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All Time Best Ukulele Brands For Beginners and Pros

top ukulele brandsUkuleles are like guitars that are easy and fun to play, the cheerful music they make. It is either if you are a beginner playing a ukulele guitar or advancing to intermediate learning of musical instruments.

In this post, you may find the top ukulele brands to buy, which is super helpful. Just do not forget that there are so many manufacturers out there. You will need to take a more extended list to credit all of their works, but we will make it simpler for you!

There are top ukulele makers that we have curated. Here, you can see those who tend to offer excellent and solid instruments together with affordable prices, particularly for the beginners and intermediate players. Now let us see the best ukulele brands.

What Are The Best Ukulele Brands?

Here are some of the best Ukulele brands you can in the market:


Cordoba is known for building beautiful and resonant guitars in the tradition of the Spanish. Cordoba began to produce ukuleles with the same attention and passion. It is made of high quality and carefully selected wood with high components.

Beautiful ends are essential features in every ukulele guitar that Cordoba produces. Every Cordoba instrument is handmade to ensure that the tone you will make is beautiful, exquisite, and resonant. Whoever’s hands will play the instrument will feel very wonderful.

Meanwhile, they focus on giving affordable instruments, especially ukuleles, to their customers. Cordoba always comes out with new and different instruments regularly to choose from, like the colorful plastic ones. It will be a good plus to your collection, while others are seriously investing in it.


Cordoba Ukuleles are suitable for beginners

  Handmade to ensure a beautiful tone.

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Mahalo brand is the world’s best ukulele brand with many good and quality models of instruments. You can start to play with a colored soprano ukulele. It is a popular entry-level instrument and perfect for beginners and for any age. It has quality and reliable geared machine heads that make easy tuning and pleasing sounds.

Mahalo may not have the best and quality components of material goods to build instruments. However, still, for a beginner who really wants to learn how to play a ukulele guitar, Mahalo is perfect. Mahalo is cheap and initially made in China, but now, they have a branch in Indonesia. Also, they are one of the most popular in the UK.


  Mahalo’s Ukuleles featured bright colors.

 It is best for beginners of any age.

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The quality of Lohanu is much better than any of the super cheap ukuleles. It was proven and tested over the years, and it is incredible. Lohanu has a lot of features; it has a Braceless arched back. It provides structural support whenever you are improving tone. Also, it comes with strap buttons, free installed.

While lots of players do not use straps, this is not a big deal. But, whenever you decide to use a strap, it will be very significant to have a strap button already in place. The sound of Lohanu is adorable; it is sweet, warm, and harp-like. You can attribute this to its light, tight construction, and minimal ends.


 It is easy to play without any Fret buzz.

 Frets are smooth and even.

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Lanikai tenor ukulele is expensive but a good choice for an instrument because of its good tone. It has a more extensive and broader fingerboard than any soprano ukulele. It is easier to play for those with huge hands and fingers. You will love the look of it because of the beautiful wood grain and its matte finish.

Lanikai ukuleles are handcrafted and produced on an island of Oahu in the country of Hawaii, with many ukulele brands that pay homage to the first ukulele styles.

This brand is affordable and is an excellent choice for those players who have less concern with fancy details. It is also an option for beginner players, hobbyists, and even kids.


 Suitable for beginners and kids.

 It has a Larger fingerboard.

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Kala ukulele guitars are known relatively as new Ukulele brands. But, it has made an enormous impact. It will be a good investment for people who want a well-made quality ukulele at an affordable price.

They are perfect for the players who are getting more serious about playing the ukulele and want the best quality ukulele without breaking their bank.

Kala ukuleles are made in the USA and built by hand at a shop in Petaluma, CA. But, the entire line is made from solid Hawaiian Koa. Kala is an elite USA Koa collection of ukuleles. Kala was set up by Mike Upton, who had previously worked for the Hohner Musical Instrument Company.


  It has a different and loud sound.

Nice construction and frets are carefully polished.

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Donner ukuleles are very simple but well built. They have tight and clean craftsmanship and can be played very well even if it just got out of the box.

They also have a very good sound. Most Donner ukuleles come in a package, including a gig bag, extra strings, tuner, straps, and picks.

Buying a nice ukulele is not something that can be done in an instant. Donner is one of the renowned and reputable ukulele providers. Using Donner ukuleles, you can turn your playing experience from beginner’s skills to a musical masterpiece by just turning up the quality of the instrument.

Donner is a Chinese-based company that makes all of its ukuleles in the country of China.


 It is simple and well built with good quality materials.

  A package deal when you bought one.

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Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt ukuleles tend to be at the cheaper end of the price scale, yet it has a good reputation for quality. Having said that, it can still make a good sound, and it is easier to play than any others. Anyways, Oscar Schmidt is a well-known guitar manufacturer, that is why you may recognize its name.

Oscar Schmidt is a side branch of the Washburn Guitar Company. The company also happens to be one of the top ukulele brands because of its durability, great looks, and fantastic sound. They also offered a variety of woods and finishes together with spruce, spalted mango, spalted maple, mahogany, and especially authentic koa.

