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Best Selection of 10 Popular Ukulele Wedding Songs

romantic ukulele songsWeddings frequently feature live music. Instrumentalists perform the songs live, or pre-recorded songs are used. Typically, these songs are performed in accordance with the couple’s culture and preferences. In reality, music becomes a significant element to the wedding to set the tone for a particular time, such as your speeches and displays, or to kick off the celebration after the formalities are over.

One of the most difficult songs to select is the ‘walking down the aisle’ music, often known as processional or bride entrance music. Especially if you are not a typical ‘da da da.. Here comes the bride’ kind of bride. When it comes to professional music, like with any wedding music, there are numerous factors to consider.

When it comes to picking your ideal wedding music, though, practically every couple wants to choose something that reflects their relationship. A couple will be able to choose popular wedding music from the selection of ukulele wedding songs.

1. A Thousand Years

This is a worldwide favourite romantic song for weddings. It was performed by the very talented Christina Perri and it was written especially for the movie Twilight Saga by David Hodges. A thousand years was released in 2011 and is played on almost every wedding even in 2021. The lovely melody and romantic lyrics make it a perfect song to play for your loved ones on their special day.

Movie: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II’

Release Year: 2011

Song Artist: Vocals by Christina Perri with Steve Kazee (For movie)

Chords Used: C, Am, F, G, Dm

2. All of Me

All of me is a superhit song by American singer and pianist John Legend. This is one of his best songs. It is a beautiful, deep, delicate love ballad which can melt anyone’s heart. All of me’s official video features the singer’s wife, Chrissy Teigen. This song is his dedication to his wife and has original footage of their wedding in the official video.

The music ends up being a sophisticated and captivating love ballad thanks to the passionate message of “all of me loves all of you,” which is poetic and real when combined with the clever and gorgeous piano accompaniment.

Album: ‘Darkness and Light’

Release Year: 2013

Song Artist: John Legend

Chords: Em, C, G, D, Am

3. Can’t Help Falling in Love

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” will go down in history as one of the most romantic songs ever written. Elvis Presley, is seen outside of his element when he performs this soothing tune that sweeps anyone off their feet. The song is, without a doubt, one of the most loved wedding songs of all time.

The song is about the singer’s feelings for a girl with whom he is in uncontrollable love. Elvis sings in the song that they are meant to be together, which is why he sings about his lover riding with him to endless sunsets.

Album: ‘Blue Hawaii’

Release Year: 1961

Song Artist: Elvis Presley

  Chords: F, G, Dm, G7, Em.

4. Better Together

If you’re getting married and are still looking for the right song for your first dance, I recommend Luke Combs’ “Better Together.” The song was written in honor of Luke’s fiancée Nicole Hocking. Luke is the singer of the song, accompanied by a piano.

The song’s simple simplicity, combined with emotional lyrics such as “And if I’m being honest, your first and last name, would just sound better together and probably always will,” will almost certainly make it THE wedding song of the year.

Album: ‘What You See is What You get’

Release Year: 2020

Song Artist: Luke Combs

Chords: G, Em, C, D

5. The Way You Look Tonight

The beautiful “The Way You Look Tonight” received the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1936, after first appearing in the film Swing Time.

The most popular and imitated version was recorded by Frank Sinatra with the Nelson Riddle orchestra. Since 1942’s Once Upon a Honeymoon, it has been associated with weddings. It’s one of the finest wedding songs ever written, and it’ll remain a wedding party favourite for a thousand years.

Album: ‘Sinatra Sings Days of Wine and Roses’

Release Year: 1964

Song Artist: Frank Sinatra

Chords: Am, Dm, G, Em, A7

6. Grow Old with Me

“Grow Old with Me” is one of John Lennon’s final compositions. It was recorded as a demo by John Lennon in Bermuda in 1980, and it was ultimately included on his posthumous album Milk & Honey in 1984.

Yoko Ono had challenged him to write it. The song was inspired by Yoko Ono’s song “Let Me Count the Ways,” which was written by John Lennon’s wife (which in turn had been inspired from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning).

Album: ‘Milk and Honey’

Release Year: 1984

Song Artist: John Lennon

Chords: F, G, Dm, G7, Em

7. Marry Me

This is the ideal wedding music. “Marry Me” encapsulates all of the feelings and emotions experienced by a man who meets and falls in love with the woman of his dreams. The song is about love, being together, and being together forever, and it ends with a marriage proposal called “Marry Me.”

The record was certified platinum in April 2011 after reaching 1,000,000 digital downloads. Train’s lead singer, Pat Monahan, and country icon Martina McBride recorded it as a duet for her “Eleven” album.

  Album: ‘Save Me, San Francisco’

  Release Year: 2010

Song Artist: Pat Monahan of Train

Chords: C, G, Am, F, Bb

8. You are The Sunshine of My Life

Stevie Wonder’s single “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” was released in 1973. Wonder’s third number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and his first on the Easy Listening chart, the song became his third number-one single overall. Syreeta Wright, whom Stevie Wonder married in 1970, was the sunshine of his life when he composed this song. The song is still a sincere declaration of eternal love.

  Album: ‘Talking Book’

 Release Year: 1973

 Song Artist: Stevie Wonder with Jim Gilstrap and Lani Groves

Chords: A, Am, Bm, C, D, Dm, E, E7, G7

9. Till There Was You

“Till There Was You,” originally titled “Till I Met You,” was written by Meredith Wilson, composer, songwriter, conductor, and playwright, for his Tony Award and Grammy Award-winning musical “The Music Man.” The song’s lyrics describe a basic sense of not being able to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, such as bells ringing and birds “winging,” until the singer met his or her true love.

This song has been covered by many musicians, most notably Anita Bryant, whose successful version peaked at #30 on the US Billboard charts in 1959. Many musicians have covered the song, notably Anita Bryant, whose successful version peaked at #30 on the US Billboard charts in 1959.

 Album: ‘’With the Beatles’

Release Year: 1963

Song Artist: Beatles (Paul McCartney accompanied by George Harrison and John Lennon on vocals)

Chords: A7, C, C6, D7, Dm, Em, Ebm, FM, G7.

10. Thinking Out Loud

“Thinking Out Loud” is a song by Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter, from his second studio album. Until “Shape of You” topped the charts in both nations in 2017, it was Sheeran’s highest-charting single in North America. Sheeran collaborated with Amy Wadge, a Welsh singer-songwriter, on “Thinking Out Loud.”

Sheeran also revealed that his then-girlfriend, Athena Andrelos, who he met in early 2014, was the inspiration for the lyrics. Sheeran later explained that he created the song while “in a really, really happy relationship.”

 Album: ‘x’

  Release Year: 2014

 Song Artist: Ed Sheeran

 Chords: C, Am, F, G, Dm.

Wrapping Up

The thrill of love, the anticipation of the wedding day, and the relationship’s faith are all captured in a superb wedding song. The ideal wedding song might be a love song or a melody that brings everyone to the dance floor, celebrating and dancing the night away.

We looked back over the years at wedding songs that are still popular and have stood the test of time. We also looked at tracks that had just been released recently. We believe it will be played for many years.

These are the most popular wedding songs that have ever been performed. Select from the above list of the greatest wedding songs of all time if you want to please the crowd. These songs will be readily recognized by all of your guests, and they will give you and them butterflies.

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