Best Speakers for Your Digital Piano

Choosing The Best Speakers For Your Digital Piano


piano speakerA digital piano can be the source of melodious tunes if you know how to use it. But with inadequate speakers, you might not enjoy the tunes that your fingers produce. That is why you need to get a piano speaker for your digital piano.

How can you choose the best speaker for your digital piano? You will need to look for several things in such speakers since so many of them are on the market.

We have provided the best options for you to consider and outlined some of the features you need to look for. Read on to find an easier way to select the best speakers for your digital piano.

However, before we get to that,

Why Do You Need A Speaker for Your Digital Piano?

Several things come to mind when one wants to buy a speaker for their digital piano. One might wonder whether they need it at all and whether it would be a worthy investment. It might not seem like much, but you need a speaker for your digital piano.

You would need a speaker if your digital piano didn’t come with internal speakers. You, therefore, have to get external speakers to function as the main speakers for you to enjoy using the piano.

Another reason why you need a speaker for your digital piano is simply because of better sound quality. A digital piano has internal speakers, but these are usually less efficient than external speakers. That’s why you need to supplement them with external speakers.

Because external digital piano speakers are more effective, they will be better if someone is performing publicly. The internal speakers wouldn’t carry the sound to all the people, especially in a large room.

When you place them at ear level, external speakers can help you better your piano playing skills. The sound from such speakers is mostly clearer than that of the internal keyboards. You can therefore get all the notes you hit, whether low or high.

5 Best Speakers For Your Digital Piano

These are the top 5 best speaks for your digital piano that we recommended after your findings:

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1. QSC K10.2 2000-Watt Loudspeaker

QSC K10.2 2000-Watt Loudspeaker

The first loudspeaker you should consider for your digital piano is this high-quality sound speaker by QSC. It offers you the sound performance you will be proud of in a public performance.

It has a class D 2000-watt amplifier module that ensures it gives you the highest quality of sound. With the intrinsic correction tunings, you can enjoy a rich blend of sound and audio tuning that is up to your taste.

Furthermore, it allows you to select various loudspeaker functions as you see fit. The loudspeaker management means you can choose the sound you need. You thus don’t have to put up with one sound. That isn’t something familiar with internal speakers.

The nominal coverage angle of 90 degrees can cover a relatively large room for a pubic performance. That doesn’t mean the speaker is noisy since it has a frequency range of 10 decibels which isn’t that loud.

It comes with a functional display that allows you to select the different functions with ease. You can put in place settings like frequency contour, equalizer and crossover sound functioning.

With the handy size, this speaker can serve as the main public address system for a stage performance or an in-house speaker. It has a lightweight design that makes it easily portable.

This is a decent speaker you can get for your digital piano. Have a look at the next product on our list to see whether it would match this one.

Our Rating :  4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • The multifunctional display makes it easier to operate it
  • It has a lightweight design that makes it portable
  • The speaker has a nominal coverage of 90 degrees that can cover a large area
  • It has several present functions that make it easier to use
  • The high mids might at times be unclear


This is a decent speaker you can get for your digital piano. Have a look at the next product on our list to see whether it would match this one.

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2. JBL Professional EON612 Speaker

JBL Professional EON612 Speaker

JBL is a big name in the music audio industry thanks to the impressive speakers and headphones they manufacture. This piano speaker doesn’t deviate from that script because it gives you the clearest sound you can get from a speaker.

It has a lightweight design that enables you to carry it from place to place with ease. The four handles make transportation smooth. The design, however, doesn’t in any way affect the performance of the 12-inch woofer that comes with a bass reflex performance cabinet.

This speaker is also easy to use since it comes with a Bluetooth-controlled DSP. The 1000watt class D amp will give you the best performance even if you perform in a reasonably large room.

You can also set this speaker in varying setups. That’s down to the multiple configurations it comes with. You don’t have to restrict yourself to one way of setting it up.

Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • It has JBL waveguide technology that enables the best surround sound
  • Its ergonomic and portable design makes it a handy speaker for traveling performances
  • You can set it up in differing configurations
  • The Bluetooth controlled DSP makes it easier to use
  • This speakers Bluetooth function will only work with the JBL app


This speaker has many fantastic features. The icing on the cake, however, is the JBL waveguide technology it comes with. The technology makes it dwarf other lesser piano speakers with the sheer quality of its sound.

You won’t make a mistake choosing this speaker.

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3. LyxPro SPA-8-8 Compact Portable Speaker

LyxPro SPA-8-8 Speaker

The Lyxpro is another excellent option for your digital piano. It is a relatively powerful 100watt speaker that comes with a woofer system. This speaker boasts an inbuilt active DJ/PA amp with a 70-30-watt split.

It also has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect your phone to it. You can thus use it with other devices and not the digital piano only. The Bluetooth connection also means that you won’t have to deal with any cables.

