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Stop your Dog Peeing on Bed


If you are a loving dog owner that gives their dog the freedom to sleep on your bed at night, but you find your bed to be wet when you wake up in the morning, your dog may be facing some issues. If you find your dog peeing while sleeping, or have the rude awakening of your bed getting wet at some point during the night, you are not alone.

Millions of dog owners face the same problem quite frequently and, while it may seem like a huge problem for the dog owners as they need to wash everything that their dog peed on, you may want to look at what is potentially causing this issue. This is especially important if your dog never wet the bed before, and only recently started peeing on it.

If you find your dog peeing on the bed, you may want to explore its recent medical or behavioral history and find the reason for it. Once a reason is found, it may be easy to solve, or it may require some effort to eradicate. That is the only way to get your dog to stop peeing on your bed.

Why My Dog Peeing on my bedWhy do my Dogs Peeing on my Bed?

While many people have the misconception that their dog has forgotten their house training, or is simply too lazy to get up from its sleep, there are actually many (more logical) reasons for your dog wetting the bed, including the following:

Hormone Responsive Urinary Incontinence

This condition is often present in spayed middle-aged female dogs, as the removing of the ovaries causes an imbalance in estrogen levels. As a result, female dogs may start wetting the bed, because they cannot consciously hold their bladders long enough to get out of the bed to pee.

Urinary Tract Infection

Such infections are common in dogs, and a UTI for a dog is quite similar to what humans with UTIs face. Symptoms include an inability to control one’s bladder, painful urination, and even blood in the urine. Sometimes, symptoms may also appear in the form of having the feeling of one’s bladder being close to bursting when in reality it isn’t anywhere near that stage.


Diabetic dogs often face a weakening of their bladder control. They may even be more lethargic than normal dogs, and this may be the cause for them peeing in your bed. It is also important to keep in mind that diabetic dogs are usually more thirsty than normal, and they may drink a lot of water to compensate for this (this can lead to your dog wetting the bed, especially if they drink right before bedtime).

Other medical conditions

Which may be the cause of your dog wetting the bed, including bladder stones, spinal cord injuries, and cognitive disorders or deficits.


The weakening of the urethral sphincter is a natural occurrence in aging dogs, so if your dog is older and wetting the bed, do not be alarmed as it may be a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Stress, Anxiety, or Fear

Many dog owners who have adopted their pets from a shelter or have rescue dogs face the problem of their pet wetting the bed. This is because of the fact that such dogs may still be vulnerable and mentally stressed by what they have been through. In such cases, it may take them some time to adjust to the new environment you are providing them.

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing on the Bed

If your dog is facing any of the above-mentioned problems, do not fret, as there are quite a few simple solutions that will help solve your problems with your dog’s bed wetting. The following will help you solve the issue without having to put in too much effort:

Use a Waterproof Dog Bed

Buying a new waterproof bed for your dog can be the easiest solution, as it ensures little cleanup and allows you to rest in ease knowing your dog can pee on their bed without having too many harsh repercussions.

Such dog beds are widely available in pet shops and also online. This solution is the best one for chronic, irreversible conditions (like the effects of aging on the urethral sphincter or diabetes).

However, if your dog has a habit of sleeping in your bed, you may have to come up with an alternative solution (like the ones listed below), as it is likely that your dog will still come to your bed at night.

Take Your Dog Out More Frequently

This is especially useful for dogs that have medical conditions or are used to drinking an excessive amount of water right before bed. You might be under the misconception that your dog can control their bladder for longer periods of time, and this may contribute to your dog’s bedwetting habits. You should make a habit of taking your dog out to pee on a more frequent basis.

Limit Access to Your Bed and Bedroom at Night

This is a useful way to train your dog, as it will learn that it is only allowed in your room when you give permission. Make it a habit to gently stop your dog from coming to your bed or bedroom at bedtime, and guide your dog to its doggy bed if needed. However, do not become abusive, and do not make your dog feel unloved when you stop it. Also, you can allow for an occasional sleepover (like if your dog is afraid of thunder, or is stressed for any other reason and requires emotional support).

Re-train Your Dog

Some dogs react well to being re-trained, and this may help solve the problem completely. Some useful tips for re-training include alerting your dog to their action being bad by making a loud noise, praising them whenever they pee outdoors and avoiding the use of punishment.

These are only a few of the solutions that can be used to stop your dog from continuing with its bedwetting. However, there are some causes of bedwetting that may require other kinds of attention in order to be solved.

how to stop my dog from peeing on my bedGetting the Right Help

Before you even begin to use one of these solutions, it is important to seek help for your dog’s problems and find the root cause of it (which may require a solution you cannot provide by yourself). Such help includes:


A veterinarian can be the one solution to medically caused urinary incontinence. If you feel your dog’s root cause lies in the medical domain and is not something you can solve with simple tips or training, it is advised to take your dog to the vet and get it checked.

Explain the complete problem to your vet, and tell him the complete history of the problem; it is likely that your vet will be able to determine the cause and find a good solution to the problem. Your vet is also likely to have an association with your dog, so he will know what your dog will need, and what the most effective solution to the problem will be.

A Dog Whisperer

Many people believe in the power of a dog whisperer and for those who do, it is recommended to take your dog to one to find out what the problem is, and what the solution should be. Good dog whisperers have a way with dogs, and they understand them at a different level; so, if you have a belief in their work and have already tried everything possible, a dog whisperer may be a good option to explore.

Books about Dogs

There are many different guidebooks that have been written by dog experts and vets which may be of great use to you and your canine companion. Useful dog books can have helpful tips on how to solve such a problem, including dietary restrictions, urination schedules, advice on how to keep your dog away from your bed, etc.


If your dog pees in sleep, it may be facing problems that are beyond the surface and beyond your understanding. The only way that you can find a solution or a preventative measure for this problem is by finding out what is causing it. Once you have found the cause, implementing an appropriate and effective solution will be a piece of cake.

However, before you go about finding the root cause all on your own, it is crucial that you turn to an expert first and get their opinion on the matter. You will definitely save yourself a lot of time by doing so, and you won’t have to go through several different solutions before finding one that fits.

Thus, if your dog has bed wetting issues and you are tired of cleaning up a urine-covered mess every single morning, do research, find expert help, and implement a solution before you find your dog making your bed its permanent urine spot.


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