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CAD U37 – Affordable Condenser Microphone For Studio Recording

CAD U37 review

Looking for a cheap condenser microphone? Ever heard of CAD U37 Microphone? If you want something affordable but certainly functional, then you need to see this CAD U37 review!

If you are into sound recording or even voice recording, then you are probably looking for a condenser microphone that has all the good quality a microphone should have. Yes, you can easily find one in the market but considering your budget, it may seem difficult, right?

However, there is this one model of condenser microphone that is very affordable yet very useful and functional! This is the CAD U37 Mic, which is actually serving many recording studios before until now. It does an excellent job of recording speech, audios, studio vocals, computer recordings, instruments, and even podcasts. Lets us know more about this condenser microphone and why it is worth checking out!

CAD U37 Microphone Review


CAD U37 Condenser Microphone


For the price-wise is reasonable and affordable. Recommended for those beginners as it is easy to setup and also suitable for those do not wish to invest much in their first condenser mic.

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CAD U37 micCAD U37 Microphone is really an affordable condenser microphone. Given its low price point, it works excellently and is very convenient to use. It has a USB Port for connecting with other devices such as laptops or desktops. Based on reviews online, CAD Audio U37 is one of the best microphones by its quality ratio and price.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner, a novice, or a professional recording artist since the U37 Mic is very versatile. At first, you will find it hard to believe that the quality of this microphone is excellent yet you can get it at the price you can really afford. Since this is a U37 USB Condenser Microphone, it is way cheaper than other USB microphones available in the market.

However, of course, it is not perfect as there are disadvantages as well, but it is pretty manageable and the quality is decent enough to serve you. Though this condenser microphone is not so ideal with performances that need maximum level, it is still a great choice, most especially for beginners and for people who are on a budget!

CAD U37 Specifications

Here is a quick specification guide:

Color: Champagne

Bit Depth: 16 Bit

Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Operating Principle: Condenser Studio Capsule

Pad: -10 DB

Recording Patterns: Cardioid Pick-Up

Recording Sample Rates: 16 Bit

Sample Rate: 48 kHz

Weight: 1.52 Lbs

Key Features

CAD U37 Microphone is a large-diaphragm condenser mic with a pattern of cardioids pick up and USB output. Basically, CAD Audio U37 Mic is a plug and play device with no drivers needed to operate. Its large diaphragm enables you to have a stable low-end response, which is perfect for recording vocals and speech. The cardioid pick up pattern of this microphone only allows capturing the sound in front of it. It means that it does not record irrelevant noises around you.

Another impressive feature of this microphone is its standalone design, which provides better acoustic characteristics while it ensures to reduces the mechanical vibrations. But aside from these good features, it offers two functional features that you cannot find on some cheap microphones. It has a Low Cut Filter and -10 Decibels Pad, which you can find the controls on the front part of the U37 Mic.

The Low Cut Filter serves two purposes. First, it can reduce the low-frequency noise, which can be a result of mechanical vibrations and wind. Second, it can prevent an overblown response, which can lead to close miking. When it comes to the pad, it helps to prevent distortion and clipping coming from loud sources of sounds. In fact, it is very useful for recording strong vocals.

Here are other good features of the U37 microphone:

The Bass Reduction Switch

This feature is helpful for reducing room noises or if you may need to lessen low frequencies while recording. It can reduce wind noise or ventilation noise in the room.

Desktop Stand with Cables

It is included in the package when you buy the microphone. The stand is very easy to set up and the cables allow moving freely without the need to reconfigure your set up.

Design and Build

When it comes to its build quality, this microphone is mostly made out of plastic. Since it manufactured from high-quality plastic, it is durable and lightweight. You can see some plastic switches on the front part of the mic, which makes you feel like some handling and does not feel flimsy.

Nevertheless, its grill is made of metal with a double-layered design, so it ensures quality like expensive microphones. The metal piece present in this condenser microphone protects the capsule.

One of the reasons why it’s cheap is because of its build since it’s made from plastic, but the CAD U37 Mic promotes durability. On the other hand, the stand is quite good but not so good. It is foldable but it is likely to be weak at some point. But on the good side, the stand is designed to handle the weight of the microphone so you do not have to worry about this matter, really.

