all times. Later in this post, we will discuss the way to prolong your boxer lifespan.

To sum it up, health issues and how owners treat dogs affect their lifespan. When an owner knows to take care of his dog correctly, then you can have your dog live longer as it should.

Why the Life Expectancy of Boxer Dogs is Shorter ?

Determining the life expectance of boxer dogs can be grasped through nature and nurture. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Dog Genetics

Your dog’s genetics plays a significant part in determining its life expectancy. If you plan to adopt a boxer, you need to find a reputable breeder who screens the breeding stock thoroughly for possible diseases where Boxers are at risk. Some bloodlines lived longer than other genes, so research is essential.

2. Inbreeding

Inbreeding is one of the main reasons why boxer dogs do have a shorter lifespan. It can also contribute to why boxers have such health issues.

In fact, over-using popular sires in the breeding community can exacerbate genetic issues. If your boxer has poor dog genetics and goes through inbreeding, you cannot do much about it. One thing you can do is to spend your precious time together until their demise from this world.

3. Dog Owner

Dog owners also play an essential role in the lifespan of boxers. How the owner treats his dog contributes to the lifespan of boxers. Just know that how you nurture your boxer dog can affect its life expectancy.

In short, your boxer’s health and lifespan depend on the choices you make for him for his care. You are only doing two things: either building a healthy boxer dog or laying the foundations for diseases to build up.

4. Neutering

Some owners are into this process to prevent their dog from unwanted litters and believe that it’s better for their boxer. But do you know that neutering says otherwise? Some diseases can occur in neutered dogs, such as:

  • mast cell tumors
  • bone cancer
  • acute pancreatitis
  • obesity
  • hemangiosarcoma
  • transitional cell carcinoma
  • hip dysplasia
  • cranial cruciate ligament rupture
  • endocrine disorders
  • behavior problems (including noise phobias, fear of storms, aggression)

5. Medication Drugs

Most owners believe that medication drugs are not harmful to dogs. But, if the drugs have nothing to do with the symptoms, they can be a toxic burden for dogs. Doing this can only pave the way for severe illnesses to build up.

6. Too much or Too Little Exercise

This aspect is a no-brainer. Too much exercise for boxers can cause unwanted health conditions. Remember; do not ever take your boxer on long walks until it’s two years old. Overdoing exercise can risk your boxer’s health. Just do enough exercise, not little, not too much!

Aside from the three aspects above, the following also affects the life expectancy of boxer dogs:

  • Giving them tap water
  • Kibble
  • Trauma and misadventures
  • Stress
  • Environmental toxins exposure
  • Obesity
  • No vaccines
  • Inappropriate chemical wormers
  • Flea and ticks

As a dog owner, whatever type of breed you are taking care of, it is crucial to prevent all of these as much as possible. If you avoid the things that can harm your dog, then do not hesitate to do it for the sake of your fur buddy. Prevention is better than cure, so take proper action before it is too late!

How To Make Your Boxer Live Longer?

Investing a proper amount of time to learn about your dog is an excellent way to prolong its lifespan. Having enough and correct information about your boxer dog can help you know the risk your dog might bear during your dog’s life. The following are some of the crucial ways to keep your dog longer:

1. Ensure Safely At All Times

Just like humans, safety is the most important thing. It is also applicable to dogs, of course! For example, when going on a travel, you need to ensure the safety of your boxer.

To avoid any possible trauma, do not let your dog out in the street where cars might run him over.

2. Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene is vital to overall health. The way you prioritize your hygiene must be the same as your boxer. You should give your dog clean drinking water and healthy food. When it comes to dental health, it should not be ignored.

If your dog’s teeth are not taken care of properly, it can be a breeding ground for infections that might cause a health risk. It would be best if you managed your dog’s dental hygiene by using pet mints, sprays, dental chew sticks, or much better to consult a vet for proper recommendations.

3. Good Amount of Exercise

As we all know, boxer dogs are very playful and energetic. As an owner, you need to preserve your dog’s health by doing proper exercise. But, when you will take your dog for exercise or training, make sure to do so in a place where the temperature is not too hot. It is because boxer dogs are not so tolerant to excessive heat. Too hot weather can cause them to break down quickly.

4. Maintaining Good Diet

There is a saying, “We are what we eat.” This principle also applies to boxer dogs. It is essential to know which types of food can are suitable for your dog’s health.

When giving a meal to your dog, it is essential to make sure that the meal has all the nutrition your boxer needs. Remember, boxer dogs are energetic, so they need more nutritious food to maintain their good health conditions. For boxers, it is advisable to give them Protein-rich food.

Moreover, vitamins and minerals are crucial to your dog’s health. Make sure that their meal has the right amount of vitamins and minerals to help them strengthen their immune system. When it comes to their bone structure, just like humans, it is essential to give them food with Calcium. In addition, boxers are prone to heart diseases, so food with Taurine and L-Carnitine is vital.

One way to make sure that you are giving them the right food is by consulting a vet. This professional can recommend you the best good diet for your dog boxer.

Wrapping Up

It is true the boxer dogs may not have the most extended lifespan. But it is undeniable that boxers are one of the most lovable breeds of dogs. If you are concern about how long do boxers live, then knowing facts is significant.

With the proper ways to take care of your dog, you could save them from getting demise early and have a longer time to spend together. The main point here is, ‘The healthier you dog, the better.’ Maintaining your dog’s good health and treating him right with care can be one of the best ways to prolong his lifespan.

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