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Best Ukulele Humidifier – A Must Have Accessories For Your Ukulele

Ukulele Humidifier

We are all familiar with Ukuleles – it’s like a small guitar, with the sound close to it! Ukulele is a wonderful instrument that’s why many people are so fond of playing it.

If you are one of the people who like to play the ukulele, and even owns one, then this article is for you! One thing that you need to do to make use of your ukulele at its best, you need to know to properly maintain it. Keeping its wood moisturized is one of the most important parts of taking care of it.

So, you may need to know the best ukulele humidifier for your little instrument!

What is Ukulele Humidifier?

If you are unfamiliar with Ukulele Humidifier, it’s a small container filled with some sort of moisture. It is specifically made to fit inside Ukulele’s case or in the Ukulele’s inner body itself. The Ukulele Humidifier works by releasing some moisture whenever your instrument needs it, free of any drips and damage.

Nowadays, there is lots of best ukulele humidifier available in the market that can keep your instrument moisturized properly, but in a way that it is not too damp. A humidity level of about 40 to 50 is to be expected.

In addition, there are Ukulele Humidifiers that can protect your instrument from over-humidification. However, it’s like a win-win situation, more particularly if you are living in a place where humidity tends to rise at times and fall, depending on weather changes.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your ukulele’s proper moisture, you might need to check out the best ukulele humidifier possible, and to assist you in this matter, the following section is the list of the recommended humidifiers in the market.

Top 3 Best Ukulele Humidifier

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Oasis Ukulele Humidifier

Oasis Ukulele Humidifier

One of your best options, the Oasis Ukulele Humidifier can be able to protect your instrument from the inside to the outside. It can fit inside the ukulele and stays put in there, even when you are out for traveling or doing any of your business.

This humidifier is so user-friendly; you can refill it again if it runs out. When refilling, you may notice that the “humigel” beads make some sort of sound. The reason for this reaction is because it starts to dry up. You just need to add some water and the beads will again start to swell up, with moisture present. Then after that, it is ready to use again!

However, the beads present in this humidifier will not last forever. You need to change them every year, but you should not worry as you can buy refill packs for them. When you are using this humidifier, take note of the sign that it needs water. Drying and shrinking of the humigel beads may affect the tube and it reacts the same as the beads. If this happens, you need to add some water and it’s usable again!

For its proper usage, you can watch it here:

Our Rating :  4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • No dripping effect
  • Dual-purpose humidity control (inside and outside)
  • Affordable
  • Good for dry climates
  • Does not capable of removing excessive moisture
  • Takes time before the beads completely absorbs water after refill
  • May drip if the refilling is not properly done


This is one of the best humidifiers in the market, and you can purchase it on Amazon. The good thing about this humidifier is its reusability.

You just need to refill it then you can use it again, just as long as the beads are working properly. It is also affordable and good for on-the-go instruments owners as it fits perfectly inside the ukulele to maintain good moisture.

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MusicNomad Humilele Ukulele Humidifier

MusicNomad Humilele Ukulele Humidifier

This humidifier is a little unique when it comes to its design. Its design was inspired by a high-absorption sponge, which was contained in a pod. Suspended on your ukulele strings above the sound holes, this humidifier works perfectly to keep your instrument moisturized enough.

One sign that the sponge needs to be immersed again, just flip up the top and check on it. If it is already dried up, then you need to soak it again. But if it’s still wet, then leave it as it is still working fine. Judging by how it works on your instrument, you can say that it is very easy to use.

However, there are times that the sponge becomes less absorbent or it gets a little moldy. For this matter, you might need to replace it with a new sponge. Do not worry as you can easily find a replacement sponge in the market. In addition, when you need to soak it, use distilled water for better results.

For the user guide, you can refer to this video below:

Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable and reusable
  • User-friendly
  • Maintains enough moisture from inside out
  • Needs to inspected as often as possible as the sponge tends to get dry easily depending on the climate
  • It can form molds (but is cleanable)
  • You may tend to replace the sponge often (depends on the climate)


This humidifier ukulele is one of the best of its kind. Unlike Oasis Ukulele Humidifier, it is made of a high-quality absorption sponge, which can keep your instrument hydrated inside and even on the outside.

Also, it’s user-friendly so there is no confusing way on how you will use it and it is very affordable. It has some flaws of course, but given its efficiency and effectiveness, then it is really worth checking out!

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D’addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

D’addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

This humidifier is capable of keeping your ukulele at a constant humidity level of 45%. It can give you a great sense of relief and peace of mind because of its user-friendly control system and effectiveness. Its two-way humidity control can add or release moisture as needed. Therefore, you can keep your ukulele stored without having to worry about refill packs or replacement unit to use it effectively.

