Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

18 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

Piano Songs for Beginners and kidsYou’re undoubtedly wanting to get your fingers on a good selection of appealing, captivating simple piano tunes to rehearse with, no matter how you handle learning how to play the piano.

Playing piano, either for fun or as a profession, can be extremely gratifying – not only for you but also for your listeners– when you’re excellent at it.

You’ll receive more well-rounded educational experiences when you perform a range of various music genres on piano. This should allow you to better work on piano and improve your abilities.

Start by looking at these 18 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners to assist you to expand your musical horizons and have enjoyment when practicing!

1. Chopsticks

What kind of musical instructor will you be when you didn’t recommend that pupils learn Chopsticks since it’s the only tune which even non-musicians can perform? It’s straightforward to learn and play with just two fingers.

2. Happy Birthday to You

We’re sure you’ve heard of it; everyone has. This is another simple melody to master and perform. Aside from that, whenever it’s appropriate to perform “Happy Birthday,” and you perform it on the piano as everyone joins together, you’ll be the center of the celebration.

3. When the Saints Go Marching In

While this internationally renowned song was composed as a Christian hymn, its lively rhythm and inspirational words make it successful with individuals of many faiths throughout the globe. This song became well-known after being modified and sung by a number of well-known music artists, including Louis Armstrong in 1938.

“When the Saints Go Marching In” is an excellent starting song because most songs are meant to be simple to master such that listeners may join in fast. The tune would assist you to establish a strong basis as a keyboardist and gain confidence in your abilities to synchronize your fingers.

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

These 2 tunes are practically similar, except with more or fewer chords, as you may have observed. As a result, when you understand one, you would also be familiar with the other.

We realize they are simple children’s songs, but memorizing them assists you understand the fundamentals, therefore they’re excellent tunes to begin your artistic adventure with. It’s really simple to learn, and you’ve certainly already memorized it.

5. Thinking Out Loud

This track was hailed as the greatest heartfelt rendition ever composed when this was released until its creator went one further and surpassed it with Perfect. However, it has been performed at several receptions that it has become clichéd.

Nevertheless, just in spite – you never know – it’s a great feeling to memorize. You also might perform it a duet if you have a guitar-playing companion because Ed usually plays it on strings.

6. Dance Monkey

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with this piece of music from 2019. This will be known to young learners who have a particular musical taste. If you need more incentive, watch the quirky official video before returning to master the modified piano arrangement. Have a good time!

The sprinkling of fast chords sometimes in the piano version of this piece might make this sound tougher than it truly is. To start, give it your best shot, tone down the speed, and concentrate on precision. You’ll be capable of raising your pace and play the music like that of an expert as your fingers become used to how it’s performed.

7. Toccata and Fugue

Consider a classic old-school pianist scenario. It’s the kind with bright lights and scary synth strings. This is most likely what’s on your brain right now, then why not learn how to play it with your hands?

The music is in D Minor, but if you’re using an electronic piano, you could even use the organ voice/timbre to enhance your performance more realistic and enjoyable.

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love

This tune, which was first performed by Elvis Presley, has already been recorded several times by musicians as varied as UB-40 and Twenty-One Pilots.

It seems to have a lovely, moving tune. From chords to two-note harmonics, each instruction has its own variation. This one is simple enough for a beginner keyboardist to learn.

9. The Addams Family

This theme music was learned by kids who were born between the mid-1960s and the early 1990s, right on down to the hand snap. As a result of the 2019 redesign, it might be a wonderful ship to… include… to the inventory. It will also show you how to handle breaks and interruptions in piano compositions.

Most students who understand to perform this tune find that they have to make a conscious effort to slow or stop in order to perform “with basic compassion,” as the composition requires. Nevertheless, you won’t be feeling pressed to learn this song quickly, and you’ll be less likely to make a mistake! As a result, this composition is suitable for novices, as well as having an exquisite and lovely tone.

10. River Flows in You

This tune may be found on the Twilight album, which should be enough to inspire most students. But if you ever need a little more motivation, do this for the kitties. This track has a simplistic, but creative feel to it. The last decorative section is great practice for melodic ornamentation.

11. Unchained Melody

Arpeggios and various types of splitting chords are common on this listing, as you may have observed. Since they assist you in learning the foundations of keyboard – fingering, rhythm, scales, notes, chords, keys, and pace – they are popular.

They’re generally simple to follow and help to loosen up your hands in preparation for more difficult pieces. This dancing sixties song may work up a sweat, yet it feels so relaxing!

12. All My Life

You won’t be able to listen to the introduction of this piece of music without the motivation to understand it. It has such a gentle and spiritual feel about it!

You need to not be frightened – the chords change vertically and horizontally down the keyboard in a precise sequence and rhythm, so core strength will come in handy. Oh, and seeing faces of people light up when they realize the tune you’re practicing. Keep going; it’ll be worth it. Begin slowly, as is customary.

13. Turkish Mart

Others could argue that this composition is too difficult for novices. However, if you follow the instruction in slow motion, you’ll realize that it’s fairly doable.

Consider it an ambitious item – yet another indicator of your growth as a player. You’ll discover that as you improve, you’ll be willing to perform at higher rhythmic and make fewer errors. You’ll remain engaged as your standard of play rises gradually.

14. The Entertainer

Another excellent tune that quickly establishes you as a great musician amongst your non-musical acquaintances. It’s a lively song with a lot of character and panache, and that you can begin playing it right away if you’re a beginner pianist.

As an… interesting… approach to measure performance, start gently and gradually build up your speed. It was originally published as sheet music, so it’s also an excellent sight-reading exercise.

15. The Heart Asks Pleasure First

You’re more sure to discover original tunes in films or pictures unless you’re at an academy of music. This composition is based on the soundtrack of the 1993 film The Piano.

It seems sophisticated enough already to impress any listener, yet owing to the repeating 6-note riff in both fingers, it’s simple enough for novices to pick up. Because all of the chords in the composition are played on white keys, begin with slow sub-sections before putting everything together.

16. Clocks

If you’re a zoomer, the cyclical keyboard melody at the beginning of the whole 2002 soft-rock tune is probably more familiar to everyone. And if you’ve never encountered this before, one can’t seem to help, but would like to perform it when you do.

This arpeggio piece would be both stunning and an excellent training instrument for flexibility and skill because the strumming chords cycle continues itself in numerous keyboard positions.

17. Someone Like You

Adele’s compositions are a treasure for beginner pianists, regardless of what you make of her songs or her workout regimen. This one especially is one of the easiest songs to learn on the piano for beginners.

The sample is jam-packed with arpeggios that seem to be simple to play yet seem incredibly beautiful to the untrained ear. You’ll also are becoming the go-to for spontaneous karaoke. This splitting scale may also be used as fingering activities at the beginning or conclusion of your practice rounds. They aid in pace.

18. Etude in E

Among the popular piano for music for beginners is the Etude in E one. The melodic hooks are a type of ‘party trick’ for many non-professional musicians who want to impress their friends.

Therefore, if you’re in a particularly upscale location, you can always pull out the Chopin and prove to them and that you’re sophisticated. This composition may appear strange to modern ears, yet it is Chopin’s masterpiece.

It’s also straightforward to understand since the chord spectrum is smaller and shorter. It was composed during the Romantic era of music.

Tempo is a little less essential than emotional expressiveness throughout this time period. As with many other compositions, you must be very careful not to lose your rhythmic, fluidity, or pace when playing.



There are many easy piano songs for beginners listed in this article so take your time and find the one you like best!

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