Haylou LS05 Smartwatch Review

Haylou LS05 Smartwatch Review -Solar Powered Wearable

Haylou Solar LS05 SmartwatchAre you searching for a new wristwatch that you can wear to school or work as well as for your recreational physical activities? Why not try the brand-new Xiaomi Haylou Solar LS05, which was only released recently?

For under $40 with free delivery, you can get an exceptionally long battery life on a full charge, a sleek, streamlined design, up to 12 activity functions, and IP68 accreditation.

With Haylou Solar LS05 on your wrist, you can live a stronger, wiser, and more elegant existence. With built-in healthcare applications and Bluetooth connectivity, you can unwind and be active all at the same time.

It has a days-without-charging battery life, a thirty-day reserve battery life, and a 15-day battery capacity for everyday usage. Isn’t it precisely what you’d want in an affordable smartwatch!

However, since its release, a decent amount of people has been a bit confused regarding investing their money to purchase this one. Therefore, in this Haylou Solar LS05 Review, we’re going to see why this smartwatch is well worth the hype and investment!

HAYLOU LS05 Smartwatch Review

Haylou LS05

Haylou focus on watch designs that are both stylish and functional. The LS05 smartwatch is an example of that. It offers features like a built-in heart rate monitor and fitness app to keep you in shape. It also has sleep tracking and call/SMS alerts so you can stay connected while you’re on the go.


First and foremost, Haylou Solar’s price is a significant concern. It’s practically a given that all timepieces sold for less than $50 aren’t brilliant. Even in 2020, there are few genuine smartwatches that we can suggest for less than $40. Not to mention the terrible design of these low-cost timepieces.

However, this is not the case with the Haylou Solar. At first sight, it isn’t easy to imagine that a $40 smartwatch could have such an outstanding design. It is designed in the same straightforward style as Xiaomi’s. I was not at all perplexed by the solitary button on the right side of the circular watch dial.

The construction quality is excellent for a wristwatch in this price range, which impressed us. Metal is used to construct the frame. The silicone band may be removed and changed from the framework.

We hadn’t come seen any additional bands from Haylou Store but you may purchase other colors of bands from third-party vendors, such as Amazon, and customize the smartwatch as needed. The Taylor LS05 may be worn at any time due to its basic design.

What was also pleasant was how comfortable it felt to wear. We had expected the timepiece to irritate me because of its size and claimed weight of around 2 oz (54 gr.). However, after approximately 5 minutes, we were comfortable using the Haylou LS05. The smartwatch’s size, on the other hand, irritates me.

The Haylou LS05 appears to be enormous due to the small wrists. The smartwatch, regrettably, is only accessible in one size. Nonetheless, the band has several holes, which means that the watch can be connected appropriately even to small wrists.

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The Haylou LS05 has a 1.28″ TFT full-screen display. Thanks to the TFT display and 240 × 240 pixels, the colors and screen quality are lovely. Even in direct sunshine, the content on the screen is legible. The brightness may be adjusted manually, and there are four settings to choose from.

The screen may be turned on by pressing the functional button on the right edge of the frame or moving your hand, as I did during the test period through the app. Here, the reaction time was between 1 and 2 seconds, which we believe is acceptable.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that a specific range of movement is necessary. It is not enough to rotate the wrist a few millimeters; a quarter-turn of the arm is required.

The touchscreen’s reaction speed is also satisfactory. The motions are performed out as quickly as possible yet within a specific tolerance range. The touchscreen was quite responsive. Rarely did I have to repeat a wipe to obtain a response.

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Haylou Ls05 Battery Life

It has a 30-day standby time, as previously stated. The battery life is adequate for a couple of weeks in practice. Since topping it up to 100 percent a few weeks ago, we haven’t recharged it.

Even though it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, the Haylou Solar is the first watch that has provided me with the same degree of comfort as donning a traditional look: no need to be concerned about battery life or interface difficulties.

However, keep in mind that when I enabled 24-hour cardiac tracking, the battery usage increased significantly. With the 24H HR monitoring function switched on; a full charge may last up to 15 days.

Given the absence of Wi-Fi, the Haylou Solar has Bluetooth, allowing users to sync smartphone alerts to the timepiece. If you have an iPhone, you may also use the official app to synchronize your Apple Health data.

Fundamental music player functions are also supported by the watch, which might be helpful during exercising. It’s worth noting that the clock doesn’t allow you to download and install apps.

Although, we assume some, like me, don’t need another smartwatch to supplement their smartphone. After all, it specializes in basic design and functionality.

Key Features

Call Management

The Haylou LS05 shakes and displays the caller’s name on the screen whenever a call is received. Here you may turn off the ring, turn off the vibration, or reject the call. It is not possible to take the call. A missed call is also not displayed on the beginning display, but only in the “Notice” menu.


