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Plan camping with family and friend once in a while

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” goes a well-known saying. Nowadays people are on a run to be on the top of everything, be it professional or personal. We give the least importance to both our physical and mental health.

We tend to ignore the little talk of our kids, never think about getting in touch with nature and most of all avoid “me time” completely. Even though the results may not show up immediately but o a log run you may fall victim to stress, depression and least family bonding with loved ones. So, how do we overcome the situation? If you are unsure about the benefits of outdoor or camping activities. The answer is simple, pack your bags and go for a trip! It can be a day’s trip or a weeklong trip, no matter, just plan.

If you are pondering on what could be a better outdoor activity for kids, camping is worth a try! There are plenty of fun camping activities that you can list out and encourage your kids to choose the one they like!

Still in a dilemma on what’s activities to choose?

1. Stargazing for a mind-blowing experience

Camping Activity -Stargazing

It’s an out of world experience to sit under the starry sky and enjoy the heavenly delights. Look for a campsite that is far away from the city noise and brightness. Remember to check the weather before getting started. The sky needs to be right and clear. The other thing that needs to be taken into consideration is to check on the list of things to carry along with you. Keep your camping ideas kit ready for a better experience. Tent, mat, sleeping bags are some of the things that you should carry for sure. Most of the campsite provides charts, telescopes and a thorough detail on what to expect while stargazing.

2. Explore into the world of Music while camping

Music is a natural stress buster. Unique music camps are held all over the country and believe me it is one best experience that you can look forward to. You have to sign up for such music camping beforehand to get yourself registered. It could e family pack or you can register your kids separately for music camping. The best part about the campaign is that apart from singing kids are taught to play several musical instruments that they love such as


playing-ukulele-during-campingUkulele is more like the guitar but a tier version with a standard 6 strings. Kids love ukulele because of its look and the happy tone that comes out of it! It is so far bets for children as the instrument is easy to learn and easy to carry as well. Unlike the guitar, the strings of a ukulele are quite soft because of its nylon string that is easy on your fingertips. The other benefit is that the ukulele is affordable too. They are user-friendly, anyone can learn to play it, be it a child or old!


The guitar is the most popular musical instrument all over the globe, thanks to legend bands and guitarists who have stolen millions of hearts with the magic in their fingertips. However, mastering guitar takes a lot of patience handwork. The technicality itself is vast. However, these days kids prefer to take up guitar classes in camps and they do well in it. Kids above 9 years old can take up guitar sessions in the camp for fun and enjoyment. Sitting around the bonfire while camping and a guy playing guitar is a century-old nuance but still gets into the hearts of millions! The harmonic way that both of the instruments produce is not only soothing or ears but also plays a pivotal role in stress-busting and relaxing!

Card & Board Games

If you are looking for fun and family time together while camping here is a little trick, carry board games or card games along with you. they are perfect family games that allow everyone to sit together and enjoy. Children love such fun camping activities for kids as the game evokes laughter and fun. bard games are also good for mental health as they are a great stress buster, increases concentration in children, develop logical and reasoning skills as well. In adults, it helps in lowering blood pressure and control depression due to a hectic lifestyle.

3. Drawing & Writing in the nature

If you are looking for some fun and learning together, then writing is the best! Most of the summer camps provide writing and drawing sessions to enhance the writing skill of your kids. In a writing or drawing session, the child will learn how to write & draw in a creative way, express and explore the hidden writing skill in them, try a hand on short stories, essays, and poetry or drawing beautiful nature. Small competitions and fun camping games are held to further encourage them to carry on as a hobby. Children who learn creative writing and rawing are said to be more active, imaginative and don’t shy away expressing their thoughts. Remember, great personalities across the globe are great writers & artists too!

4. Explore into the word of reading

Camping Activity - Outdoor Reading

when we are talking about writing & drawing, inevitably reading comes in handy. Parents encourage their children to take up reading classes in camps. When you plan camping, trip tries to take some interesting books like nature or camp related along with you, engage in a fun reading session with them. Select age-based books and read them out for them. Such an initiative will help the kid to enjoy reading which otherwise could be a chore for them. It has been noted that when it comes to inculcating reading habits into the kid’s parents face immense issues and face unnecessary tantrums. Reading while camping is a combination that your child will love, and you must try it!

5. Capture the beautiful moment for a lifetime

Camping trips are indeed the happiest, fun-filled ad most memorable time spend with family & friends. It is but obvious that one would love to capture every moment of it to relive it later. So, why not include kids in capturing the precious moment? Who knows one day they may come up with this great photography skill?

Although clicking pictures may sound easy, but to get a perfect moment captured is an art in itself! Camping connects you with nature, and what could be more beautiful than clicking pictures of hills, valleys, and river streaming in the wild? Try to purchase a decent digital camera, as the motto is to avoid phones and get into real photography. It may sound a bit of investing, but it is worth.

