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6 Best Piano Learning Apps – Learning Through Using Android & iOS

learn to play piano app

If you’ve been searching for the best piano learning app for iOS and Android, here’s the complete list for you! Learning to play the piano has a certain special feeling it gives. A lot of folks need to be at their best whenever pianos are in play.

In the old days, learning how to play the piano had to be done through a tiresome, painstaking process. But based on how tech has changed everything about our world, that’s all in the past now!

You can easily learn how to play the piano or digital piano with the piano learning app for iOS and Android collection right here for suitable adults and your kids.!

1. Gismart Piano Free

Android | iOS

With so many apps for learning skills out there, it could be tricky getting a decent free piano learning app. But with the Gismart Piano Free App, you’ve assured a top learn to play piano app free of charge! Here’s everything you need to know about this top app;


This piano app features several instruments you can easily use to get your piano learning session kick-started. It comes with selections for the organ, accordion, pizzicato, and harpsichord.

This app also features a massive collection of songs that can be easily updated and learned over time. With such a huge number of songs at your disposal, you can choose your learning pace and become a pro in no time!

Also, this app comes with a double keyboard function. With this feature, you can easily learn various nodes and chords with greater comfort. These lessons can be taken in the 88 key sets of a life piano with several possible additions.

If you’re a newbie, this app is for you! It boasts a number of exceptional features for beginners on their way to becoming pro pianists. Tutorials, notes and more are all available to make this app a truly excellent free piano learning app.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy for beginners
  • Wide range of songs in its collection
  • Sleek interface design
  • Record and play to help you master the piano
  • Sound tweaking and tone bending included
  • Limited instruments in its collection
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2. The Piano

Android |  IOS

Do you need a sleek, life-like learn to play piano app free of charge? Have you been between so many choices with no perfect app within your grasp? Look no further! The Piano from Impala Studios has all you need and a whole lot more!

Let’s take a look at this app’s exciting features. It’s sure to make you a pro in time!


This app comes with a sleek piano design with every key intact. It’s certain there’re lots of choices out there for a piano app, but this is simply top-notch!

Users of this app won’t get any preloaded songs in-app, or online. Its major focus is to provide users a seamless piano experience in the absence of a real piano.

On the flip side, there’s an ample selection of keyboards in this app to provide users a truly exceptional experience.

Users can choose a classical piano, toy keyboard or xylophone, whatever works. With such a build, it becomes very easy for users to make the most of a virtual piano within seconds!

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality sound production
  • Life-like keyboard representation
  • Different instrument choices
  • Prompt interface responses
  • Save/share recordings at ease
  • Isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet

3. Pianist HD

Android | IOS

When you’re looking for an app that features numerous exciting features that are truly top-class, this is a perfect choice! It comes with more than enough to help you master the piano in due course. Here’s every feature of worth you’ve got to know about the Pianist HD App.


For a range of smartphone users, having a hands-on experience for a ton of stuff is certainly enthralling. That’s why the Pianist HD App by Rubycell makes this list. It’s one of the finest apps you can rely on when learning the piano is your focus.

This app comes with an 88-key board on its main interface. With this design, you’ve got access to the sounds of an actual keyboard.

And if you’re not that interested yet, knowing this app comes with a dozen instruments for your selection ease will certainly wow you.

The interface of this app is also built to ensure users across skill levels find it comfortable to operate.

A timer is added to this app in the metronome form. With such a timer, you’d be able to assess your performance with great ease.

Pros and Cons

  • 12 instruments to sharpen your piano skills
  • Full-bodied, 88 – key piano
  • Several options available
  • Metronome timer feature
  • Lessons included
  • Not available on the Apple App Store

4. Perfect Piano


For a seamless experience in a piano learning app, you need to install the best. And if you’re keen on getting a top experience, you need Perfect Piano. This app has a lot of excellent features that ensure you’d have a smooth experience when you’re learning at the piano.

Take a look at this app’s features and what it’s got for you;


If you’re keen on experience in front of a piano with varying sound effects, this device comes with a ton of features. it features Grand Piano, Organ Pipe, and many more.

You’d also be more than thrilled with this app’s full keyboard design which gives you a smooth experience. You can seamlessly customize your keyboard’s width as you like.

You can simply learn how to play with ease using Learn to Play on this app. All skill levels have a specialized session ensuring you have a seamless experience.

This app comes with a free install, but you’d have to pay a token to unlock this app’s entire features.

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality interface
  • Two-player mode
  • Lessons based on skill levels
  • Free install
  • Custom keyboard design
  • Has a meager number of instrument options

5. Magic Piano


Looking for the best app to enjoy your piano experience is no easy task. But when you make use of Magic Piano, you’d have an easy path to becoming a pro pianist comfortably. This app packs many features that’ll surely excite you. Here’re the top features that rank this app as a top choice!


It comes with a very beautiful design that’s certainly attractive. Also, it comes with a very instinctive and interactive means of learning the piano.

Based on the difficulty you select, you’d have to complete a song by tapping on the correct dots that flash through the screen. All these dots can be lengthy or short based on your song’s complexity.

There’re so many songs on this app to play which could cheaply lead to selection headache. And there’re also numerous instruments you can play with on this app.

You also have the opportunity of being creative and make up your own songs at your own pace. This app remains so user-friendly and makes sure you get great at the piano in record time!

Pros and Cons

  • Create your own songs
  • Lots of instrument available
  • Huge number of songs available
  • Different difficulty levels available
  • Game mode available
  • Doesn’t support a regular keyboard format

6. My Piano


If you’re looking for a music learning app that assures you numerous exciting specs and easy operation, try out My Piano. This app features numerous elements to ensure you become a pro at your piano with relative ease.

Here’s every feature that matters from this app;


This app comes with almost a dozen different instruments to make sure you fine-tune your hand at being a pro at music. It also features a virtual piano which looks a lot like the real deal. With so many sounds coming from a real keyboard, you’d be surprised with this app’s sound quality.

It’s got everything exact to a real keyboard and packs audio loading features. Pitch blending, after-touch, and more are all available on this keyboard app.

You can cheaply change the piano’s skin and get your keyboard coming in HD graphics. This app also features six-octave waves for tweaking sound nuances. It’s got so many other features that’ll certainly give you a fun-filled time always.

Pros and Cons

  • Sleek interface
  • Smooth sound
  • 11 instruments
  • 8 effects
  • Audio loading features
  • Not available on the Apple App Store

Conclusion – Picking up a new hobby with Piano

Now that you’ve seen the popular free piano learning app in stores right now, it becomes easier to live your dream of being an expert pianist. These learn to play piano app free collection features only the best that’s surely user-friendly and top-of-the-line.

Also, if you’re not keen on making it big through the piano and just need a pastime, these apps will surely keep you satisfied. Make a choice for these apps right now.

It’s certain they’ll give you what you need, and a whole lot more!

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