This brand of the ukulele is easy to play with. The action is kind of low, and its intonation is great. This would be a good recommendation to those who want to get their new ukuleles.


 It is very durable with a fantastic sound.

The ukulele is great because it has a variety of woods.

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This brand is one of the most compact ukuleles that is a very excellent choice for kids who really want to start learning to play musical instruments. The Pomaikai soprano wood ukulele is one of those which has the crispiest sound. This guitar is made of basswood that is finished with a high gloss.

Pomaikai would make a perfect gift for a music lover. It has a mahogany body and four advanced carbon nylon strings. These strings are soft, which would be easier on the fingers of a beginner or a younger player who just started to learn the ukulele.

Pomaikai also has quality materials and excellent sound because of its AAA Mahogany body and black walnut fingerboard that will bring you a richer and brighter sound. Well, all small Hawaiian guitars are well made.


 It has a high level of craftsmanship and outstanding quality.

  It is a perfect gift for music lovers and also for beginners

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Luna is a nice tattooed ukulele, it is well built and plays reasonably well, and anyone who hears its tone will be impressed. Although, the package is not so good because of the not-so-good gig bag together with it. Luna tattoo ukulele is not a bad choice, especially for beginners. But, there are certainly better choices when it comes to overall value.

Well, these ukulele packages are for sale online these days with more or less cost. However, if you love a laser-engraved tattoo design and do not mind paying a bit more, then you have no reason not to get this ukulele.

Luna ukulele is better for beginners, which is a bit tight for investing. Given the price, you could not find anything to complain about.


  Featured engraved tattoo designs for those who love unique styles.

It is well-built with good sounds and tones.

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Well, if you are on a budget, basically, you can count on Fender Ukuleles. These types of ukuleles are built well using high-quality materials and solid, reliable manufacturing processes.

When it comes to sounds, it is normally clear and crisp, with tons of tropical, island-inspired tones. The options are almost confusing, and there is a lot to decide from. Fender is famous for guitars, yet these days the company’s ukuleles are making a stir as well.

Fender introduced their ukuleles in the year 2009, suddenly hitting some bumps along the way as so many manufacturers do. Meanwhile, these instruments are attractive and functional, and yes, right, they all feature the classic Fender headstock style.

These ukuleles are like nothing else but sweet with a pure sound. Thanks to their unique features, these instruments offer an exquisite look and an incredible feeling in your hands.


 Well-built with high-quality components.

Popular choice for beginner

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Best Ukulele Brands For Professionals

Best Ukulele Brands For Professionals

You are committed to the quality and customer satisfaction of every ukulele, which is more valuable to any brand and company. But for those professional musicians, customer satisfaction does not apply. It is always the quality that they are seeking.

Playing the ukulele is fun, especially for beginners but imagine if you see a professional ukulele player playing it and if you hear it plays with the best ukulele worldwide. There are a variety of professional ukuleles you just have not seen.

If you’re a professional ukulele player or a beginner who wants to use something more incredible, then the following are the best ukulele brands for professionals:


Well, we would be missing if we did not mention this Martin ukulele. Although its price is quite a bit more expensive than some other manufacturers, Martin is a top-notch instrument. With this, you will be ensured that it will last a lifetime (but with proper care). So if you love playing the ukulele and you want to take it to the next level, then you may consider taking a look at this brand.

Martin started to produce their first ukulele way back in 1916, and they offer tons of styles and finishes to choose from. Aside from that, playability, tone, and good looks should be expected. They also provide great strings, so if you are not sure about having their ukuleles, then you can add the string they provide to a cheaper model and get a small amount of quality that this company is renowned for.


 Easy to use for professionals with high-quality strings.

  Great tone with good appearance.

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Kanile’a is another Hawaiian company and is renowned for its high-quality instruments. They are all made on the lovely island of Oahu. The truth is you can tour inside the company if you ever happen to visit there.

Lots of Kanile’aKanile’a ukuleles are made with professional players in mind. These instruments offer a good appearance, great sound and also with low prices. So you should take a look at Kanile’aKanile’a products as you make your decision.


 It has a better look and sound, which surely fits professional players.

Low prices are being offered with high-quality products.

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Kamaka is one of the most fragile ukulele companies around the world. This company was started by Manuel K. Kamaka, and Kamaka ukuleles offer three-time period styles. The ukuleles designed from the 1920s and 1930s are like collector items, and a bit pricey. Meanwhile, Kamaka invented the pineapple style of ukuleles, and you will regularly see examples of one of these on eBay.


Well-known ukulele brand that offers good quality instruments, with the test of time.

Suitable for professional players with a love for classic styles.

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Wrapping Up

If you love to play instruments or especially the ukulele, finding the right brand may be a bit difficult for you! While there are lots of good ukulele brands in the market, choosing the best ukulele brand is a little stressful.

Hopefully, this list that we have provided for you somewhat clears up your mind in choosing the brand of ukulele you should opt for. But always remember, it’s not always about the ukulele brand. It’s your skills and passion to make this hobby work for you! Have fun playing ukuleles!

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