6. Stress relieve activity for adults – Mediate

Camping with friends or couple gives an out of the world experience. There are lots of activities for adults to have fun and enjoy. Mediate is one such activity, that not only helps in building team bond but also create an understanding of each other. There are two groups and one mediate member for solving the issues.

7. Flashlight tag and capture the flag

Campsites are no fun without outdoor games, flash a light capture the flag is one of the most played outdoor games played in groups. People are divided into two groups. The goal is to capture the flag of another team to score the points. Now if you are looking for more excitement then play the game at night. All the members of each team require flashlights of any bright color preferable red or green. Now the team as to locate the flag from other teams’ territory and bring back. Along with fun, the game helps the children to develop team bonding and teamwork. Also capture the flag is good for physical health.

8. Storytelling around the campfire

Story Telling around CampfireKids love stories, they love to gather around the storyteller and listen to them with keen interest. Sitting near a bonfire at night with a storybook in hand attracts children like sugar candy. Storytelling allows the child’s imagination to wander and mind relaxation. Storytelling helps the child to focus and enhance vocabulary even before the kid learns to read or write. The kid learns social development and helps in developing patience.

9. Bird & Nature watching with the community

Nature provides everything one needs, right from fresh air to a scenic view to relax our body and mind. camping is no wonder the best way to connect to nature and enjoy the infinite benefits of it. If you have  in your mind, don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars with you, not only to enjoy the exotic view that beholds but also for “bird watching”. There are numerous benefits of birdwatching will be an eye-opener activity both for you and your family.

First, as we all are aware birdwatching brings us closer to nature. One can enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze. Bird watching is also physical activity as it requires long walks through the forest or valleys. hence, this activity can also be considered an excellent exercise for your body. The activity also helps in keeping up with patience, birdwatching needs patience.

Often birdwatching is done in a group, thus there are chances of meeting new people, sharing a common interest. Social development can be cultivated in the child through birdwatching. Last, but the best one is to enjoy a wide variety of birds that migrate from one place to another. Take a bird chart with you and ask your child, to recognize the bird. The fun starts there!

10. Geocaching- modern-day treasure hunt

Geocaching is fun and adventurous at the same time. Caches are hidden by your friend or fellow members in the woods or under the rocks properly. The motto is to find the hidden caches using a GPS receiver or a watches with compass function. It can be called a modern-day treasure hunt for adults. It is however strictly a camping games for adults.

11. Leaf and bugs collecting

During camping parents can encourage the child to learn a different hobby altogether, it is called leaf or bug collecting. While strolling around the woods or forest areas one comes across many bugs and insects that are different and new from that we see in our daily life. before getting into bug collection, keep a chart of poisonous and non-poisonous bugs to avoid unnecessary situations. It is always better to collect dead insects that to catch them live and torture!

Carry a jar and label the bug whenever you find one. If the child is scared of this hobby, don’t force, we do have other options, collecting leaf is one of them. Collect leaves of all shapes and sizes, try to identify them and paste it in your scrapbook. Let your child explore and learn!

12. Explore New Food Recipes – Cooking while Camping

Camping and food as a very good relationship. They are the best combination. Cooking together under the sky always brings joy and a sense of bonding in the family and friends. Try to make different recipes and surprise others. Children also love outdoor cooking.

Let them try a hand in cooking and share their ideas of new recipes. Family bonding becomes stronger while cooking and eating together. However, it would be a better option to carry camping cooking stoves and other necessary utensils along with you.

12. Natural Night Walk

Have you ever tried listening to the sound of the night? Go for a nature walk at night while camping. Apart from the campfire, singing around the fire, cooking outdoor, taking a night walk is also a great idea.

Do remember that night walk requires preparations and things to keep in consideration. Carrying camping lantern or torch light is a must! Also, try to keep a compass with you in case you want to check for the direction. Make sure all the members wear proper clothing and long boot. Apply some repellents for insects to stay away from you. The night walks should be observed in silence. Less talk and more walk, ultimately the goal is to listen to the sound of nightlife!

13. Campfire Skit

Among other activities like singing around the campfire, the skit is equally fun and entertaining. Skits like tell a word a sing a song on it, or imitate your favorite characters, or a small story act can create wonders while campfire.

Conclusion – Just relax and enjoy!

The main reason for camping with the family is to take out some quality time from the hustle-bustle of the sedentary lifestyle. Family bonding and time are essential to make a stronger bond and a healthy lifestyle. Connecting with nature helps in developing overall health-physical, social and mental for a large extent. Trips can be fun and exited with activities and outdoor games. It is hard to pick up the best activities but planning a trip once in a while will give you the chance to explore everything. So, make some random plans and surprise your family. Don’t think much, just relax and destress!

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