In addition, the Haylou LS05 may show alerts and buzz to notify you of new messages. The smartwatch has a reaction time of about 2 seconds. The first four lines of the message, as well as the contact’s identity, are shown. The entire message may be seen under the sub-item “Notice” in the main menu.

Music Control

The right to control music is a critical function for most users. With the Haylou LS05, this is feasible. However, music management is only available as a sub-item in the menu bar, not in the fast start.

Sleep Tracking

Haylou Solar LS05 - Sleep Track

The Haylou LS05 has the option of displaying sleep times. In addition to the overall length, the watch’s quick start option also shows a breakdown of sleep stages. Throughout our testing, I discovered that the Haylou LS05 records sleep phases as well.

Weather Display

In addition to the current weather, the screen also includes a weather indicator and the numbers for the day’s highest and minimum temperatures. In addition, the weather prediction for the following three days is displayed.

Find Phone

When you can’t seem to find your smartphone, you may use the Haylou LS05 to look for it. When this feature is turned on, the wristwatch sends a signal to the smartphone, which causes it to buzz. When the smartphone is silenced, the search still functions.

Heart Rate Measurement

Haylou LS05 Heart Rate Monitoring

An optical heart rate sensor and an accelerator, both situated on the bottom of the watch casing, are used to detect a heartbeat. We had continuous monitoring during the testing stage, which is why the screen represents the response pulse and the maximum and lowest values.

What Is Included in The Haylou LS05 Package?

If you receive the “Global Version” of the Haylou Solar, you’ll see the English text written all over it, which is easier to read than the Chinese one. Inside the box, there is a Haylou User Manual and a propriety charging cable. It comes with a protective sticker on it to prevent scratches during transit.

Pros and Cons

  • Decent built-in watch faces
  • Classic design – and upgrade from fitness and sporty band designs
  • Solid construction defines its durability
  • Excellent battery timing for everyday use
  • Feature-packed with fitness motives
  • Unappealing font design for notifications
  • The LCD display isn’t suitable under the sunlight

Final Verdict


Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

All in all, so far in this Haylou Solar LS05 Review, you can be satisfied with the features and bits of technologies you’re getting in this price range. The watch ensures decent battery life coupled with some excellent features, such as Find Phone, Sleep Tracking, Music Control, etc.

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How To Use Haylou LS05?

The Haylou Solar LS05 Smartwatch is relatively easy to use. After charging the smartwatch for 1-2 hours a day, you can do anything with it for the whole day. Not only will it be your ideal fitness guide, but you can also take it for a swim dive if you’re planning on swimming anytime soon.

You can comfortably record your heartbeat and blood pressure, too. With many other features, such as noticing time and using GPS, all these are easy to operate.

Is Haylou IS05 Waterproof?

Haylou LS05 IP68 Waterproof

The Haylou Solar is dust and water-resistant to IP68 standards. It is sweat and rain resilient, allowing you to maintain it during most of your everyday activities. However, the watch team advises against exposing it to activities such as swimming or scuba-diving.

Other valuable functions were breathing training, find my phone, timer/stopwatch, and weather forecast. With these characteristics, the Haylou Solar is an excellent option for getting your money’s worth.

Is Haylou IS05 Compatible with Your Apple and Android Smartphone?

In short: Yes! It’s compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. To begin with the process, you need to download the Haylou Fit app on your smartphone.

Where to Download Haylou Fit App for LS05 Smartwatch?

Since Haylou LS05 is compatible with Apple and Android users, Apple users can download the Haylou Fit app in Apple Store, followed by scanning the QR code. For Android users, download the Haylou Fit app from Google PlayStore and then scan the code.

How To Pair Your Haylou IS05 Smartwatch to Your Phone?

After you’re done downloading and scanning the QR code, you need to turn on your Haylou LS05 smartwatch. Open the downloaded Haylou app and register your account to enter Cool Play. Now go to “Pairing”> Haylou Smart Watch.

Simply search the “Haylou LS05” in your Bluetooth section of the phone and follow the guidelines given by the phone to pair with the device.

The Xiaomi Haylou LS05 Samrtwatch’s First Pair is finished after that. Simply switch on your phone’s Bluetooth, and Haylou Fit App will immediately synchronize your sports data on the watch, allowing you to access thorough workout sleep data analysis and recommendations on your phone.


We hope you’ve been thoroughly paying attention in this Haylou Solar LS05 Review. The Haylou LS05 is a reliable smartwatch with all of the essential features. Aside from the pricing, the Haylou LS05 impressed me with its superb quality craftsmanship, particularly the metal frame, which is a rarity in this price range, and its simplistic, elegant-looking design.

Sure, it could use a few adjustments here and there, such as correcting the app’s translation problems and the tracking subject. But, in our opinion, it is still a suitable smartwatch for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a watch and who place a higher value on materials, great build, and style than on features.

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