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Best 5 Portable Camping Shower – Buying Guides & Reviews


Gone are those days when camping meant spending days in dirt, sweat and bad odor. Once it was unimaginable that even camping can be hygienic! Camping was considered to be the time of enjoyment, without any concern for health. However most of the people nowadays despise the idea of going unclean without taking a shower.

Thanks to portable camping shower, campers got a huge relief. These showers give a huge relief and offer a perfect opportunity to the consumers to get rid of bad smell and sweat accumulated for days. This accumulation of dirt often causes severe health issues including skin damage or infections.

If you love to travel and specially a huge fan of camping then this article is going to help you immensely. In this article we will closely discuss about camp showers and address several questions such as how does a camping shower work. We will further enlist top 5 camping showers along with their pros and cons. Read on to know more about the best camping showers available in the contemporary market.


Advantages of  having portable showers

  • These showers are lightweight.
  • You can carry them to any place and use them for any purpose that requires water. While these showers are rated as favorites by the campers, you can even use these for gardening as well.
  • Each of the shower comes with set packs including showerhead, hose pipes etc.
  • Most of the best camp showers can absorb sunlight by themselves. Such adaptability with solar energy makes them extremely user friendly. This means you can keep the shower under direct sunlight sometimes prior to use them. They will quickly absorb the heat and the water will become warm. Since these camping mostly take place in isolated places including forests or hill stations, warm water is ideal to take a bath.
  • These showers are equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries. Therefore you can easily get rid of the headache that the shower can run out of charge. This would surely cause an extremely hazardous condition. Suppose you are carrying the camping showers including all its parts and parcels all the way to the camping location and on arriving there you find that your shower has gone out of charge! All of your hard efforts would go in vain! Inclusion of rechargeable batteries help you to avoid such ridiculous condition. You can use the shower at your convenience as and when you require to take a bath.
  • Lastly, the main objective of the camping shower itself is beneficial for the consumers. It will help the camper to get rid of all the dirt and grimes accumulated on skin during the camping session. Now you can push all your threshold while enjoying your camping time. Your portable camp shower has got your back. No more do you have to worry about staying unhygienic for days. These showers are especially beneficial during summer days. You will easily get rid of sweat, bad smell, mud and dirt with the help of these handy items.

Now that you have learnt the benefits of  having the camp showers, a question may arise in some of your minds whether these camp showers have no negative point at all. Well, let us tell you, nothing is free of at least one adversity. Camp showers too are not exceptions to that. But in comparison to all the benefits that they provide, the negative sides are way too little for the users. Even then it’s preferable to bear the flaws of camp showers so that you don’t feel cheated after buying one.

Dis-Advantages of  having portable showers

  • Though camp showers are extremely portable, yet some people often find them to be an extra luggage that you need to carry during camping. But bear in mind the fact that all of the camp showers are made user friendly and some of these are even foldable that further enhance the user experience. This is not an extra luggage in today’s polluted world but rather an essential one that you must carry along while camping.
  • According to some old school people camp shower adds a modern touch in an otherwise adventurous fervor of camping. This actually mars the effect of raw nature by the deliberate inclusion of modern element. However such an analysis is not at all approvable. If we can wear modern clothes, carry modern equipment while camping, why not altering one another factor? Especially since this single factor can change an entire lifestyle. As the pollution in today’s era is increasing incessantly, you should never dare to risk your life by coping up with in the muddy and clumsy skin during camping. Make it a point to take a bath regularly while camping session is on. Your health should be your primary concern at every point of time. If you can make it a habit of taking shower regularly during camping, dirt and sweat will not be able to get accumulated in your skin. This in turn will help you to remain fresh and feel energized all through the day. That way you can enjoy your camping time more than ever. Don’t skip shower just because you are in a camp. This habit is sure to get you sound health and ever young skin.

Well, now that you have got an overview of the benefits and flaws of camp shower, you can easily compare between the duo and realize which one weighs more. You can quite well infer the fact that the advantages of portable camp shower is far more than its flaws. You can definitely tolerate these few negative aspects so as to obtain so much benefits that the camp showers offer.

So far we have provided an entire overview including the benefits and adverse effects of camp showers. We hope you have realized the nooks and crannies of portable shower. Now we seek to delve even deeper and get you to the next step. By far you must have decided to buy a camp shower before your next camping session begins. You may well have decided to buy it for gardening purpose as well. No matter for whichever reason you are hunting down your preferable camp shower, you must be confused among so many choices available in the market. Amidst such a complicated situation, we are here to help you by evading your confusion.

As promised earlier, we are now advancing to enlist 5 best camp showers so that you can make a well-informed decision and don’t get lost amidst so many choices. Not only shall we describe these 5 items, but we will also further categorize their respective pros and cons. We believe that after reading the entire article you will sure to shortlist your favorite camp shower among the best five.

Best Portable Camping Showers Reviews

1. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower


5 Gallon summer shower is mainly powered by solar technology. It is designed with a potential 4-ply construction and also contains a reflector panel and an insulator panel.

This distinct quality shower exhibits a user-friendly ON/OFF showerhead along with a large filling valve that makes the filling effective.

Apart from these, the shower also includes a side pocket to keep soap and shampoo. The temperature gauge and the additional velcro straps for washcloths make it a perfect choice for the buyers. Equipped with PVC free long lasting materials this shower is ideal for summer camping.

The portable shower can easily be rolled up after every use and therefore suits a compact storage.

Our Rating :  4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • The shower has a distinct side pocket to keep soap and shampoo.
  • This shower features a user friendly ON-OFF shower head.
  •  It is Made up of PVC free yet durable material which ensures a pollution free bathing. That way the shower is environment-friendly as well


  • The camper may require to carry a lot of water. Generally camping takes place in isolated regions. It’s quite difficult to get extensive amount of water everywhere.


