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Cheerble Wicked Ball Review

Cheerble Wicked Ball ReviewDo you own a pet at home like dogs or cats? If so, for sure, you might want to give them something that they can enjoy to kill some time. For that matter, this article will be of help to you! Here is the Cheerble Wicked Ball Review.

Pets like dogs or cats indeed love to play. But, in some cases, you might find them playing something that they should not touch! Of course, you might feel annoyed, but instead of punishing them, why do not you give them an excellent alternative to play with. You might find the wicked ball interesting, which is specially designed and made for your pets to play with. If you are not so familiar with it, this Cheerble wicked ball review is for you!.

This article will let you know how this toy can be an advantage to your pets. But, first, you should know more about the origin of this Cheerble wicked ball. So, let us start the wicked ball reviews.

Cheerble Wicked Ball Review: What You Should Know?

Cheerble Wicked Ball

The wicked ball concept was rooted in the summer of 2018, designed in January 2019. It has received thousands of investors in the campaign that arose in the spring of that year. In October 2019, Cheerble had raised over $1,000,000 in crowdfunding through IndieGoGo and investors.

The Cheerble is a company that created the wicked ball. It is a tech startup from Shen-Zhen, China. They have the specialty of -as you will know- smart electronic gadgets for any pets.

When it launched in the year 2016, the Cheerble company had already developed three products. In addition to the wicked ball, it includes the wicked bone in their lineup. It is a smart dog bone that automatically plays back with the dog.

Also, it is an interactive board game for your cat which is still available for preorder on IndieGoGo. But, since we are talking about the wicked ball, Let us get straight to a quick Wicked ball review.

The core of the wicked ball has a button that will allow you to select which mode of interaction you would like to use. It can run in three modes – normal, gentle, and active. It also has three mode indicators – blue, green, and pink lights, respectively.

Moreover, in order to give sustainable entertainment, the wicked ball can move through cycles of play and rest. It will rock, shake and roll for more or less 10 minutes, and rest for 30 minutes if the wicked ball detects the physical touch while in the rest time, it will reactivate. The cycle of this wicked ball will continue until the battery is dead.

Cheerble Wicked Balls have been designed to remove and eliminate the feeling of your pets from boredom and loneliness when you are away or not home. It gives them some interaction, fun, and exercise.

Pros and Cons

  • It is Rechargeable. You do not have to replace it with a new battery.
  • It is waterproof and has long battery life.
  • It is simple and easy to use. A hundred percent fully automatic definitely lives up to its name.
  • A perfect companion for your pet
  • It gives a slight noise, especially on hard floors.
  • It is better for cats (Not so good for Dogs)

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Our Verdict

Cheerble Wicked Ball interactive pet toys are the first pet companion that is a hundred percent fully automatic. It is the best for eliminating boredom for your pets, an attractive and responsive auto-ball that will play with your pets and entertain them all day.

It can also give pets an inspiration to run and explore. Having a Wicked ball for your pet is a good investment. It will provide you with free time without worrying about what your pet might do. So we highly recommend this toy for your pet. Though it is very popular for cats, it can still be used for dogs.

There’s a lot of toys for pets to ease their boredom. Well, we do know that the wicked ball is not just any toy. It is a smart toy that has been made and is currently made by the Cheerble company. Yet, aside from the Cheerble Wicked ball pet toy, many toys can interact with your pet, and the following section will suggest some alternatives.


Our Rating :  4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


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Other Alternative Interactive Toys For Your Dogs

In order to fulfill the lives of your dogs, they must live happily. Dogs must be constantly stimulated, especially when it comes to their cognitive and mental development. While you are at work, your dogs must get used to spending long hours by themselves.

There are common dog toys like rope and bone that would keep your pup entertained for much longer. Also, buying a novelty toy whenever you are going out might cause damage to your budget. The answer to this problem is one of the many mind-stimulating dog toys available in the market.

So, aside from the highly recommended Cheerble Wicked Ball, here are some of the top other alternative toys for dogs:

Wicked Bone Smart Bone

This is an automatic and interactive toy for dogs and even cats. It has a safe and durable app control and can give your pets entertainment all day long. If you often leave your house and go to work, and you worry if your dog has enough recreation and exercise, here is the toy designed to solve your problem once and for all.

Read our review here.

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

This toy offers a healthy dose of exercise for your pet’s life. It is an interactive companion robot and treats dispenser for your dogs and cat. It has an automatic play schedule, treats tossing, and monitors activity.

It can also be played manually via an application. Also, it is one of the most well-known interactive toys for dog toys combining the entertaining qualities of interactive classic devices, along with the excitement of discovering favorites. If you are looking for a toy for smart dogs that can also serve as a treat dispenser, you can try this smart toy.


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Trixie Mad Scientist for Dogs

This item has a base with a windmill, two sets of pattern lids, and four beakers. It also has four steps of operating the thing. This toy can be a great alternative to ease the boredom of your dogs!

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OurPets IQ Treat Ball

This toy is not just a simple toy for your pets but also a food-dispenser. You can put treats inside this ball and let your pet roll it over to eat their treats! It is not for the entertainment of your pet. But, it also boosts the mental capability of your beloved pets.

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These items are one of the best interactive toys. Together with the wicked ball, this can help your pets be entertained.


The focus of this article is to establish an excellent opportunity to interact with your dog using an innovative toy. It also aims to solve the real-world problems faced by pet owners and their pets. It would be best if you were very passionate about improving the lives of your pets.

We really want to do these reviews to prove that pets can be happier and healthier. So, as pet parents, give your pets new ways to interact with everyday life!

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