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14 Must Have Essential Items For Your Dog – New Dog Owner Guide

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A dog is said to be a man’s best friend. More and more people are eager to have a pet dog, and they might think that having one is the best way to have a loyal friend. Some might think that having a pet dog seems to be a trend nowadays. You can see online celebrities and other influential people boasting their dogs and cute puppies online. At that moment, you become interested to have one.

But, behind those well-pampered and groomed dogs, there is the unconditional sacrifice of the dog owner. Other people might not know the struggles and expenses the dog owner have done to maintain the good condition of its pet.

So in this article, you will know the essentials things you need to prepare if you have a dog for the first time. It might be new for you to take care of a pet dog and it’s lucky for you since you have come to this page.

Here are the essential items you need for your dog:

Dog Collar

As we have known, a dog collar is a material that is placed around a dog’s neck. It can be used for holding, marking, grooming or protection.

Collars are made from various materials. Leather and nylon are the most popular collars in the market. Other least famous materials might include polyester, metal, hemp, and cotton-woven vinyl.

There are various types of collars available for you, such as basic collars that are used for everyday wear. Special purpose collars and attachments are commonly used for dogs that are too easy to be taken away or lost. By these special collars, they can be easily detected and found by their owner. To name a few, there are also medical collars, training collars, and flat collars that you can buy online or in any pet accessory shop.

Finding the most suitable collar for your dog depends on its needs and the purpose of what the item might provide.

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Dog Leash

We use dog leashes to walk the dog in public places. Getting a leash on your dog is a way to protect the dog and other people, in case some incidents happen. In other ways, they also use dog leash in order to prevent their dogs from losing or being taken away by some strangers in a crowded place.

The most common dog leash is the standard flat lead that might be 4-8 feet long. To have maximum safety and full control over your dog, it is recommended to have at least 4 feet long of your dog leash.

Various types of dog leash like a retractable dog leash, standard dog leash are also available in the market. They come in different styles, lengths, and thicknesses.

Getting a high-quality dog leash will ensure the safety of the dog, the owner, and the people around you.


Choosing a great style of the harness will make your pet more comfortable. Such harnesses are generally made to have both braces on the chest in front of the forelimbs and a band around the neck behind the forelimbs.

D-ring is most often used to actually detain an animal, although pets often carry it in order to support a person with a disability or to move people and objects.

There are lots of types of harness. The best choice depends on the size and temperament of your dog.

ID Tag or Microchips

These are the dog essential item you can have for your dog. ID tags are often mounted on dog collars, along with the name, address, and medical information of the dog. Sometimes the phone number of the owner was also indicated in the dog’s ID tag in order for them to take it back if someone found it somewhere else.

Generally, metal tags have their details embossed, etched or painted into their surface. While stamped tags are often more robust than etched tags. Plastic chips are sold in various colors, can be graved or imprinted and extremely transparent to enhance night visibility.

So choosing the right material is a great way to consider buying ID tags or microchips for your dog.

Food and Water Bowl

The basic foundation of good health for your pet dogs is a clean set of food and water bowl. It affects their appetite and they might not enjoy their food if they even don’t have any food or water bowl.

There are various types of bowls intended for different dogs. The most common type used by many people is plastic bowls. They are cheaper, durable, and long-lasting. But, not all times plastics are recommended, for those dogs who like biting their bowls while eating, plastics bowls are not a good choice. They can choose stainless steel bowls which tends to be the best choice. They are easy to clean, and also durable.

Another choice would be a ceramic bowl that is suitable for dogs who actually has a habit of pushing the bowls while they eat.

In buying the most suitable bowl for your dog, you might consider the purposes mentioned above.

Dog Food

Your dog will not live without a proper, nutritious dog food. Choosing the great product for your pet, sometimes depend on the recommended nutritional contents by your vet.

Dogs are known as omnivores of a fleshy taste. They have long, pointy teeth and shorter gastrointestinal tracts of carnivores that are better suited to meat than vegetable compounds.