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2. RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower


The RinseKit Portable outdoor shower is amazing since it is shaped like a water cooler and can easily fit within the back of a car or a trunk.

Therefore, it is ideal for camping and any sort of outdoor activity that requires water. It can be used while cleaning your car or garden.

Apart from these, the shower has great usage in cleaning dishes or taking a shower while you are out in camping without any requirement of external pump or batteries.

This pressurized shower is able to deliver spray for around three minutes. It can be filled quite quickly with either hot or cold water depending upon your preference or requirement.

This shower can store up to 2 gallons water. Its spray nozzle is designed in a such a way that can offer seven versatile settings including jet stream and soaking shower.

It also includes a folding handle so that one can carry it in one hand and therefore it’s easy to keep its lid standing if required. It features a built-in ruler that measures fish, one hose nozzle, 6′ hose, one hose bib adapter, on&off valve and a quick connect. However it can’t heat the water itself, and you need to put it under the sun if you want a warm shower.

Our Rating :  3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)


  • The shower can store about 2 gallons of water which is enough for taking a shower.
  •  Its spray lasts for up to 3 minutes.
  •  External pumping & batteries are not required in this shower. So it’s quite convenient for the users.


  • The shower can’t heat the water by itself. Therefore you will need to keep it under the sun so as to obtain warm water.

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3. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower


Ivation portable outdoor shower is a decent looking colorful shower. It can easily transform any sort water perfect for using in shower. This shower is lightweight and easily portable and can instantly convert any bucket or sink water into a perfect shower stream.

This reliable shower maintains one single flow rate which offers a comfortable bathing for the babies, seniors, and pets.

The shower incorporates a pump along with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and a distinct shower head within one unit. The showerhead carries a suction cup which easily sticks to any kind of flat surface.

It also features an S-shaped hook to hang it over one’s head. This shower is further powered by a 2200 mAh Lithium battery that can be easily charged via an external USB port.

This portable and lightweight shower can be easily attached to a laptop or even to a 12-volt car adapter which permits 1 hour of constant usage after being fully charged. Its water-resistant unit is ideal to be connected to a large water container. This in turn helps to increase the pressure of the nozzle.

This handy watery innovation is equipped with an on/off switch, a flexible hose of 6.5-foot as well as an S-styled hanging hook for an effective hands-free usage. It can continuously stream up to 0.66 gals/ minute.

This 1.9-pound weighing shower can easily fit within the backpack or inside a car trunk for convenient use. Its applications are numerous. It can be utilized during camping, gardening, and even while cleaning car or pets.

Our Rating :  4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  •  The shower is convenient to use.
  •  The portable shower comes with a USB charging facility
  •  It has a water-resistant on-off switch
  •  The shower is compact and easily portable.
  •  It is ideal to be used for seniors, pets, and babies.


  • The shower offers only a single flow rate which may not be appealing to everyone.


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4. RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag


Risepro solar shower bag is an exemplary shower bag that offers hot water stream without any help of gas or electricity. This shower can carry 5 gallons (20 liters) of water which is effective during camping or beach swimming.

This exclusive shower bag contains multiple leak-proof layers which make it to be even more durable and reliable. Risepro solar shower is produced from environment-friendly materials that are safe for health.

These smart PVC materials is able to efficiently absorb solar energy in order to heat the water contained in the bag. It can heat the water directly by occpying sunlight up to the range of 113 ° F or 45 ° C.

This portable shower features a distinct temperature indicator so as to obtain the temperature of the water. It is further equipped with a user friendly on/off switch that moderates the water flow from high to low and offers a better showering experience to the users.

This shower bag is quite lightweight and therefore is extremely easy to carry around and store anywhere. The entire shower pack set contains a hose along with a showerhead, a hanging strap, a distinct plastic tube, and a 20 liter shower bag.

Our Rating :  3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


  • This shower bag is made up of environment-friendly materials
  • It contains leak-proof multiple layers
  • The on/off switch make the product extremely user friendly.
  • The shower is foldable and therefore is easy to store and carry.
  • It is lightweight, handy, and portable.


  • The lid area is not much tight and therefore may leak a bit.


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5. Pure Clean PCSHPT12 System


The pure clean portable shower is a perfect choice to rely on during fishing, gardening, camping, boating, and pet cleaning. It is equipped with an inbuilt pump which is always ready to stream out the water whenever you want.

All you need is to drop the waterproof pump attached to the shower into any bucket or any sort of water source before switching the pump on in order to avail water spray. The durable sturdy construction makes it extremely convenient to use while you are in the outdoors.

This hand held shower is able to deliver a powerful water spray which is excellent for cleaning and also saves your time by slacking prolong shower. It ensures 100% waterproof safety and contains a rechargeable pump which can be easily charged through a USB cable.

The shower set comes with a hose, USB charging cable, showerhead, suction cup and a hook attached with water spray. This is an ideal tool for effective cleaning from car to campsite to animal cleaning. It is quite light to carry.

Our Rating :  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • The shower is easy to set up and does not require long time. Therefore it’s convenient to use during camping.
  •  The potential rechargeable lithium battery is long lasting.
  •  The waterproof pump is an added advantage of this shower.
  •  The shower contains an external hook attachment that ensures user friendliness.
  •  Its portable design is sure to enhance user experience.


  • The shower is facilitated with only a single water stream. Some people may find it difficult while taking a bath.

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Conclusion for portable camping showers

We hope the article has immensely helped you to take a decision about which camp shower you should buy during your next purchase. Try any one of these. We ensure that you will have a great experience.

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