haylou ls02 smartwatch review

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch Review – Detailed Review Guide with Video

As smartwatches take over the world, all brands strive to produce the best, and Xiaomi is not staying behind the game in doing so, too. In its famous Haylou LS series, it now offers the Haylou Smartwatch LS02, a direct successor of the LS01. If you have not heard about Haylou, then now is the time to find out more yourself. The smartwatch succeeds with several upgrades compared to its predecessor and has become the talk of the town.

With this watch, Haylou shows the world that wearables can be budget-friendly, offer premium features, and still be suitable for all age groups and exercise kinds. This smartwatch is among the few in the market worth the investment as it provides incredible experience and functionality.

Haylou LS02 is a top-quality wearable that is not only affordable but comes packed with features, and we will tell you all about it in this review.

HAYLOU LS02 Smartwatch Review

At a Glance – Haylou LS02 

Haylou LS02 Review

As smartwatches become all the rage, Xiaomi LS02 makes its grand entrance. You can track your health and monitor your exercise progress with this wearable, as it becomes your true workout companion. It features an in-built and high-performance heart rate sensor that is all set to detect your heartbeat with an innovative heart rate algorithm to identify changes in the rate accurately and record each moment all day long. It can help you get a better understanding of your general health.

Upgraded from its predecessor, the LS01, this elegant and efficient wearable is also like your personal secretary on the go connected to your wrist at all times. With numerous reminders to help with your busy work, you can preview important alerts by turning your wrist up. Read on to found out more about this elegant wearable and if it is worth your time and money.

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  • It has a 1.4-inch screen
  • 320 x 320-pixel resolution
  • It weighs just 38 grams
  • The battery capacity is 260mAh
  • Standby time is twenty days
  • Offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Has a heart rate sensor
  • It comes in black color
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems
  • It features a Nordic nRF52840 chip
  • Features a zinc alloy case
  • Its strap is 180-230mm


haylou ls02 design

From its design, it is apparent that the Haylou Smartwatch LS02 took inspiration from Apple. The smartwatch’s exterior is rectangular with concave edges rendering it practically a doppelganger of Apple watches.

It seems like a bezel-less design when its screen is off, and the wristband and screen material is composed of silicone. This implies that the watch is very comfortable to wear and retains high quality.

The key with wearables is their efficient design that does not appear too chunky and sits comfortably on the wrist without causing discomfort, and Xiaomi LS02 fits the bill. Its strap retains a sporty layout, and the smartwatch offers a premiere look generally. When you consider its price range, its design is an absolute treat. It headlines a single button on its right side for operating at the bottom; it features dual sensors and two pins to charge magnetically.

Haylou LS02 comes with a 1.4-inch color display that is enough to give you a clear appearance of things on the watch. Moreover, with its resolution at 320 x 320 pixels and a full touch screen, this watch is vibrant enough to offer a striking display while giving you enough brightness for reading your notifications even under the harsh sun. Its weight is only 38 grams, so this ensures you will not even feel this watch sitting on your wrist and can move around freely.

Another top feature of this smartwatch is that a 2.5D curved glass preserves it. This was not present in the previous model and was a much-needed upgrade that many users appreciate.

This watch bestows a choice of changing its face with its five various face options. However, it restricts you from installing more watch faces from the Play Store, so you must make do with what it offers.

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While smartwatches packed with premium features and low price tags sound too good to be true, they exist, and Haylou LS02 is a prime example. However, manufacturers had to tone things down in some areas; therefore, this watch’s software took a bit of a hit. Although its software is decent enough, it still struggles slightly, as the watch often tends to freeze or perform slow.

By device standards, its specifications are relatively low, but it does not deter the watch from performing smoothly and giving you easy navigation. Its processor, albeit not a very powerful one, still offers users a good experience. However, it can see a lot of improvement to make things even better. When you get the smartwatch, download its app on your phone, and synchronize it to enjoy maximum features.


Smartwatches with fancy designs can confuse users with their complicated interfaces. It can often take someone a lot of time to get a gist of performing basic functions. However, the Xiaomi Haylou LS02 has made things as straightforward for users as possible.

Its main screen shows a ton of helpful information like date, time, weather, calories, steps, battery level, and distance. Straight from the get-go, it offers quick access to all the essentials. When you swipe right, you can get into the everyday activity widget; another swipe shows the heart rate options.

Similarly, consecutive right swipes show sleep analysis, breathing training, and weather widget. If you want to head to the main menu, all you have to do is swipe down, and voila! This will also display features like heart rate, sports mode, notifications, music, setting, etc.


Haylou LS02 BatteryThe essential component for any device is its battery, as that makes or breaks it. Its quality will determine how long you can use your wearable in one charge while enjoying all its excellent features.

Devices incorporate premium features yet often fail at delivering good battery life. Xiaomi LS02 comes equipped with a strong battery that ensures you get a good time despite power-gobbling features like health and heart monitor.