The LyxPro is lightweight and has a compact design that makes it the ideal traveling speaker. You can go anywhere with it and perform on stages far away from where you live.

The onboard music controls make it easy to use. It has a USB input port and an SD slot for use with external music sources.  You also get the option to use the AUX output if you see fit.

The most impressive feature of this speaker is that you can link it to several speakers at the same time! Isn’t that cool? You, therefore, don’t have to put up with an inadequate speaker while you can connect this one and boost the audio quality.

Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • You can link it to several speakers at once
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it easier to transport
  • The Bluetooth connection makes it easier to use while providing clear sound
  • The powerful 100watt woofer system provides quality sound
  • The Bluetooth connection might at times cut out or produce unreliable sound quality


This speaker is an affordable option for your digital piano. It will help you boost the quality of your piano audio; thanks to the decent sound quality it produces.

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4. Line 6 Stage Source  Smart Loudspeaker

Line 6 StageSource Speaker

Where this speaker beats its competition is in the blending of multifunctionality and precisions components. With its smart speaker technology, you can enhance the sound coming from your digital piano with fantastic clarity.

With an onboard digital mixer, you will easily hit the musical notes you want to. The digital mixer provides top-of-the-range effects and feedback suppression, all of which are responsible for quality sound.

This speaker also has a modern architectural speaker design that makes it portable. You can easily travel with it from place to place. The multichannel effects mean you can still get the best performance even for on-stage performance.

What further boosts the super quality sound is the bi-amped design. In conjunction with digital networking streamline setup, this design makes for an intelligent sound environment.

Our Rating :  4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Its bi-amped design works in unison with other feature to produce the best quality sound
  • It also has a recording function in addition to the speaker function
  • The digital mixer inbuilt into the speaker enables you to hit all the right notes
  • It is portable thanks to the compact design
  • It doesn’t work that well with phantom power


When you purchase this speaker, you get the benefit of a sound recording instrument as well. That’s why we think this speaker is a worthy investment if you want to get the best possible sound from your digital piano.

If it doesn’t impress you, look at the final product on our list, then decide which one to go for.

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5. Electro-Voice EKX18SCVR Speaker

Electro Voice EKX18SCVR

Closing off our list is that it comes with a padded cover that boosts its durability. The Electro voice speaker is an affordable option for digital pianos. It features class D amplifiers that work with QuickSmartDSP to give you the best sound coverage.

What makes this speaker stand out is the durable design that doesn’t go slow on the aesthetic side. It has a beautiful design that is as attractive as it is portable for you to carry from place to place confidently.

The Electro-Voice speaker has a 15mm wood material that is lightweight and compact. That makes it easier to transport from place to place if you are a traveling performer. The sound reinforcements ensure it is ideal for live performances.

What’s more, the side dings ensure it is easier for you to transport the speaker. Another thing you will appreciate about this speaker is the exterior pocket that acts as a storage place for external cables.

Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • The padded cover and design make it durable
  • It is easy to transport thanks to the side dings
  • Class D amplifiers will give you the commendable quality of sound
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It doesn’t have a Bluetooth function


The Electro-Voice speaker lacks the Bluetooth function, but it more than compensates for that with the incredible sound quality it provides you with. You, therefore, wouldn’t set a foot wrong trying it.

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1. What is a good measure of sound quality and output for piano?

The best way you can get a measure of speaker output, and sound quality is to listen to as many speakers as possible. While the specs might be an excellent pointer, you won’t know how good the sound is until you have listened to it yourself.

2. What are the benefits of getting a speaker for your digital piano?

There are a ton of benefits that come with getting speakers for your digital piano. The most obvious one is that you can now perform publicly without the fear that your performance won’t get much coverage.

Speakers will enable you to perform better as they accentuate even the hidden sounds when you’re playing your piano.

3. How to Connect Your Digital Keyboard to External Speakers?

Depending on the type of speaker, there will be various ways you can connect the external speakers to your digital piano. The most common way is via the input and output cables that come with the speaker.

Your piano should have an output port that allows you to connect it to the speaker. Some pianos have a Bluetooth output that you can connect to your digital speaker with. However, not all speakers come with Bluetooth connectivity.



We hope our list of digital piano speakers enables you to make a faster decision on which one to choose. When choosing a speaker, look at the number of watts and whether it comes from a reputable brand.

The options we have outlined here are a good place to start if you are looking for speakers for keyboard pianos. The best speakers will enable you to take your piano performance to the next level.

You only have to be diligent enough to select the right speaker for your piano. That will mean you looking at various features from Bluetooth connectivity to the size of the speaker.

If you travel to perform, you will have to choose a speaker you can easily carry from place to place. Fortunately, all the speakers on our list are portable and thus easier to transport.

You, therefore, shouldn’t have much problem picking the best speakers for the digital piano.

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