This humidifier can last for about 2 to 4 months under most climate conditions, but can also last for 6 months for lighter weather conditions. You know, there is nothing that you can use forever unless you replace some parts and the same goes with this Humidipak. However, it does not need refill packs but you may need to replace the Humidipak packet itself.

Its life span can be shorter during the winter months but can be a little longer during summer or spring months. When using this humidifier, you just need to insert it between the strings until goes down the bottom of the instrument.

For additional info, you can watch this video here:

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Pros and Cons

  • Two-way humidity control
  • No maintenance units needed
  • Free from drips
  • No water needed
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Maintains good humidity level
  • Life span may vary depending on the climate, may tend to be shorter for winter months
  • Reoccurring costs as you need to replace the packet every 2 to 6 months


Because of its two-way humidity control, you can keep the humidity level of your ukulele at its finest. Though there are other units or brands that can precisely control the humidity of your ukulele, this one can do the work at such an affordable cost.

No refillable packs or replacements units, just change the packet itself and you are good to go!

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Do I Need A Humidifier For My Ukulele?

Ukuleles are mostly made of wood. So probably yes, your ukulele does need a humidifier. Actually, all ukuleles need a humidifier to properly maintain their humidity.

One of the reasons why the ukulele needs a humidifier is because the wood is composed of cells, which react to environmental changes such as the climate or weather. This is especially true for ukuleles made with solid woods and not laminated ones.

Humidity can damage the ukulele’s wood without you even noticing it. You’ll notice changes when it’s too late so you need something that can help you keep your instrument with enough humidity. Another thing, humidity can affect your ukulele’s intonation, height, and buzz.

Ukulele may produce a fret buzz or the intonation may tend to get higher or lower. When this happens, you may find your ukulele unplayable. In short, problems that may arise due to over-humidification can be serious at some point.

How To Use Ukulele Humidifier?

Since there are a lot of different kinds of Ukulele humidifiers nowadays, the terms of use may vary from one another. Like in our list, there is a refillable humidifier, sponge-type humidifier, and packet-type humidifier. Since they differ in structure, the terms of use may also be different from one another.

But one of the most common things about humidifiers for ukulele is most are using distilled water to soaked and refill into. When you buy a humidifier for your instrument, it has some sort of instruction on its packaging or any piece of paper on its pack, where you can refer to if you do not know how to use it.

Basically, humidifiers work just by putting it inside your ukulele or in the bag where you store your instrument. This way, the humidifier inside the ukulele can sometimes remove or adds humidity as needed. There are two-way humidifiers, which can protect your ukulele from inside out and is capable of controlling humidity according to what your ukulele needs.

How Does A Ukulele Humidifier Works?

A humidifier works to help control the humidity present in your ukulele. 40% to 50% humidity-level is the ideal humid rate enough to maintain the goodness of your ukulele’s wood. Humidifiers prevent the wood from cracking up, or any damage the can affect your ukulele’s structure.

The main job of humidifiers is to maintain your ukulele’s environment with the right level of humidity. As mentioned earlier, some ukulele humidifiers can add or reduce moisture depending on the need of the instrument. If the moisture present in your ukulele is quite high, then the humidifier works, reducing humidity to keep a good level of humidity. On the other hand, if the moist is less than what the ukulele needs, the humidifier works, adding humid to keep enough humidity level.

In addition, an instrument humidifier does not only work for the inner part of your ukulele, but the outside covering as well. So, it is advisable to purchase a humidifier that can protect your ukulele from inside to outside. You cannot see the results at first but as you keep on using it, you will see how advantageous it may be.

When Should A Ukulele Humidifier Be Applied?

Of course, there are times that you really do not need to use humidifiers. But if you’re wondering about when is the best time to apply it, then it is applicable when your ukulele is exposed to a too dry atmosphere or when your ukulele is exposed to over-humidification.

But most of the time, applying a humidifier is best when the climate is too hot since the dryness can cause warp or crack on the wood of your ukulele. Here are some signs telling you that your ukulele must be humidified:

  • You will notice that the strings are getting nearer to the fretboard. This means low action.
  • You may feel that the fret ends are sharp.
  • You may notice that there are some splits and cracks on the body of your ukulele.
  • The bridge area starts to look dipped.
  • If you have a laminated type of ukulele, it may also be prone to issues due to high humidity. You may also need a humidifier to prevent such issues or your ukulele’s body may warp.


Ukulele needs your tender loving care, most especially if you own an expensive type. You do not want it to have scratches, cracks, or any other issue that may stain its flawlessness. As a way to take care and keep your instrument at its finest, you may need to have the best ukulele humidifier as much as possible!

Though humidifiers are not really a thing that you should have, it is advisable and recommended as it can help you manage and maintain your ukulele at its good structure. It is not a big deal of spending a little amount when in return; you can take care of your instrument properly, making its lifespan longer!

So, what are you waiting for? Add to cart your favorite humidifier from this list and make your ukulele at its best!

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