With a 260mAH battery that is bigger than the previous model, it offers seven to ten days of fundamental features usage with a heart rate monitor too. With its Tron off function (standby mode), the smartwatch can offer 20 to 30 days of battery on one charge that takes up minimum hours to charge. Charging this wearable is very easy; a magnetic cable snaps to the rear and does the work.

When you consider its display level and its high resolution with vibrant colors, then its battery life seems like a very good option for the price. Add in the high-level features that do not consume too much battery and keep working for days on one charge. Smartwatch buffs are surely going to cherish their battery life. It goes from zero to a hundred in just two hours!

Key Features

The Xiaomi LS02 made its mark by being a reasonable option and offering prime features. We will dive into some of its basic features to give you a better insight.

Sports Modes

Xiaomi LS02 Sports Feature

Pricy smartwatches can offer a multitude of features, but when it comes to exercise modes, they restrict users. The LS02 offers twelve different sports modes to help you with your exercise regime. You can catalog all your data regarding running, yoga, brisk walk, gym, biking, football, basketball, boating, indoor running, climbing, etc.

It ensures that it stays ready to serve you and records your data for any form of workout you opt for. Its data recording is very accurate for a low-price smartwatch, and this is a very valuable feature.


Moreover, the watch incorporates sensors that deliver accurate results for heart rate monitoring, sleeping analysis, pedometer, and accelerometer. It catalogs data for sound sleep, restless sleep, or insomnia and gives you insight into what could be causing sleep issues and advice on how to remedy them.

Quick Bluetooth Sync

What is a smartwatch without its ability to integrate with your phone? Nothing. The LS02 received a Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade to make phone synchronization even smoother and quicker. The data transmission speed is enhanced and operates efficiently. You can say goodbye to seeking your phone for every notification when the watch is on the wrist. Haylou understood the need for better data transfer speed and improved connectivity and ensured to amp those things up in this mode.

Now just turn up your wrist, and it will give you data on everything running on your mobile. Moreover, you can get full control of your music while exercising and running and get social media access, too.

Pros and Cons

  • Solid design
  • Better visuals
  • Strong battery life
  • Weatherproof
  • Various sports modes
  • Good weight
  • Accurate sensor
  • Easy interface
  • Low processing memory
  • Its app has some glitches
  • Cannot tap the screen, you need to press the side button to turn it on

Final Verdict


Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

So, what is the verdict? Should you buy the Xiaomi Haylou LS02? Absolutely. This smart and low price smartwatch incorporates all the premium features high-end wearables offer. Although it has a slow processor, it does not hamper this watch’s general performance. It gives ample features and comes with a very simple interface to help you get things running. Though the watch can see improvement in some areas, it still offers enough characteristics and smooth functionality at a reasonable price.

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Haylou LS01 vs. LS02

Haylou LS01 vs. LS02

Despite being the product of the highly reputable Chinese company Xiaomi, the LS02 is a much better option than LS01 as it underwent many upgrades.

The battery life is better, while its display is larger and more vibrant. Similarly, the LS02 has a metal casing, wide strap, and thick curved glass that are definite improvements from LS01. It also has a higher and better stability Bluetooth 5.0 version connection that makes mobile integration work like a dream.

The LS01 and LS02 hail from the same LS series, but the latter further boosted the sports mode detail, from the ordinary 7 to 12, and added more exercise data recording options. This made many users happy as it enhanced functionality for all types of exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions for Haylou LS 02

How To Connect the LS02 To My Phone?

Below is an easy and complete guide to connecting the LS02 to a phone.

After you buy the watch, you need to download the Haylou Sport app to get things going. iOS users can download the Haylou app via Apple Store or scan its QR code online.

Android users can download the app quickly through Google Market or their phone’s preset app store, like Mi Store, HUAWEI AppGallery, or the Play Store.

After downloading, follow these steps:

  • Fire up the smartwatch and let it load.
  • Turn up the Haylou app and then register your account by using a valid email address. After email confirmation, you need to turn on Bluetooth. From there, go to the pairing option and select Haylou Smart Watch.
  • Scan for the “Haylou-LS02” in your smartphone’s Bluetooth detected list and then obey the instructions for pairing the watch with your mobile

And you are done! The initial pairing is complete. In later connections, simply turn on your mobile’s Bluetooth, and Haylou will take care of the rest.

It will auto-sync with your phone and transmit all the recorded data from the smartwatch for viewing the comprehensive exercise or sleep data analysis on your device.

Can the LS02 Answer Calls?

Yes, you can answer calls via LS02 smartwatch with a little adjustment. In the app, activate the incoming call alert option and then rest easy and answer calls every time you are notified.


As smartwatches become part of daily lives, people are always seeking premium features and accuracy, but nobody likes a hefty price tag. Xiaomi is a very trusted brand globally, and its LS smartwatch series made its mark for its value and premium features.

The LS02 is a reliable purchase that can help you with your exercises, and its mobile sync allows you to enjoy your wearable further.

We hope this Haylou LS02 review helps you understand everything this wearable is offering and how good of an investment it is. So, go on and grab yours and enjoy this elegant smartwatch.

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