There are various dog foods that are available in the market. You can have different choices that would be suitable for your pet dog. There is Kibble/Dry dog food which is the most economical type. It can help your dog to have healthy teeth since chewing dry foods can eliminate or decrease the tartar build-up in your dog’s teeth.

Another type is Canned food, which is the basic food type. For those owners, who don’t have that much time to prepare too much food for their dog, this one might be suitable for you. You can easily find it in the store. You can buy lots of these kinds and store it in a clean place. You don’t need to worry about it getting spoiled since it has a long shelf-life.

There are also some commercial dog foods that look like common human foods like pork chops, hamburgers, or other meaty foods. Though this is not nutritious, you can still give it to your dog as treats.

You can also give them raw foods or even home-cooked foods. What you eat is what your dog eats. You can give your pet human food since they are also nutritious and safe to eat.

Dog Treats

Dogs are like little kids that feel excited and delighted when their owners gave them something special. You might see some dogs that are pampered and specially treated by their owners, giving them clothes, shelter, and other treats.

But, what exactly are the best treats you can give to your dog? In this article, you will find out some of the best choices you can buy at the market or even can find at home that can satisfy your dog’s needs.

The variety of dog treats will help your dog maintain good health and happiness. Treats can boost a healthy diet and should never make up about 10% of a dog’s regular intake of food.

Crunchy treats also called dog bites are one of the most common treats for dogs. They have various flavors, shapes and sizes. But you need to pick a brand that has the same high quality as dog foods. Crunchy treats give your dog a great daily reward.

Another is soft and freeze-dried treats; they are commonly used in training if a dog successfully accomplished a task or any stunt that the owner told them to do.

Those are some of the dog treats from the various selection. It depends on your dog’s preference and your choice of which product would you buy. Just remember that the dog treats should also contain nutritional value and appropriate for your dog’s size and medical.

Dog’s Chew

According to the chairman of the U.K. Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, chewing, for a dog, is like a human opening a door and looking into a room. It means that it is natural for dogs to chew the things they think is edible.

Chewing is a dog’s natural behavior. They are just curious about the things they see and use their teeth to determine what exactly they are chewing on.

Just like people, dogs get stressed, and chewing is their way to relieve their stress. They take their time chewing something they can get in order to make themselves comfortable and not to think about their stressful surrounding.

To prevent your dog from chewing various things at your home, you can give them some chew toys that are available in the market. In order to save your shoes, clothes, and precious things from being chewed, you can make them comfortable by chewing something that is safe for them.

You just need to consider some things when buying a Dog Chew. You need to do the thumbnail test, if the toy doesn’t change a little bit when you pressed it, that means it’s too hard for your dog and might break their teeth. The hardness and softness of the chew toy should be the first thing to consider.

Moreover, the material should be clean and not coated by any harsh chemicals, since it will be chewed by your dog, the outer covering should be safe to lick and chew.

Dog Bedding

Some people might neglect the idea of buying a dog bedding when they have their dog house. Bear in mind that dogs are like people when they feel that you treated them well even in their sleep, they will treat you better.

Choosing the great dog bedding depends on where will your dog usually sleeps or stays at night. Some dogs prefer to sleep on the couch, some prefers to sleep in their dog house which was located at the back of your house, or some other dogs even want to sleep beside their owners. So, in choosing the right dog bedding, your dog’s preference, size, and sleeping style should also be considered.

Some of the most common dog bedding is the standard dog beds which are usually covered with materials like fleece, flannel, denim, faux suede, or microfiber. Standard beds are perfect for various dog breeds, but may not provide the necessary qualities needed by senior dogs and those with orthopedic problems.

If your dog has an orthopedic problem or arthritis, the orthopedic dog beds are suitable for you. These beds provide extra support for your dog’s body and put less stress on their joints. In addition to that, these beds are also good for thin bony dogs such as Whippets and Greyhounds. It might help them to prevent calluses and pressure sores.

There are various dog beds that you can choose in the market, you can consult an expert to help you choose the best dog bedding for your precious pet.

Dog Poop Bags

If you want your dog not to secrete poops all over your floor and make a mess everywhere, you really need to prepare poop bags.