In addition, the side-address design of this microphone is suited for radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, or even studio recordings. This particular feature is ideal for making podcasts and recording voiceovers for your videos. It comes with only one color – Champagne, which is suitable for everyone.

Sound Quality

Actually, just like any other condenser microphones in the market, the sound quality of CAD U37 Mic is likely the same. The price makes this microphone more interesting. It really does not produce any extraordinary sound. But given its affordable price, the sound is good and decent plus it is a USB microphone. In short, it does its job well when recording yet you can get it at an affordable price.

In fact, the design of this microphone adds up to its excellent performance. Its back-to-back retroactive transmission results in some latency, but you will never notice that unless you press stop and play every after few seconds. It can provide smooth and clear sounds.

As I have said earlier, there are some drawbacks, but they are reasonable and manageable – very minor, actually. Though the frequency response of CAD Audio U37 is balanced, the sound may not be as crisp as expensive USB condenser mics in the market. In that case, we can say that the capsule of the microphone is the one who is accountable.

In addition, the U37 microphone tends to be sensitive to plosives. It includes the sounds of B, D, P, and anything similar to that sounds. But this is just a minor issue as you can use a decent pop filter to get better results.

Pro and Cons

  • The best value for money.
  • The overall quality is decent and good.
  • It features a side-address design.
  • It has a smooth and extended frequency response, which is good for vocal recordings and speech applications.
  • Good for recording acoustic instruments.
  • It has a bass-reduction switch for control.
  • Ease of use, it is suitable for beginners.
  • CAD U37 is quite sensitive so it is best to use it in quiet spaces.
  • The microphone is not suitable for situations that require maximum performance.
  • May produce some static noise.
  • May need to use a pop filter to get better sound results.
  • The plastic material of the microphone may not seem sturdy.
  • The stand is not that sturdy.
  • There is no ON and OFF switch, as well as the Mute Switch.

Final Verdict

Overall, CAD U37 does its job well and as it is designed. There are a lot of condenser microphones available in the market nowadays that are almost perfect, but you may need to break your bank to purchase one. If you are looking for a cheap yet quality one, then you may want to consider checking out this condenser microphone.

Though there are some issues with this CAD U37, it is affordable. It may not be the best microphone for all circumstances, but it can perform decently. When selecting this microphone, be aware that this is not recommended for live band performances, concerts, or any events with audiences. Based on its features, it is perfect for podcasting, doing video voiceovers, or some solo recording.

The overall operation of this microphone is made easy for users as it allows USB connectivity so you will not have to worry about the plugging in cables here and there!

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What’s Included in CAD U37 Package?

cad u37 condenser mic

So, what is in the box? Upon purchase, the CAD U37 microphone comes with a tripod stand, a 10-foot USB cable for flexible set up, and a 2-Year Limited Warranty. Yes, it offers a limited warranty, which is useful for users in case of a defect in manufacturing.

The stand included in the box is a tripod-like desktop mic stand to secure the sturdiness of the microphone while in use.

It supports the microphone to get steady while you are recording. On the other hand, the 10-foot cable is also included for flexible movement. Because of this, you will not have to worry about if the outlet s far from your set up space, as long as the cable can reach it.


Even though you are a beginner or a professional recording artist, you can rely on how CAD U37 performs. If you want to jumpstart your career as a podcaster, then using this microphone is a great way to start.

Getting a good quality device does not always mean that you have to break your bank. There are times that we just need to search a bit and look for reviews. One big example is this CAD U37 Condenser Microphone, which you can purchase at the price you can afford. It is budget-friendly but it can provide the sound quality that you cannot see in cheap microphone models.

This may not be the best option but given its price point, it can work decent enough to satisfy your recording experience. Though there are some drawbacks, they are reasonable and there are ways to adjust or fix the issues. If you are considering this condenser microphone, then you will never go wrong, as long as you manage your expectations and you are aware of what and what not it can do for you! Happy recording!

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