You might find it a little exaggerating talking about how your dog poop and where should it be, but if you are a sort of a clean freak, you should really know how to handle your dog’s poop bags. Maybe, you find it a little tiring to pick up your dog poop and it’s a hassle when they do it inside your house.

Dog poops are a great item for you to lessen the time of cleaning dog poops on the floor and making it more convenient for your dog as well. Poop bags in the market were already made to be an eco-friendly material. There are various types and sizes of poop bags, you can have the basic, or even alternatives.

Basic Toys for Dogs

Aside from Chew toys, dogs also need some toys to play. Just like humans, dogs also need entertainment in their life. I guess you don’t want your dog to stick around you every second and every minute of your life, so you might need to offer and provide them some sort of entertainment such as toys.

There are various types of toys available in the market. You can even choose from a wide range of selections from smart toys like wickedbone smart bone. When choosing a toy for your dog, you need to consider the content of the material used in the toy. It should be safe, and free from hazardous chemicals. They should not be easily swallowed and should not be too hard because it can affect and destroy your dog’s teeth.

Also, just like what we mentioned in buying Dog Chews, dogs chew things when they are curious. They might chew the toys you will give them, so beware of sharp-pointed toys that can harm your pet.

Dog’s Crate

A dog crate is like a bedroom to them, this is a place where they rest, or eat their foods. This is their sanctuary. It gave them comfort and peace of mind. So, when choosing the right crate for your dog, you need to consider the material used in the crate, the size, the durability and comfort as well.

There are also various types of crates that can be made from metal, plastic, or fabric enclosure with a door for security. Dog crates are designed to replicate a dog’s den and choosing the most suitable crate for your dog depends on their physical preference.

Buy a big and strong crate for those dogs that grow faster and heavy, and small crate for those newborn puppies or small breed dogs. You need to be wise and practical in choosing the right product for your dog.

Dog’s Grooming Accessories

Dogs also need to look good. You might see some dogs online that look fashionable and cute. Thanks to their owners, they are well-groomed and pleasant looking.

There are lists of grooming accessories that you should have if you have the dog for the first time such as comb. You need to have a certain type of comb that is suitable for your dog’s needs. The medium-toothed comb is good for all, a fine-toothed comb is good for those with thin hair, and a flea comb to get rid of fleas and tangles.

Another is brush, a slicker brush is good for all, but if your dog has short hair, get a curry brush, and for long haired-dog, a pin brush is suitable for you.

pH-balance shampoo and conditioner or waterless shampoo can keep your dog fresh and fragrant. Toothbrush and toothpaste can make your dog’s teeth healthy and strong. Dog toenail clippers and styptic powder can help stop bleeding in case you accidentally clip too close. To clean your dog’s ears, you can use otic solution, forceps, and gauze.

These are some of the most commonly needed grooming accessories that you can buy in various stores and online shops. If you are that meticulous, you can add some items on your lists to make your dog more beautiful than other pets.

Car Seat Cover / Cargo Liner for Dogs

This item is specially made to protect your car from water, scratches, hair, or muds coming from your dog. It’s not just for your car but also for the sanitation of your dog’s place when it enters the car.

Car seat covers come in various sizes, it can be small, medium, or large, depending on the size and measurements of your car’s seat. You can buy this item online or in physical stores and they are commonly suitable for car models such as Ford Escape, Honda, Toyota, and more.

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Conclusion – Must-Have Items for your Dog

Choosing the best items for your dog is a great way of showing your love and appreciation for your new pet. If you are able to take care of your pet, it will also be easy for you to take care of any other person that will come to your life.

You really need to make an effort, exert time and money in making your pet dog comfortable by your side. You need to give your best, and your dog will love you dearly.

In choosing the right essential items for your dog, it takes patience, love, and concern. You need to consider lots of things for your dog in order to take care of him well. It’s like having a new child. You should treat your dog, not just an animal, but also part of your family.

If you are new in having a dog, just follow some suggestions mentioned above and buy the things necessary for your new best buddy – your dog.

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